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Dogtooth (Kynodontas)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a very perverse look at a warped, unconventional(to say the least) family. This is a horrifying and coldly humorous movie that will make some people weary of home schooling. The story is about a father, mother, brother and two sisters who live in a large home that is behind walls and a gate. Thae father has made the home a prison to the rest of the family, while he leaves the home to work and shop. He teaches his children the incorrect meaning to words while telling them that cats will eat them alive and that planes in the sky are toys. The children therefore operate on a completely unique and social dynamic where everything is based on a series of games and rituals with ever changing cryptic rules.

Most viewers will be quite disturbed with what goes on here, but to understand that the director Giorgios Lanthimos still keeps us far enough away from the even more unsettling and horrifying aspects in this dysfunctional family to protect the viewer in a way. Sure, many will have questions, but I think most will understand that the most offensive and strangest parts of the family occur off screen. Keeping the audience sheltered from all of the secrets and rules makes this a movie that is more of a commentary on society, rather than a movie that will alienate even the toughest and most adventurous movie lover. This is a fascinating film that once you start watching it, you have a difficult time turning it off. Certain scenes are quite unforgettable. Not recommended for the weak at heart.

Monsters (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a horror movie about a space exploration probe that was designed to bring back alien life, that unfortunately breaks up as it reenters earths atmosphere and crashes in Central Mexico. Soon after, new life forms start appearing. That is the background, but the main emphasis is more about two stranded Americans who need to pass through an "infected zone" so that they can get to the US. On their way, the two fall in love(there is no chemistry between the two, even though they are a real-life couple, go figure) and that is the biggest problem with the movie. The movie is more of a road picture rather a film about creatures. Their journey and romance did not impress or interest me much. I heard a great deal about this(positive and negative)but I gave it a chance, and was kind of disappointed.

Insidious (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

James Wan(Saw) directs this low budget jump out of your skin fest that made me think that eventually Wan has the chance to make a really great horror movie. This one isn't it.

Insidious starts with a family who move into a house where creepy things happen. Things get worse when the oldest child is knocked out and then slips into a coma that confounds the doctors. After more strange occurances, a spirit investigator is called to help the family.

This movie is a cross between Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity, but there are definitely other elements that I recognized from other films. The movie is fun, but it all just doesn't gel well in the end. I do think that there are a couple of brilliant scenes and some real scares here. It is definitely worth checking out. I thought the preview was excellent.

Source Code
Source Code (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Duncan Jones(Moon) directs a very good sci-fi thriller. Colter Stevens(Jake Gyllenhaal), a US army heicopter pilot suddenly finds himself on a train and he appears to have a new identity. After 8 minutes on the train Colter is hurled back into his own body after a terrible accident. Once back into his self, Colter communicates with a woman who tells him he will go back to the train so he can stop a terrorist attack. Like a serious Groundhog Day, Colter goes back time and time again to the train(for just 8 minutes each time) to figure out who the terrorist is.

This is a good movie, but my only beef is that a little too much is revealed and the ending should have been about 3 minutes before the actual ending. There would have been a point that would have been perfect, but the powers-that-be decided to have a more crowd pleasing movie that could have been more thought provoking if they ended the movie just a little before. Still, it is a good ride.