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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Gran Torino

Gran Torino(2009)

Well, I really have to say, Gran Torino is a well directed, darkly humorous, and an emotional story filled with thrills and interesting qualities. In the film, a recently widowed Korean War veteran named Walt Kowalski(Clint Eastwood) develops an unlikely friendship with a shy and hardworking Hmong boy named Thao Vang Lor(Bee Vang) right after Thao is pressured into stealing Walt's prized 1972 Ford Gran Torino by local Hmong gangs. From there, Walt discovers he's dying from lung cancer and befriends Thao's family in a neighborhood filled with domestic gang violence. So now, Walt tries to make it the best few day's of his life while trying to prepare Thao for the real world. Can Walt see to it that his last few months on Earth are meaningful and put an end to the local Hmong racist gangs? You're going to have to watch it and find out.

To start off with, this is truly the most underrated film of 08 and is Clint Eastwood's best film since Unforgiven. The film itself was wonderfully done with essential elements carefully put into place. I also must say, the story never seemed to fall out of place and really captured the reality of modern day Michigan. The story surprisingly mixed up true emotion with such dark morals, which to me, really fits well into the script. Also, the film was very heart wrenching, humorous, thrilling, and really tear jerking towards the end. The film was perfectly shot in several scenes. And you might say it's not one of it doesn't rank above his best, but Clint Eastwood really pulls off the directing with a captivating pace and in addition, his preformance was really a worthy end to his acting caree as I had expected. My tomatoe meter rating is a 97 precent. Gran Torino, in my opinion, is worth watching, is a new age master piece, and is a dark and humorous film with a faint of heart.