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Shark Attack
Shark Attack(1999)

Top question of the movie,WERE ARE THE FRICKING SHARKS!?How can people think this is a Jaws rip off,there are barley any sharks.When there's an attack,Casper Van Dien saves them,I wanted more shark kills in the movie but there's only 2,I'm not sure it's 2.I just think that was Casper Van Dien having a dream.Well lets just give it 50% because it was sorta intresting,but still not a good film!

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I used to like this as a child,but now to me it's bad.Jim Carrey is funny and that girl who played Cindy-lou was good,but everyone else were just annoying.I think the mayor and his girlfriend were the worst,and when he was about to steal x-mas it felt like a whole different movie.Do a favor this Christmas,avoid this movie.

The Blair Witch Project

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!!! Now here's my review of Blair Witch.
3 college students go to Maryland in serch of the Blair Witch. But when they go on the serch of it, all sorts of obsticles are happening to them. Will they get out of there alive? No.
This is insanely overrated because all it is are 3 college students just complaining for 90 minutes. I don't hate all found fotage movies. Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield were cool because there was more than 3 students yelling at each other. And the ending, why in most of these movies are there terrible endings, but this ending was just stupid. Overall, this was just a boring, obnoxious, and highly overrated. (31%) oh, and HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Shark Night 3D

Yet again I've been lazy but now I have a review of Shark Night 3D.
7 friends go to a house on an island where one of the girls named Sara (Sara Paxton) lives. But when one of their friends, Mailk gets attacked by one of the sharks, they try to get help but then they find out that this salt water lake is stalked with hundreds of sharks. How are they going to get their friend help and who will survive in Shark Night 3D?
This movie, for me was just dumb fun. It ma y of been predictable at times but yet still able to give you some jolts. The 3D was some of the best I've ever seen in a movie, especially the underwater scenes, plus the acting's good, the special effects were ok, and it had probably the best death scene ever. I don't even care how stupid it got, I still loved it. I also think people are being too harsh on it because it was PG-13. News flash, boobs and gore don't make a good movie, but they are great componets for a movie. You don't need over the top gore and sex, just make it fun and that's wht I think Shark Night 3D did. So that's my review of Sark Night 3D, hope you like it and I'll see you next time!


Sorry I've been extreamly lazy since my last review but now I review Komodo. The story is about a boy named Patrick who has been dramatized when he was on an island with his parents and dog but then are killed by komodo dragons. Then
Patrick seeks the help of a shrink named Victoria and is accompanied by, I guess, her assistant Annie. They travel to the island where Patrick's parents got killed and the stumble upon 2 peope named Oates and Debney who have to kill all the komodos on the island.
I didn't like Oates not because of his character, but that he later played Bella's dad in Twilight. Which means he was carrying the Bella sperm which means he'll help create the apocalyspe! But back to Komodo, the special effects are great since they were made by the effects team behind Jurassic Park and Robocop, and the acting is okay. Though it's kind of slow but still fun.
Still I recomend it because it is simply entertaining. You can even watch it on youtube. Jst type in Komodo part 1/10. So overal, I give it 71%.


This is probably the scariest movie I have ever seen, because I had my eyes covered throughout the movie but I knew what was going on. Some scares no one could predict and they made people jump. Plus the deamon looked liked darth maul mixed with the Jersy devil. And some others looked kind of like Tommy Wieseu and that girl you always seen in a bunch of Johnny Deep movies. Plus the "twist" I guess was pretty clever. I would say watch it in theaters.(80%)Plus in the classroom scene of this movie, you could see James Wan's name on the chalkboard and some sort of Saw puppet on the chalkboard too.


I have to admit but I liked this movie but I know SEVERAL reasons why, first I know why Godzilla fans hate it because it's basically a dinosaur. Another thing is that it steals from Jurassic Park. Plus the actings not that great. I'm sure there's much, much more but I guess that's all I need. But I have to say this movie is a guilty plesure but at least I'm being fair on why people hate it.


This was just STUPID!!!!!I mean we don't really know the characters because they just randomly fall out of the sky.The main character is annoying and everyone else was fine,even the rapist crack addict.Also...THERE'S A VILLAN BESIDES THE PREDATORS AND IT'S ERIC FORMAN FROM THAT 70'S SHOW!!!!!Did people really think that Eric Forman is EVIL????Well if you did then there somthing with you,and you can see that THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES OF 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despicable Me

I don't get why so many people love it,it's too childish.Well some parts were funny and the minions and the youngest girl were cute,but that doesn't save the film.And when the movie mom did her review on Megamind she said it was okay but borrows from one of the best movies of the year,Despicable Me.When I heard that on the radio I was annoyed when I heard that.For me his was one of the worst movies of the year so that was my review of Despicable Me.(44%)P.s. commet if you do or don't think Vector looks like Demitri Martian.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I loved this movie,it is one of my favorite movies of all time.This movie does everything right from animation to story to humor to voice acting.Everything here is a masterpiece.Even the characters are likeable,and i've seen How to train a dragon,itwas a good movie but some characters were kind of annoying to me.But not in this film everyone was a likeable character.But it should of tied with Up with those 2 oscars it got nominated for though,Up is still a great film though.Well that is my review on the wonderful movie Fantastic Mr. Fox.(100%)

