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I've always been a fan of Zemeckis, and Gaiman did such a great job of translating the feel of Beowulf to the big screen. the voice acting was also superb, along with the visuals. overall, this was a breath-taking look at a literary classic, even if some of the character animation is lacking.

Little Children

An amazing character study. Near perfect writing and a stellar cast highlight this look into a flawed suburbia. It's worn out formula feels fresh, thanks to its intense blend of insightful narration and subtle direction.

Killing Season

Travolta and De Niro's tiny bit of chemistry cannot save this blacklisted screenplay from its garbled morality and inaccurate depictions of major historical events.

The Rocketeer

You get exactly what you expect...but in the end that's enough to satisfy.

Jurassic World

Although the production team took the simple/safe/predictable route most sequels lean on, it is still a thrilling summer blockbuster and by far the best of the jurassic park sequels.

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

Occasionally predictable yet still thoroughly involving, this charming Pixar film stands out from the rest due to its unique animation of the human psyche (the setting in particular), as well as its touching climax.

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

With such tense direction through lighting, pacing, and sound effects, as well as its honest portrayal of a widowed mother and her struggling child, this horror film ranks among the best of the best...and let's not forget the powerhouse performance of Essie Davis, which hasn't been seen since Piper Laurie In Carrie and Ruth Gordon in Rosemary's Baby.


Nightcrawler's frenetic energy mixed with the deliciously sinister character of Louis Bloom, who was delivered by a captivating Gyllenhaal who is able to get you on his side...all the while showing us how ugly and disturbing his choices are, kept my eyes glued to the screen like few other films can do. An outstanding debut from writer/director Dan Gilroy, who's crowning achievement was making such a horrid subject matter viewable and somewhat enjoyable through his light camerawork and "uplifting" tones.


An eccentric, jumbled biopic that doesn't present the subject as god like, but rather shows you all the history surrounding Howl and Ginsberg in a way that both educates and wows it's viewer. Franco as Ginsberg and the colorful animation are two of the films major successes.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

Disjointed, yet still emotionally powerful, this all too familiar tale ends up being a tour de force, thanks two it's two strong leads and it's unique documentary style action.

True Lies
True Lies(1994)

Silly and action packed, this over the top action rom com survives it's dry middle and long run time because of its leads and a great special effects team.

The Running Man

Although there's nothing particularly special about it, there's enough pulpy thrills and rousing action sequences to entertain action junkies; flawed yet exciting!

The Last Stand

Slow but mostly enjoyable, this film delivers with some classic Arnold action, marking his return to lead action hero with a bang...just don't expect much of anything else.

Suicide Club
Suicide Club(2002)

Bizarre yet horrifyingly entertaining, this Japanese cult hit might get confusing at times, but it's chilling direction saves it, making it a unique watch.


This hilarious adaptation scores on many levels. It's casting of Jeffery Combs as Dr. West is spot on, and it's comical use of ogre and violence will appeal to many horror fans, but what makes this film so memorable is its production team, what with its precise editing, tight direction, and well written script. A horror classic!

From Beyond
From Beyond(1986)

Although not as clean cut as Re-Animator, this Lovecraft adaptation still has some strengths. Slick visuals enhance this creepy tale, but with impressively intense gore and no laughs, it's a hard viewing experience, made all the more difficult with a clunky ending and sub par pacing. A true cult classic nonetheless!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

It's stunning production designs galore in this witty comedy from director Wes Anderson. The top notch cast is led by first time actor Tony Revolori, and finishes with a touching performance from F. Murray Abraham. Anderson's finest film to date.


Although flawed, this film is still enjoyable...with it's chilling atmosphere, quick pacing, and unique climax.

Pan's Labyrinth

A stunning achievement. Del Toro pens a very original script, and creates a beautiful cinematic experience. It's one that is challenging to the audience, yet rewarding, no matter what one chooses to accept. This well crafted tale of magical realism sheds a new light on the fairy tale medium, and solidifies Del Toro as a powerful filmmaker.

The Crazies
The Crazies(1973)

A flat ending makes the handful of suspenseful scenes worthless.

From Dusk Till Dawn

With Fred Williamson and Tom Savini killing vampires, some of its lesser parts can be overlooked. An uneven, yet enjoyable, B movie.


The perfect Verhoeven film: violent, satirical, visually spectacular, and silly.

The Sweet Hereafter

A stunningly real look into a tragedy that shakes a small town. Atom Egoyan's spliced timeline makes for riveting drama as you watch the past, present, and future unfold. Stellar dialogue (and casting) makes you feel as though you are right next to these grieving characters; you feel for them on a personal level. A compelling drama that was overshadowed by the flash of other films from its year.

All Is Lost
All Is Lost(2013)

An extremely emotional journey that never let's up. Chandor has created a one of a kind film in All Is Lost, with his tight direction and hauntingly beautiful shots. Redford gives one of his best performances, making the audience cringe at every misfortune. A triumph of the human spirit, and a marvelous film.


I felt like I was watching an episode of a soap opera. Shallow, terrible dialogue, and plastic suspense. A soapbox drama about America's security problems.

Ms. 45
Ms. 45(2013)

One of the better cult films from Abel, this journey into sexism shines due to its tense direction, a killer score, and its capable lead. It's only fault lies in its unnecessary gore, with those cringe worthy segments seeming out of place and far fetched.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Great performances fuel this intense biopic, but a jumbled story hold it back from its potential greatness. Affleck and Pitt are top notch, delivering some memorable scenes, and a haunting score with beautiful cinematography strengthen its appeal...but the narration cuts in so constantly, you are taken out of the scattered bits of story.

The Hunt (Jagten)

One of the best films of the year, this tale of a lie gone wrong keeps you tense from start to finish. Superbly acted all around (especially Mads and newcomer Annika) and with a breathtaking finish, this film raises ugly questions in a way that is elegant enough to make it digestible without losing its power. A touching film that leaves its mark long after its over.


