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Super 8

Super 8(2011)

Well, I really have to say, Super 8 is a thrilling, suspenseful, and a perfectly constructed mystery written with unique depth and respectful homage. In the film, a 13 year old boy named Joseph Lamb (Joel Courtney) and several of his friend named Alice Dainard(Elle Fanning), Charles Kaznyk(Riley Griffiths), Preston(Zach Mills), Martin(Gabriel Basso), and Carey(Ryan Lee) are shooting a low budget zombie film to enter into the Super 8 Film festival. Eventually, while shooting one scene one evening, an unexplained train wreck occurs and releases something from secured cargo. As the film progresses, strange phenomena occurs all over town, people soon are abducted without one trace, and something vicious is set lose on the town. So now, the group decides to uncover a supposed government conspiracy that could explain the reasons for these strange occurrences. Can they find out about this conspiracy and survive the chaos. You're going to half to watch it and find out.

I will say this, the film is by golly, the first film this year that actually is an original idea and really is an entertaining joy ride. Well, to start off with, the film's story was literally shrouded in mystery and doesn't seem to give itself away until the climax, which made the film both suspenseful and enjoyable. The script was kept at a steady pace and added a slight amount of depth and emotion, which seemed interesting in some cases. I also have to admit, the film was incredibly thrilling and I truly didn't know what to expect halfway through the beginning. As far as everything else was, the film does indeed pay both tribute and homage to several classic B Sci-Fi films of the late 70's and grinds it into something fresh. However, there were faults I could find in this film. The supporting cast really doesn't have much to offer in their performances and although this is an original story as I said, some of the film is a little to similar to Stephen Kings Stand by Me and Steven Spielberg's Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Other than that, the film is quality entertainment with several twist mixed in. And I really have to point out, the visuals are simply fantastic. My tomato meter rating is an 82 percent. Super 8, in my opinion, is worth watching, is the second best blockbuster film of the summer, and is a sentimental piece of work with a combination of suspense and emotional proportions.