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

I think this is in par with the first one.I don't think this is the worst of the 3,but according to the critics.Think about it,the first one was symbolized awe and amazment.The second one was about terror.Pretty much everything about it was awesome.Get it now!(100%)


This is my 50th review so I'm reviewing antz.This film is creative funny and origonal.I don't know if little kids should watch it because of swears but nether the less it's a great movie,although sly sounds like Patrick Warterburton.(100%)P.s did you know Arnold Swarsinigger was going to be in this movie,sly was in cause he was willing to play weaver for free.


I love the book and the movie.It's so faithful to the book.The characters are likeible the story nice, and if anyone hates the movie,you must be a hater of good movies.(100%)


Now don't critisize me for hating it,because to me it felt like the director flipped us all off,but people are still buying it.Nothing was explained at all.What was this all about it was never explained.Yes I thought this was one of worst movies ever and don't press thumbs down on me,this is just an opinon,and I thought it was one of the worst movies ever,so don't complain to me.

Boa vs. Python

This movie made me have faith in snake movies since Anaconda 3 made me hate snake movies.

District 9
District 9(2009)

This is a classic film,but at first I felt like it was part comedy because I heard one of the ailens say I'll rip your balls of.But the comedy went away quite fast.Another problem is that there's to many thing going on,and sorta got confusing.But I still think it's a classic.Altough my parets didn't like the film and so did my sister.But me and my cousin Stephie liked it.So spite the few flaws,I'll give this 95%.


I hate this movie like all movies about Greek mythology,except for the origonal Clash of the Titans because I haven't seen it.The songs are annoying except for a part of 1 song.The characters are irritating except for Haities,Pain & Panic,& Meg.I just didn't like the movie.But I don't like Greek mythology,so why would I like this.So I'll give this 41%,and how about I tell you what I think is the best and worst Greek mythology movies.

1.Clash of the Titans remake

2.Percy Jackson & the Olympians:The Lightning Theif


Do I really need to discribe how it is,well everyone knows it's a classic.

Jaws 2
Jaws 2(1978)

This is a decent movie,and the shark on fire was a nice touch.

Jaws 3
Jaws 3(1983)

I think this is the best sequel in the series.The only 2 problems with the film are th effects,and the dvd isn't in 3D.The dvd doesn't come in glasses wich is kind of a rip off.Well I thought it was good film.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

SOOOO ANNOYINNNNNG!The most annoying film on the earth.Would anyone like this film at all.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is a wonderful movie that works great for halloween and christmas.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

I used to like this movie but then I relised that this movie ruined spongebob,the show used to be goofy and not annoying,but now the show just bashing squidward and plankton and mr.krabs being the best character in the show.The show is now based on the krusty krab,like in one episode mr.krabs learns that plankton has a fear of whales,IT ATE HIS FAMILY but mr.krabs is just tormenting him,then plankton leans that mr.krabs has a fear of mimes,plankton's dishing it back to mr.krabs but it's spongebob to the rescue and torments plankton,and that is the end of the episode.That's the whole show now thanks to this disaster.That is basiclly why I hate this movie!!!


I like this film,it's pretty enjoyable and scary,I mean this is the guy who made The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist,so it is probably going to scare you.Well it is entertaning and underated so watch this.

The Dark Lurking

This film is good.The acting wasn't bad.The special effects were good for a low budget movie,and this movie had a resident evil feel to it.Go and rent this movie because it's highly entertaning.

Anaconda III
Anaconda III(2008)


Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side

I don't know why many people hate this movie,it's really funny and very intresting.So go ahead and watch this movie.

Alice in Wonderland

I wasn't a fan of the movie.

The Dark Knight

I don't get anything about this movie.This movie is a gigantic confusing mess.To me this movie raises alot of questions like what's the main plot,why is movie so famous,why is it a huge blockbuster,is batman the dark night,why do people love this movie,why,why,why,why,why.In conclusion,this movie is very confusing and shouldn't be this famous.


I wanted to like this film but in the end it got annoying and overated.The only highlight of this film is McLovin from Superbad,the other characters were annoying.Sure kick ass was an okay character but Hit Girl and Big Daddy were extreamly annoying,especially Hit Girl.The movie was also confusing.Well lets just say this movie is bad.

Scary Movie 4

This movie is really LAME!

Jaws: The Revenge

I'm not going on a rant about how bad this is,beacuse this movie defys all logic.What pokeing a stick to a shark will make the shark explode.For the record the shark looks like it has peach fuzz.Well everyone will say including me,that this is the worst shark movie ever!