This black comedy plays it a little more serious at times, but survives off of Jack Blacks strong performance and Linklaters unique documentary style approach.

Inglourious Basterds

this film has one of the best opening scenes in the history of the business; a swift beginning in morality that leads to an ethical thrill ride of gruesome proportions. the tale it tells is a basic one of revenge backed by strong characters and a wit that cant be found anywhere else except in a tarantino flick. Inglourious Basterds' appeal lies in its shocking yet fun ending fueled by its own sense of American propaganda.

Killing Them Softly

A hard hitting thrill ride from start to finish with great characters to boot, the only flaw of this film is the directors choice to ram an idea down his audiences throat...and it is a flaw that held back its possible greatness. Disjointed but enjoyable.

From Paris with Love

A terribly enjoyable film, the success of this film can be found in Travolta's unnecessarily crazed character work and its mindless screenplay...yet in the end, it's still a steaming pile of crap.


Original, compelling, and hilariously dark, this unique drama wins on all levels. Phoenix shows great control over his character, giving the performance of his career, while Spike Jonze shows us his odd yet strikingly brilliant direction that makes the film both so real and heart felt. A must see that really hits this generations relationship struggles on the head.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Well made and relatively entertaining, this film opts for over the top performances with lewd images to stimulate its audience, creating a shallow lesson about "the American dream" and makes its 3 hour run time feel a bit too long.

Dallas Buyers Club

Done with touching simplicity, this hard hitting, heart felt drama wins due to its "Keep on Livin'" message and talented leads who keep you in it from start to finish; A truly remarkable set of characters makes this one of the best films of the year.

The Book Thief

It's strong characters make for wonderful viewing (Rush in particular), as well as its cinematography, and its story makes it a powerful exercise into life and death; a moving cinematic experience that has been wrongly overlooked.

Captain Phillips

This tense true story keeps you engaged from start to finish, even if it does slow down in the middle.

August: Osage County

The direction was nothing spectacular, but with a cast like that feeding you punches left and right, such things become insignificant as you're swept into the bleak family life of the Weston family, witnessing one of the heaviest dramas of the year.

Saving Mr. Banks

With a heart felt performance from Emma Thompson and its sentimental direction, this feel good holiday movie hits all the right marks.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

unlike the previous tron where effects and story played off each other, this one has only the cool effects, with a story line that feels like they didnt even try.

The Great Escape

It drags a bit, but it is quite the classic war film with a wonderful cast!

Casino Royale

a great new take on the Bond franchise, using a nice blend of realism (compared to the previous films) and espionage, as well as a nice look into what makes a 00 agent, but its overly dramatic and some of the stunts become laughable.


this movie was far too imaginative to be put into words. the surreal images brought on by Lynch with his edgy shots and the overall horrified take on parenting make this a classic of any era, and a breath of fresh air to the film in its artistic roots. the only issue is that not everyone will be able to swallow the message.

Now You See Me

Fun...while it lasts.

Minority Report

one of my favorite films. with an intricate, flourishing story, its action-packed and thrilling from start to finish; Spielberg brings Dicks story of society and its philosophical workings to life with vivid passion from the cast and a wonderful effects team.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

Although void of a unique/original story (something odd for a Guillermo Del Toro vehicle) which, in turn, creates some sappy character development, some intense action sequences, a great cast, and slick visuals make it an extremely entertaining summer flick

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

disappointing, but not as boring as Superman Returns.

Escape from New York

classic Carpenter! whats not to love about a Russell-Carpenter team up about a one-eyed tough-as-nails convict sent out to save the president? pulpy thrills combine with great characters to create a great sci-fi/action/political flick that still holds up to this day.

Valhalla Rising

although it had some amazing cinematography, because the director used action rather than dialogue the story felt stretched thin (yet still relatively powerful in those movements)...but the directors eye for creatively blending vibrant colors with stunning backdrops and gritty violence made up for it. in short, it was a decent run-of-the-mill story about ethics and religion, with a kick-ass lead (and score), gut-wrenching action scenes, and an artistically strong direction from director Nicolas Winding Refn.

The Great Gatsby

although not as ethically heavy as its source material (and at times over-acted), its still a joyful ride into the futile world of Jay Gatsby, with great (albeit sometimes silly) cinematography, beautiful costumes, and a soundtrack that surprisingly works well with its jazz age setting.

Gangs of New York

a great historical film about the birth of America. nothing stellar besides some beautifully shot/choreographed fights, with Daniel Day-Lewis giving a bold performance as a villainous gang leader. The cinematography will leave your eyes wanting more, the sets are well crafted (leaving you with a sense of nostalgia), and Scorsese's direction is still somewhat captivating, even if its run time weighs some of that down.

Hobo With a Shotgun

what a great splatterhouse film! i can only guarantee that fans of nonsense, gore, and violence will love a movie such as this gristly gem. Rutger Hauer is the most impressive piece to this otherwise bland, by-the-book grindhouse flick. his performance as Hobo is at times heartfelt, as well as awe inspiring. glad to have you back Hauer.


great performances with a terrible storyline.

Public Enemies

with its powerhouse cast, gritty camera work, and realistic atmosphere, this could have been a classic in the genre...but the cat and mouse scenario is too plain and "by the book", which may make it slightly boring for some, given its 2 1/2 hour run time

Singin' in the Rain

fantastic numbers and a wonderful cast make this toe tapper one of the best musicals of all time.


