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Real Genius
Real Genius (1985)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Today I was rumaging threw my movie collection and came across Real Genius and thought it would be the next perfect movie to review. Real genius is a saterical comedy staring Val Kilmer.Another movie I cought on HBO one saturday morning that quickly became one of my favorites.Real Genius is about a 16 year old kid named Mitch (Gabe Jarret) which the only other movie I saw him in was Apollo 13. Mitch gets accepted to one of the best colleges in the country and is recruted to creat a super lazer with the help of his dorm roomate one of the top brains and all around goofballs Chris (Val Kilmer) though they have no idea what it will be used for.While this is going on Mitch sees a man whos been living in their closet named Lazlo (Jonathan Gries who also played Napoleon Dynamites meat throwing uncle) Lazlo tells them that they might have just made a lazer that could be used for the military and they set up a plan to stop it.Does their plan work? youll just have to see the movie to find out

With a great cast and great 80's music from the likes of Tears for Fears,Bryan Adams and Don Henley this is definatly a movie to check out atleast once although you wont wanna see it just once but I may just be saying that since I consider this my favorite movie.

Since I really see nothing wrong with this movie i'll rate it five lazer beams out of five

Can't Buy Me Love
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Did you ever want to buy your way into the cool crowd? Yeah, unless you were already in it we all thought about it at one point or another but in the movie im reviewing this time, Can't Buy Me Love, Ronny Miller played by Patrick Dempsey actually got a chance to. In this movie which I stumbled upon one early saturday morning while watching HBO as a kid, Ronny Miller saves up one-thousand dollars for a telescope that he earns from mowing lawns. When he goes to buy the telescope he notices Cindy Mancini, played by Amanda Peterson, who of course is the most popular girl in school in need of some help. She tells him that she ruined her mothers dress and that she has no way of replacing it. Ronny decides to buy her a new one in exchange for a date that he hopes will make him popular.

I didnt know why I loved this movie as a kid so much. There was no slapstick comedy,no crazy characters or even any action but maybe when I look back that's what I loved about it so much.It just felt real. It felt like typical highschool even though I didn't truly know what that was since I was only ten. My favorite part of the movie was that they cast a young Seth Green as the role of Ronnys little brother.

For this movie I'll give it four seth greens out of five only for the fact that every time this movie is on no matter what part it's at I'll have to sit and watch it to the end.

Spaced Invaders
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ever see a movie you loved watching as a kid and watch it again about ten years later and think why the heck you watched it to begin with? Their are so many of those movies out their like that for me but the movie that comes to mind the most is a movie called Spaced Invaders.Spaced Invaders is a somewhat childrens movie rated PG from the early 90's about pot smoking aliens (ok maybe the aliens werent smoking anything but the producer who financed this movie must have been) because the aliens acted like 80's California surfers then actual menacing scary creatures trying to take over earth.The aliens crash land on earth Halloween night and are originally supposed to take over the world instead they get mistaken for children in costumes and start joining in on all the Halloween mischief while still trying to find pieces to fix their ship to leave.

Very much a cheesy midnight type movie but still loved all the wackyness and had to rent this all the time when I was a kid and I rented it every chance I could. The best part about being a kid is never noticing how much a movie is crummy and alot that you watched were. So just for nostalgic factor ill give this movie three blong surfer dudes out of five. See this one only if you enjoy 80's vally girl aliens stuck in an early 90's Halloween.