Carnosaur 2
Carnosaur 2(1995)

What I hate about this film that it's a rip off from Aliens and people like this better than the first one.Apperently anything James Cameron related is a good film,I hate that.Just watch Carnosaur 1 or jurassic park 1,2,or3.This was a bad film,so don't watch this movie.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

This is the saddest movie I have ever seen,this is one of the best films of the year and one of my favorite movies ever.See this movie every chance you get,you wont be dissipointed when you see this movie,that's for sure.

Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

The origanal carnosaur was great,but the sequels were bad.The sequels get worse every time,this one is the worst carnosaur sequel I've seen.What happend to the story of the psycopath bringing dinosaurs to the earth and women giving birth to dinosaurs because of some virus.That extreme story telling to the max.The sequel just ramdomly brings them to some labratory or somthing,and now terrorist steal the dinosaurs to there base thinking it was uranium.The effects are a little better in the first one,in this movie a raptor literly glides across the base.If you want to watch a good dino movie watch the jurassic park series or carnosaur 1.Don't watch the sequels to carnosaur.

Komodo vs. Cobra

This movie is really bad,it has nothing to justify it.I wonder if anyone likes this movie.The people who survive at the end are really hatable characters and you want them to die right away,and there wasn't a real fight,the komodo and cobra just hissed at each other.This is just awful,please don't watch it.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

This movie is so retarded on the highest level of retardedness(correct me if that a word)because there is crap cgi,bad acting,horrible effects,and unbelievable scenes that makes the movie watchable.If you want a bunch of laughs watch this,if you don't then don't watch this.


Other known as boobgator,this movie is just a very entertaning movie wich is the sequel to dinocroc.The movie is for all men because of one of the swim suit model in the pink bikini,women will call her a tramp.It is a movie for men just men.(RECOMENDED)

Anacondas: Trail of Blood

When you make an idea make a another sequel to the 3rd anaconda you probably don't want to make it because it's going to suck.Anaconda 3 was the worst thing in the world so it can't get any worse,yes but it's still fricking awful.Yes and nothing has changed about those 2 movies,except for the hoff,but john-rhys davies is in the movie and I hate him.I didn't finish the movie because it was so bad.So if idiots want to make another one,You'll just hate it.Don't watch this.


This movie is so weird because of everything that happens in this movie.I'll tell you the plot,this lady hates people and loves dinosaurs and wants them to roam the earth,so she makes dinosaurs out of chickens,then she spreads a virus to women to have baby dinosaurs.Do you think that could be a rip off of anything.I like this because of how dark this,the gore,and the plot.The thing I didn't like was the end,not because it was over it was something else(I don't want to spoil it for you)to end this,watch this if you want to.


When the movie ended I was like,"that was the movie".The shark appered only about 25 minutes in the movie.It's not the worst shark movie in the world.Jaws the revenge is worse than this.Overall this is slow,boring,and a bad movie.

Black Water
Black Water(2008)

OHH MY GOD THIS MOVIE IS BORING.The plot is about people being stuck in a fricking tree surrounded by a croc.Only 3 people die.The end I just couldn't believe,first the shoot the croc and one of the girls die,and the other girl tips the canoe and just rowed away.She didn't feel sad at all,whats with that,I would feal sad if my sister died.Please don't watch this movie

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

I didn't want to see this,but my mom talked me in to watching this,because I didn't want to see anyting in theaters.I'm not a fan of greek mithology so I wasn't going to be a fan of the movie,and I was right,I wasn't a fan of the movie because to me it kept changing plots.First,they focus on Percy's dislexia that inables him to read greek words.Then they focus on him learning he's the son of poseidon and he's going to some camp for greek teens or somthing like that,wich remindes that there's a huge flaw in the movie and that is that percious is the son of poseidon(correct me if get it wrong or spell anything wrong)I watched clash of the titans and it said that percius is the son of zeus and I told my mom I thought percius was the son of poseidon but she said he was the son of zeus.But anyway,they focus on the Percy's mom being taken away.Then they focus on finding 3 orbs or somthing like that.It was really hard to be intrested in this movie because it was boring.Then they focus a guy named Lucus being the lightning thief,then Percy and Lucus battle,guess who wins,yes Percy like that was a shocker,they meet poseidon,and then Percy goes back to the camp and everything's happly ever after.This movie not be watch because you will not like it.


It's an okay movie with a couple of good death scenes and some okay special effects at the at the end(the explosion)but if you don't like reptile movies this is not for you, but if you do,watch this movie

Land of the Lost

This is one of my favorite comedys and my favorite remake because cause i'm not a fan of all the stupid they've been making.Plus all the non remakes are retarded comedys,though it's not really a comedy but it's a great adventure movie.The special effects are cheap,but i've seen worse special effects in movies.To rap this up,you should watch this.