The only problem with this film was that it was overblown in an attempt to make it an epic...which in turn made it laughable at times. the acting was on par, with the cinematography and set design being the best part.


this re-imagining of Halloween has its charms, thanks to Zombie's hand. the look at Meyers' childhood opens the film up to disturbing heights, punching you right in the heart from the get go. from there it escalates and doesn't run out of what little steam it has: the great ensemble acting, as well as an atmosphere that could only be cut with a bloodied knife. the only disappointment to be found is a complete lack of tense thrills from the camera, something that made the original more scary than disturbing. so if you're looking for some mystery, chills, and all scares in between, you wont find it here. Zombies film is only for disturbed gore hounds and fans of the original.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

quite possibly the only sequel on par with the original, albeit the dull "style" the director chose. on its own, it was typical 80's slasher fare: cardboard characters and silly staging/laughable writing (from Carpenter, no less), with enough awkward murders to fill up a screen for an hour and a half. the first half of the film moves slower than its predecessor and makes you wish you hadn't decided to watch it, but eventually the tension arrives at the end, with a solid enough ending to make it worth watching. a must see for fans of the first film...but as for the other sequels, get your barf bags ready, because they're awful.

The Fifth Element

there were times where this was just plain laughable, but overall it was fun to watch. not good, just fun.


sadly, this film is not only too long, but bogged down by dull dialogue and and overabundance of surface skimming philosophy. the only piece that makes this an enjoyable watch is the way Jewison captures the rollerball action, making it thrilling enough that you can look past all the garbage in between; a great idea turned sour.

The Return of the Living Dead

a well done, if tedious, B-horror comedy. although the story is as stock as the characters, writer-director Dan O'Bannon gives it enough suspense behind the lens (not to mention a silly joke or two) to make this effects driven cult zombie flick a mildly entertaining romp.


too many recycled jokes make this sci-fi/comedy vehicle ride like a lemon pinto.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

although swamped in idiotic silliness, this film still has its charm, from the performance of Englund, to the nice throwback effects and the campy story it tells; there is fun to be had in watching Jack Brooks defeat those slick looking beasts.

Child's Play 2

almost everything that the first one had was transported to this one; the characters were still stock, but the focus on Chucky made it entertaining enough, and the animatronics were still great, with a cool, effects driven ending. the only problem: too much focus on characters that are shallow, as well as a director who was pleased with lazy/re-hashed camera work, not adding style to it like Holland did with the first one.

The Evil Dead

a nice ride while it lasts; its use of humor within the horrific moments is flawless, and Raimi's love for drive-in horror is obvious by his use of the lens. Bruce Campbell is wonderful as the hero, and pulls off his tongue-in-cheek humor without a hitch. the effects, although horridly cheesy, add to the charm that started the classic 80's horror we know today. although it can become a tedious affair on the brain, flooding it in nonsense, it is still a classic in the horror department.

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

although it tells a nice sentimental story, and is mostly believable, it becomes lost in the campy texture that ruled this era of film.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

a great group of leads and a stellar script, with just the right amount of emotional pull, makes this a classic amongst most teen "becoming of age" flicks.


although it falls into predictability half way through, there is enough intensity felt between the two leads, as well as some stunning action sequences and great dialogues (not to mention the great direction from Rian Johnson), to keep the ride entertaining through and through; as touching as it is thrilling.


although by the book as far as most sci-fi action thrillers go, some good looking 3D action sequences and the one liners that ensue are enough to make this a bloody, enjoyable ride from start to finish.

Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane(2012)

it had promise, but ended up going with the typical flow of sword and sorcery that can be found in numerous other mediums. the acting was pretty good overall, plus the set pieces and special effects were pretty exquisite, but there was really nothing else besides these two factors to separate it from the other fantasy movies out there...and as far as Solomon Kane goes, the depiction of him in this film is much different compared to the original stories; at times it didnt even feel like the two characters were related. a bit disappointing, but it was still moving at times, and although it followed the traditional line, it did it well.

The Road
The Road(2009)

a lacking (but still good) adaptation of the novel and powerhouse acting from Viggo and Kodi.

Maniac Cop
Maniac Cop(1988)

classic 80's horror cheese.

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

a great cast headlines this thrilling twist of fate tale about an expensive rat. with great pacing, fast action, and funny lines to boot, this is the fun action flick thats bound to get you at the end.

Smokin' Aces 2: Assassin's Ball

not as well paced as its predecessor, Assassins Ball still delivers on high octane action, but the monotony of its characters, as well as the convoluted twist, bogs down the film.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

lame stunts, bad line readings, and terrible effects, complete a boring movie experience that is only held together by decent pacing, a great performance from Fichtner (as well as the cameo by Tom Atkins), and the overdone "so bad, its fun to watch" concept. it was better compared to previous Cage headliners though.

The Expendables

absolute trash. a numbskull film if ive ever seen one. not even the action sequences were well done. Stallone, action films have moved on since the 80's, i think you should too.

The Wicker Man

all of my nope went into this re-make.

American Psycho

although not as deliciously evil and satirical as the novel, this disturbing portrait of high end society still initiates fascination from its cult audience through its vicious "gory-telling", and those who are in it for the allegory can appreciate what the film is trying to say about our world. Christian Bale is what makes the movie so fun and entertaining to watch; a fine performance from him.

Bad Ass
Bad Ass(2012)

your typical revenge flick (but with great performances from Trejo and Dutton) with a little pop culture flair thrown in for good measure, this film mixes a laughable bus chase/ending with terrible plotting to make an almost entertaining by the numbers action movie.


a stylish action flick with great pacing, but lackluster storytelling bogs down this summer thrill ride.

Zombi 2
Zombi 2(1980)

a classic, but mostly empty, zombie flick that brings the series back to its "Voodoo" roots. a true cult classic that comes alive from its "gory-telling"; the two prized possessions of the film.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

one of the best horror films ever made...and the best part is, it isnt the gore that scares you, its the mentality of the family that grabs your attention and rapes it, and it gets some help from Hooper's eerie angles and grainy film.


simplistic, yet Willis and the rest of the cast make it entertaining enough to make it enjoyable.

