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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Get the Gringo

Get the Gringo(2012)

"Get the Gringo" is written, produced, and acted by Mel Gibson and directed by Adrian Grunberg, who was also assistant director on the fantastic "Apocalypto." The film may be direct-to-video, but it has full production values. The look is gritty, well stylized and gives you an exaggerated look into the Mexican prison system. The film is well directed showing of the scenery as well as the main actors. Action scenes are timed perfectly and choreographed very well. It's over the top, but heart pounding with a Tarantino-esque flair to it. Same thing goes for the writing which is funny and timed well. Yes, the movie does get cheesy, but that adds to its bold over the top unique style.

Acting is also very good from the whole cast. Some side characters don't have the best acting chops, but they don't bring any scene down. Mel Gibson is great in the film. His character is smart, cool, and rude, but has a tender side to him. He doesn't have a name, but that adds to the mystery of the character. Young actor, Kevin Hernandez as 'Kid,' does a good job. His character is brash, but very likable and has a good back story to keep you invested. His relationship with Gibson's character is heart touching. Javi, played by Daniel Cacho, is a decent villain. He doesn't do any of the dirty work, but you can sense how scared the rest of the characters are when he appears on screen. The rest of the cast is good and the characters are interesting and have their moments.

Overall, "Get the Gringo" is a pretty good movie. It has solid acting with well realized characters, sure some of the acting could have been better, but the main cast makes up for it. The style of the movie is cool and gritty with a Mexican flair. The music adds to the overall style and enhances it. Writing and directing are exceptional good. Smart, funny dialogue with well paced action sequences make this movie thoroughly entertaining. I give it, 4/5, solid acting, great script, and entertaining action.