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John's Review of Inception

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Well, I really have to say, Inception is a virtually thrilling, complicated, and a wonderfully written film with such brilliant aspects added in an interesting set-up. In the film, a skilled thief and corporate spy named Dominic Cobb(Leonardo DiCaprio) is hired by a wealthy business owner named Saito(Ken Watanabe) to perform an illegal corporate espionage by entering the mind of a company rival named Robert Fischer(Cillian Murphy) and plant an idea within his subconscious mind. In doing so, Saito promises to clear Cobb for the murder charges against Cobb's deceased wife Mallorie (Marion Cotillard) that Cobb might return home to be with his children. From there, Cobb assembles a tactical team consisting of his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon Levitt), an identity forger named Eames (Tom Hardy), a chemist named Yusuf (Dileep Rao), and a graduate architecture named Ariadne (Ellen Page) and together, each person must work there way through Fischer's dream and fight off projections of Fischer's militarized subconscious while trying to complete the almost impossible heist. Can Cobb extract the information in Fischer's mind and commit the act of inception. Your goanna half to watch the film and find out.

I will say this; this is truly a new age masterpiece and finally offers the exact qualities no other film from this recent decade could provide for Dwight's sake. Well for starters, what might be an impossible script is simply a thrilling and breathtaking plot filled with in-depth characterizations and mind blowing ideas that work well. I mean really, the film takes bold inspiration from past films such as The Matrix and Oceans Eleven and turns it all into something fresh, thrilling, epic, exciting, and visually provoking. I have to admit, the film had a wonderful ensemble cast and they all were fantastic with their performances if so. I do have to point out; the film was so beautifully shot with such effort. Hans Zimmer's score was just wrenching with emotion and chills, and by golly, is the best soundtrack of 2010 if so. Also, Christopher Nolan proves once again he has a touch of gold when it comes to film making and he literally creates a world that challenges your mind and show's a side of the mind that is at times questionable and psychologically correct. And I really have to point out, the visuals are really outstanding. My tomato meter rating is a 93 percent. Inception, in my opinion, is worth watching, is a well constructed piece of entertainment, and is the third best film of 2010.