Black Dynamite

a hilarious parody with some great action.

The Howling
The Howling(1981)

some great visuals, but a campy story bogs down the movie.

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

just plain hilarious, and quirky to boot.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

everything about this movie was hilariously awful, with the best parts coming from the costumes, the make-up, and the sets. the ultimate cult classic!

The Warriors
The Warriors(1979)

surprisingly engrossing and well acted, this gang film delivers on suspense and thrills, even if the ending isnt all that its built up to be.

Silent House
Silent House(2012)

the ending was so convoluted and confusing that the great cinematic achievements and the solid acting job from Olson take a back seat.

Dawn of the Dead

one of the best zombie movie ever made. although there were times where the action stopped dead, and opted for melodramatics or wrung out political statements, the entirety of the film was still a provocative take on societal norms, as well as a fun zombie killing romp. a film classic that helped launch a different genre of filmmaking.

Survival of the Dead

although he keeps pounding home the idea of zombie adaptation, where he goes with this one is a bit more enjoyable that the previous zombie film he did. but the characters are still a bit stale, and although expanding on previous ideas is nice, its getting to be too much for filmgoers.

Diary of the Dead

the same old Romero, but with literally no characterization or interesting thrills. you'll be yawning most of the way through, if you were a fan of his earlier zombie works.

Land of the Dead

a bit stale, but an otherwise decent trip into a world infested with zombies. better than Day of the Dead, Romero gets some new style points for re-inventing minor points on the zombie, but other than that, its your basic zombie vehicle with a silly ending.

Day of the Dead

pathetic, compared to its predecessors. the idea of studying the zombie is a nice take on the subject, but with hardly any interesting characters, and incomprehensible scripting, this is the only zombie film of Romeros that fell flat.

The People Vs. Larry Flynt

one of my favorite films about free speech. Woody Harrelson is at his finest as a poor bootlegger turned millionaire smut peddler, and the direction from Milos Forman is wonderful from start to finish. a powerhouse that energizes our rights in a democracy, i was hooked from start to finish.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

at times the film becomes lost in silliness, but overall the great twists and turns, and the story it has to tell about us, are done with such raw artistry that you lose yourself in the action. a classic.


it wasnt too bad of a homage, what with two very different styles of filmmaking. in Planet Terror you have more of a visual element; from a girl with a machine gun for a leg to a mysterious assassin, the characters give it an explosive feel, although you never gain any sort of feeling towards the characters themselves. the action is intense from start to finish, and the gore is the most unsettling i have ever seen. in Death Proof you get more of a character study, as well as a revenge plot. Kurt Russel is great as Stuntman Mike, and he puts you into the mind of a psychopath while making it fun. although it slows down considerably right when it should be taking off, the acting is stellar and Kurt is enjoyable to watch. overall the film is a decent journey into the film world of yesteryear, with the only problem being that it touches too far into the roots of its B-Movie examples to make it enjoyable overall.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

a prime example of "gore" that is far too stupid and intense to enjoy watching. it becomes borderline dumb about ten minutes in; although there are some chills, they are much too scarce to make the film worth anything. it would have made a more interesting short, if it was done the right way.

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

although a nice ride into the world of corny grindhouse pictures, this film becomes bogged down by languid pacing, and another piece that adds to the sluggishness is that the movie feels like it should be done half way through. Tarantino did the best with it though, giving it some great textures and an amiable ending.

World Trade Center

it was an interesting and heartfelt look into the events, but other than that, its dragged down by political stances that didnt need to be there.


it was predictable, but its one of the few Mel Gibson revenge flicks i enjoy, mostly in part to the work behind the camera.

High Tension (Switchblade Romance)

it would have been a great french horror film...if it wasnt for that confusing, god awful ending; The tension is kept high...until the big finale, which will leave you laughing with disbelief.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

what made the first film watchable is completely lost in unnecessary gore and cheap scare tactics in this boring sequel.


somewhat impressive and moralistic albeit a tad implausible, so much so that it hinders your enjoyment of the message it brings.


although it became tedious to follow near the end, it was still a great debut from Bowie's son, and a great performance by Rockwell boosts this unique sci-fi film to near perfection.


highly disturbing but lame on story, this gruesome thrill-ride nonetheless gives gore hounds what they want in a deliciously evil tale of cannibalistic neo-nazis

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

a major improvement over the original. the characters are so well grounded and interesting, thanks to great performances from Goldblum and Davis, that their struggles envelop you and drag you right in to the action. Cronenberg does such a fantastic job in capturing the essence of the struggles faced in a relationship, via "disease", that it becomes an allegory, depicting the struggles we see in the diseased world of today (if you are willing to look past some of the silliness), and the believable gore/make-up job (as well as a compelling score) is an added bonus. a great love story about loss and sickness that can put traditional romance to shame.

Blade II
Blade II(2002)

better than the first! although the other characters are still lame and the plot is, at times, disgruntled, the action sequences are much more intense and it flows evenly from start to finish (it dwindles down in the middle but, unlike the first, the action picks back up). a sequel that delivers what the first promises.


the only issue with this film is that it stops being fun halfway through and becomes a dull affair with a lackluster ending. it delivers on the thrills, but not much else.

The Manchurian Candidate

although it lacks the originals tone, its still powerful in its own way. Denzel Washington brings a more schizophrenic performance to the table (out doing Sinatra in my opinion), showing the darker side of becoming brainwashed and the effects it can have on the mind. Demme does a better job with the "dream" sequences, showing horrid images while allowing the audience to feel for the characters having them. more for entertainment than a political message, and at times the message becomes scrambled from this, this is one re-make that actually brings something different to the table, in a good way.

The Manchurian Candidate

a powerhouse cast brings this tale of communism and brainwashing flawlessly to life. although the political message has lost some of its power over the years, it is still strong enough to make people understand the issue of the times, and respect it. Frankenheimer does a pretty good job connecting all the dots, and brings together a complex thriller for the ages with an unforgettable ending that will leave your mouth hanging.


a pretty disturbing story and thrilling straight through. Joan Crawford and Diane Baker are great as a team, offering the audience some hair-raising dialogue, but the movie ends up falling victim to some less than stellar twists, which, just like in The Haunting of Hill House, takes away some of its value. not to mention its another Psycho clone (but one of the better ones).

Dementia 13
Dementia 13(1963)

a surprisingly shocking cult classic, thanks to Coppola's hand. a nice, atmospheric thriller that delivers occasional thrills and chills (not to mention a bit of good acting), but its stiff subject matter (and uneven pacing) makes it a drag. an entertaining horror film and a nice freshman effort.

Forbidden World (Mutant)

probably the worst Corman movie ive seen so far. cheesy-not on any enjoyable level- and boring, this alien rip-off is only interesting when the "mutant" is doing its job, which isnt as often as it should be. surprisingly, the performances of Fox Harris and Raymond Oliver are pretty solid for a script littered with nonsensical phrases.

Chopping Mall (Killbots)

hilariously awful, this lame 80's movie about killer robots in a shopping mall can make for a fun night of laughs.

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

a traditional haunted house vehicle. at times its chilling, and its characters usually delight, but it ends up falling flat from cardboard dialogue.

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(1986)

a classic 80's horror film that makes you imagine the terror while supplementing you with an iconic villain in Hauer.


this movie was hilarious. 'nuff said.


a wonderfully original story about love, loss, and cannibalism; all the elements of traditional film genres clash (in a good way) to make this hilarious winning tale that is anything but normal. filled with great visuals, solid storytelling that can be both laugh out loud funny and ultimately terrifying, and a cast that shoots on all cylinders, this is the way films should be made (although some of the weirdness does bog it and the characters down some, making it a tad confusing/hard to comprehend).

The Stepford Wives

on its own, it delivers some thrills, but compared to the thought provoking, satirical novel, its drowned in the traditional lame 60's camp that dominated the low-budget sci-fi of that time...and it does this on a most unsuccessful level. the only enjoyable piece to this re-make is the ensemble cast, which is far more interesting compared to the first films cast (which still wasnt anything worth talking about), but if you're looking for challenging satire, its not inherent in this bust.

The Omega Man

Charlton Heston is the only good thing about this film; i just cannot stand the 70's era pieces that are worked in. it can be thrilling at times, and the opening sequence is shot beautifully, but most of the film seems like one big comedy, what with lame line readings, corny fight sequences, and awful make-up...yet theres still something deliciously campy about it all that makes it watchable.

House On Haunted Hill

it delivers on the campy chills, and Price delivers as usual, but the ending bogged it down to soap opera standards, keeping it from becoming a classic, instead falling into the "Cult" section.

The Tingler
The Tingler(1959)

a silly, yet amusing, creature feature with Price.

Theater of Blood (Theatre of Blood) (Much Ado About Murder)

a bit silly (not always in a good way) and over the top, this horror-comedy rises above other camp-fests due in part to a wonderful Price and entertaining acts of Shakespearean deaths. the last good performance from Price in a lead role.

House of Wax
House of Wax(1953)

a good horror film with an always captivating Vincent Price...although its too by the book, not bringing anything original to the table. the only big issue is that it looses steam after the opening sequence.

The Comedy of Terrors

a bit dry at times (with a lame ending), but the combination of Price and Lorre make it enjoyable, not to mention the quirky script penned by Matheson.

The Last Man on Earth

the best adaptation of the classic Matheson story so far, although it is dragged down by some lame set pieces. Vincent Price is wonderful as Robert Morgan (although he falls into periods of his own melodramatics), allowing the audience to feel his loneliness and lust, as well as his struggle for acceptance. this one time director is able to put out chilling and uncomfortable vibes, as well as capture the essence of what it means to be human in an inhumane world. a classic horror film and one of Prices best!

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

hilarious, even if it is immature and silly.


wonderfully executed and a great character in the hunter, albeit a little slow moving.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

i actually found this one to be more intense compared to the first. i liked the idea that it was more story based/dramatic...but that was about the only good thing. it was basically a re-hashing of what was in the first: lame grindhouse scenes and dream sequences driven by awful looking flashbacks. i found no likable characters in this one, with the majority of them being dry. Duffy was much better at telling the story through his camera this time, although he still needs some work. the worst part was the female investigator. i have never, in my life, heard an accent that bad, nor seen anyone with such awful direction and movements. the main highlight of this picture were the cameos and the intensified story; i saw this as an overall improvement from what was lacking in the first film, although what made the first film so entertaining (the characters) was lost in this sequel.

The Boondock Saints

to me this movie was tolerable. the subject matter was extremely powerful and tongue in cheek, but Troy Duffy never went past the idea itself. this film could have had so much more to it (ethically and morally), but instead it opted out for a nonsensical, violent plot that at times was confusing to understand. the characters were probably the best part; Willem Dafoe was hilarious and Reedus/Flanery were great as the assassins, but there were times where even these characters were susceptible to lame actions (ex: the scene in the ducts, the "joke" scare after they killed those nine men in the hotel, and some silliness from Dafoe that made me bow my head in shame). overall i cannot say whether i actually enjoyed this film because it was too ridiculous to follow, yet no one can complain about the idea of hit-men working in the name of God. a true cult film in which only little bits of it were enjoyable. this film would have been wonderful if Tarantino or Rodriguez took the reigns, but with Duffy, it became an embarrassment. there were just too many issues with it for me to look past them and enjoy the story.


still spellbinding to this day. a great play on the court systems and the mind of a broken individual. Peter Lorre is phenomenal as the culprit, giving you goosebumps with his final scene. a classic thriller.


a great story, with some tolerable acting by Pacino and a nice performance from Williams, but nothing seemed to stand out from all the other psychological dramas out there.

Dracula - Dead and Loving It

i actually didnt mind this one, besides the fact that its the dumbest film Brooks has ever made; from the recycled jokes and puns, to the dry comedic timing, it is a terrible film that avid Brooks fans cant help giggling at.


although not as witty as most of Brooks' other works, its still stupidly satisfying.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

the only good Star Wars film from the new millennium...although the acting still gets to me, as well as the absurdities.

Bad Taste
Bad Taste(1989)

classic 80's cult movie. it delivered on the laughs as well as the gore...and there was a lot of both, by any means that could be found. a crazy and quirky debut that was enjoyable to those who could stomach it.

Dead Alive
Dead Alive(1993)

great zombie flick, but something felt lacking. the creature effects were wonderful and the story was quirky, hilarious, and disturbing, but at times it felt like it was trying too hard to pull off its quirkiness, opting for elongated establishing scenes or boring slapstick. a great zombie flick, and probably the one that is the most technically proficient, yet it came off feeling more like a chore than an enjoyable cult zombie movie.

Dead Snow (Dd sn)

nazi zombies getting destroyed; what isnt there to love?

Night of the Creeps

its filled with so much B-movie greatness that it becomes entertaining in its own right; from aliens to zombies to insect invasion to a slasher figure, this is the epitome of the 80's horror genre, with a great bad ass cop thrown in to boot. although flawed, Dekker was able to mash together elements that work off of each other pretty well, thus creating a horror masterpiece that was not well know until the VHS came around. if you're looking for an action horror/sci-fi flick, this one ranks up there with They Live.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

a wonderful venture into the morals of peace and war that doesnt get bogged down by an overpowered message. Science Fiction at its best.

Mission to Mars

a very interesting premise marks this somewhat disappointing yet still satisfying sci-fi mystery. good acting and great effects are what makes this film watchable, as well as its thought-provoking conclusion.

John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

complete garbage, but still entertaining to devout Carpenter fans. ridiculous pulp action that can still satisfy the needs of a sci-fi action flick.


not the most original piece of work, but a nice thriller that pleases with visceral satisfaction. a by the book sci-fi mystery that is still watchable and enjoyable.

Fright Night
Fright Night(1985)

a great pop culture flick about a teenage boy living next to a vampire. although it waddles in the 80's culture that is less than appealing now, there is still some charm to be found from the story it tells, and the laughs that come with it. the most important part of this film (and many of its other "relatives" failed to do this) was that it never took itself too seriously.

The Lost Boys

a 1980's pop culture flick that i cannot, in any way, seem to enjoy, although i can see some of its charm. if only it wasnt too deep in its own time, maybe then it could have stood the test of time and found its larger audience in the new generation, like the other teen films of the 80's.

Edward Scissorhands

a bit overrated, but still the quintessential Depp-Burton collaboration.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

extremely heartfelt and a great adaptation; theres no complaining about some of the story when you have such strong performances from the cast as a whole. a wonderfully unique film about family and the discovery of ones self worth.

The Innkeepers

although it is short on scares, the chemistry of the characters makes it enjoyable to watch, as well as the engrossing story. the only problem is that the ending is somewhat disappointing and leaves you feeling empty.

The Dead
The Dead(2011)

a nice entry in the zombie fiction series, although it is somewhat of a drag watching two men trek the African countryside killing zombies, over, and over, and over again. more intellectually stimulating dialogue and a stronger story would have made this an instant classic.

Shivers (They Came from Within) (The Parasite Murders)

somewhat lame but highly disturbing. a classic Cronenberg work.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

not the most groundbreaking cop film; if it wasnt for Washington and his scary believable performance of a tainted cop, this film would have never been noticed amongst movie goers.

Natural Born Killers

Thought provoking, but also very bizarre; sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes ridiculous, mostly entertaining. Harrelson is the best part of this dystopic tale.

Soylent Green

Classic Sci-Fi! although the film gets bogged down in some of its own pop-culture drab, the detective piece from Charlton Heston (who gives a terrific performance) fishes out enough thrills, and the side commentary about population growth and its issues give enough insight into the future without sounding too pretentious (although some still breaks through), but in the end, the whole film centers around its thrilling and climatic ending, which, after it hits you, leaves the film without any worth...but it does leave you thinking.


probably the best predator or alien movie in the past 20 years (predator was the last one). i really would have loved this film if it wasnt for some boring acting that made it somewhat unbelievable. now, besides a few questionable twists, one that is lacking due to a disinterest within the character, its a great predator film, with some interesting characters and gory thrills.

Terminator Salvation

i really didnt see anything wrong with this re-boot of the terminator series. the worst part of the whole ordeal was the paper thin story about a man and his robot, but at times the story did shine. obviously it was junk compared to the first two, but it was a breath of fresh air compared to Terminator 3, and i feel fans of the series wont really mind it.

Law Abiding Citizen

i really dont see why people loved this movie. its a tenuous affair at a concept that has been done much better by countless other films in the past. the worst part of the entire thing was the ending, that gave off the stupidest message about what is morally right.

Falling Down
Falling Down(1993)

another one of my favorites. although it seems outlandish and at times you feel like the plot is downright silly, Michael Douglas is able to pull the audience back into it with his insanely hilarious actions on ethics and morality. a unique yet lacking thriller about the middle class American and their stresses.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

the only think that made this film so enjoyable and heartfelt was Eastwood. everything else seemed pretty bland and unoriginal, but the witty one-liners and the ending kept the film from falling in on itself.

Death Sentence

let me start by saying that this is nothing special; it is a by-the-numbers revenge flick with a lot of unnecessary gore, terrible dialogue, and a basic story you could find anywhere else. with that said, i actually enjoyed this movie. Kevin Bacon actually put on a wonderful show as a grieving father who goes after the gang members who killed his son during a robbery. the story is plain, but its infused with that grindhouse violence that can really move a film along, and thats exactly what it does, giving it this schizophrenic feel that never lets go. the gory scenes might turn most off, but for the fans of that, you are in for a treat. this is a gory, vulgar thrill ride that is only for the cult followers it entices.

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

there was nothing wrong with this stylish revenge flick, besides the fact that the torture scenes are a bore and it starts to lose some of its steam half way through the chase. Washington was what made the whole ordeal enjoyable, giving a heartfelt performance.


i still cannot decide what to think of this film. its great on nonsense thrills and action...but thats about it. plus, Neeson makes an impact and delivers some good lines.

Drag Me to Hell

an awesome blend of classic Raimi with new style horror effects. although it is overrated, its a nice splash for a genre thats become too shallow.


it was fun to see Neeson as a comic book vigilante, but there was some originality lacking from this adaptation, which made it feel like a stereotypical "hero gets his wrongdoers" flick that blended in with all those other 90's super hero tales that were meant to be forgotten.


its premise is sound, but at times the whole thing just feels silly, no matter how politically accurate Beatty is about politicians and racial tensions.

There Will Be Blood

words cannot express how much i love this film. it is a wonderful tale of greed and the capitalistic front runners that rose at the beginning of our present society. the message it has can be received with power thanks to some of the best performances in years; Daniel-Day Lewis puts forth his character with an energy that has never been seen before, and he keeps it up from his gritty, iconic rise to fortune (which is captured flawlessly by Anderson and his camera work), to his shameful demise as a bitter human being, all brought on by his growing need for economic wealth. Greenwood captures all of this with his eerie undertones, giving it a feel of unease and spiritual progression throughout the whole story. a wonderful film brimming with unique views on our countries early entrepreneurs and their ethics, as well as its idea of religion through a capitalist mindset.

Total Recall
Total Recall(1990)

this was a fun film, but it seemed to miss the philosophic undertones that made the Philip K. Dick story so powerful, opting out for a flashy action film. Verhoeven paced it out very well, making it entertaining throughout the whole two hours, and put some great make-up/special effects into play. the only flaw (besides the missing original premise) was Arnold and his terrible acting.

Punisher: War Zone

this is a Punisher true to its comic-book roots. too bad its filled with terrible one liners and laughable 80's action stunts. still a decent Punisher flick for those who are fans of Frank Castle.

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

the bland killings that follow an obvious pattern can take you out of it, and the laughable dialogue, as well as a lack of muscle and intimidation from Jane, will make fans of the series scratch their head...but overall it can be somewhat entertaining, and even if Tom Jane isn't a prime contender for being Frank, he still does a decent job with it. the only big issue of this film was Travolta; he bored me to death and he didnt quite fit in.


one of my favorites. incredibly violent and viscerally satisfying, this film gives us one of the most twisted, vile villains the screen has ever witnessed. the best story of revenge i have seen or read so far, the power that it packs will knock the wind out of you and leave you with goosebumps for days.


a wonderful premise that fills its audience with wonder and excitement for what comes next, although the payoff is somewhat bittersweet.

Children of Men

a wonderful science fiction film that, by all standards, can be considered original; its ability to capture the human emotion of love in one instance is strongly overpowered by fear in the next, while wrapping the entire thing in hope leaves you out of breath. its outlook on our society might be as bleak as any other dystopic story, but the power comes from the performances as well as the pacing. this film leaves me speechless; a triumph for film making and story telling of any kind.

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

a nicely paced sci-fi flick with good action, but thats about it, what with the story being somewhat generic.


i found no problems with surrogates besides the occasional stupid line or two, as well as a somewhat dry and forgettable ending.

Demolition Man

typical Stallone vehicle, although this one was more watchable than his other B-rate films.


the best part about this film was Brynner. Crichton did well with it and the story is somewhat original and entertaining, it just gets boring at patches, and the ending was a bit lackluster.

Eight Legged Freaks

it wasnt too bad of a throwback...it just got boring. real. fast.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

when leaving out those scenes with overblown and corny sentiment, this is a wonderful futuristic sports film among the likes of Rollerball (but with a happier ending); a great cast backed up some thrilling robot boxing. this film actually moved me more than i thought it would, mainly due to great character depth and its moralistic ending.

Chicken Run
Chicken Run(2000)

i loved this movie as a kid and still feel its charms today as an adult

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Cage takes another crap on his career as a serious actor.

John Carpenter's Vampires

a decent vampire hunter flick with a nice performance from Woods...although the way they kill and capture the vamp's gets real boring, real fast.

Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing(1982)

this is the dumbest movie i have ever seen...and yet it had some charm to it i cant really identify.

The Fog
The Fog(1979)

a great horror flick that was overlooked by the successes of Halloween.

War of the Worlds

the only issue i had with this film was that lame melodramatic ending (the same one the book had), and i cant even blame Spielberg or anyone else for trying to stick to the source material.

Clash of the Titans

although this was ridiculously made, almost to the point of it looking like a tv movie, Harryhausen did a wonderful job with the mythological creatures and gave the movie its face; one of my favorites in the cult classic department.


it was so corny it was good; the only two highlights of the film were the cinematography and the action sequences.

Conan the Barbarian

this was one of the few Schwarzenegger films i loved, and he was perfect for it. it was a nice adventure into the fantastic world of Robert E. Howard and the effects were pretty stellar to go along with it. great 80's cult film! the only problem was that it was a bit too long and over blown.

Assault on Precinct 13

it had some of the more shocking and intense images from all of Carpenter's works, as well as some great pacing (due to the writing), but the film was over much too fast and left me wanting more.

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

a crazy, over the top, heroin fueled action movie that only loses some of its reputation off of how silly and crude the stunts and plot sequences are. A top notch cast in a top notch action flick.

The Matrix Reloaded

this film did a much better job with the action sequences, although what money and time they put into the effects was lost on the story, which was nowhere near as clean cut and as interesting as the first one.

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

i was not a fan of this representation; everything in between the action scenes (which were on par with what one might expect) was dreary and boring due to spotty adaptations to the dialogue (as well as the core story) by the writers and terrible acting by the stars. as a separate entity, the film would have been relatively enjoyable (the effects were great, and the fighting/chase scenes were well crafted; the colosseum scene is possibly the best scene in the whole film) albeit for some confusion as to the relationship of the characters, but as an adaptation, this film falls short from the original text. but, as much as i bash it, it was actually decent and entertaining to watch (hats off to Taylor Kitsch's performance, although he looked dumber than a sack of rocks in some parts); it just wasnt on the same level Disney usually works from (i never got the feeling through the entire thing that i was watching a Disney movie; it wasnt something like Pirates of the Caribbean). i just hope they do better on the second one.

The Incredible Hulk

high on thrills, but besides that and a nice cast, it lacks that special touch of a story you got from Spider-Man and Batman Begins...but then again, its the Hulk.


not a terrible fantasy movie. the fact that Sean Connery was a dragon made it seem interesting, but this move left me disappointed. Most of the acting in this film was dreadful, especially Dennis Quaid. the effects werent too bad; they were probably the best part besides Connery. the biggest issue i had was that as the film progresses, you dont feel like you went anywhere; theres this feeling of isolation from what is going on in the film (you feel like you're watching a movie, rather than living out the characters lives). the script for this probably looked pretty good on paper, but when it was put on the big screen, it seemed like a fanboy film, which, in the end, is exactly what it is; thats probably why i liked it more than it deserved.


wasnt too bad; it was, overall, pretty dumb, with some good scenes here and there of Connery taking names (there wasnt too much of the kicking ass part), but the script was riddled with strange lines and overblown chase scenes. the only good thing about this movie was Sean Connery.


decent vampire lore at a time when it is needed.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

more stupid than funny. and Kevin James can get really annoying. fun for kids though.

The Other Guys

a comedy that felt like anchorman with cops. good stuff, just recycled stuff.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

a potentially great horror movie with a stale ending. this movie had some potential, but loses it at the time where it needs it the most.

Sherlock Holmes

i can get past the over the top action that isnt really Holmes due to some great actors that can work off of one another and some rousing story lines.

Tears of the Sun

a movie that has the possibility of delivering some philosophical theory on human existence and war...but never does.


the only description need for this movie is this: dumb on an expensive budget.


another run of the mill Harrison Ford thriller...but the guy still delivers if all else fails.


numbskull nonsense...but occasionally funny numbskull nonsense. nothing grandiose enough to make it good though.

Revolutionary Road

completely under-rated. one of the most gut-wrenching dramas of the year with powerhouse acting and uncomfortable themes of parenting and lifestyles that would make any newly weds cringe. the only issue was there was so much yelling it was somewhat ridiculous.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

absolute bull crap. this movie would have been better if these guys knew how to light a damn movie. besides that, the story was boring and a pulpy re-hash of previous ideas.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

a phenomenal film not about the wrestling in the ring, but the wrestling that happens outside of it; Mickey showed such a command on the screen that i felt as though he was acting out his own life story.

John Q
John Q(2002)

this movie could have been good...if the dialogue didnt feel like you were stuck in a political debate over healthcare; there were times where the dialogue was so idiotic and one sided that i thought they were targeting children as the audience.


another glorious "King-story-turned-film". for once, it was the supernatural thrills of the story that made your eyes widen in fear. thats not to say Jacksons daunting character wasnt chilling in any way.


faster was a major disappointment, and was at the fault of the advertisers; if i had known i was paying for a paced out revenge flick, i would have prepared for it. instead, you are left to believe (from the ads) that its The Rock mowing down his enemies in search for the head honcho. not a terrible movie, just boring and lackluster in dialogue.


wow. in 3-D? are you SERIOUS? is this really the way to "celebrate" the centennial for the Titanic?


this movie was absolute crap. all it did was take elements from at least 5 other popular sci-fi films and chop them down to some jumble of meaningless scenes. the writing for the film seemed to be written by a fantasizing 12 year old; people kissing while getting beamed up and corny finishing lines all led to an ending that should have shocked (or at least entertained) audiences, but instead of bringing on the action, they ended it just as it was getting good. i cannot believe i wasted my time and money watching this movie.


now heres the deal: i loved the graphic novel. the movie was true to the violent, colorful roots (and the superhero storyline) that made the comic so popular. the score was matched perfectly with the action, giving it a kicky, fun feel, and the casting was pretty good. however, it did tone down on the blood and was missing some key funny lines that were memorable from the comic; they messed around with some of the sub plots and mixed up the ending (which still turned out to be good), plus, where were the shirts!?!?!...just kidding. besides that, this is an awesome comic book movie that delivers on action, thrills, and stunts. i loved this movie and it is definitely worth watching (although it is almost 20 minutes too long...whether thats the sceenwriters fault or the comic itself, who knows)


by far one of the best (if not THE best) movie of the year. Nolan's imaginative take on the state of dreams is wonderful: the setting of the dream actually feels like reality (except for some obvious reasons), not overpowering us with symbols and overexaggurated 'dream effects' that we are sometimes accustomed to seeing. although it isnt a giant mind bender, it still makes you think and piece together the plot. its slick editing and precision timing (because when in the dream, a week in the dream is only an hour in the real world, etc.), along with a fabulous ensemble cast and wonderfully executed stunts (made the old fashioned way, i might add), this movie is definitly a must-see that will engulf you from start to finish and will never let you go.