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The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man(1941)

As a horror-movie connoisseur, I don't feel like my knowledge or depth of the genre would be complete without watching the older horror films. While some hold up well over time, like The Haunting, Black Sabbath, Carnival of Souls, and The Uninvited, others don't seem to play well with more modern audiences. Well, I should say, they don't play as well as horror movies. They have lost their ability to frighten or make us jump because of outdated effects or over-acting. For example, I enjoyed Dracula with Bela Lugosi, but it was laughable at times and incredibly choppy at times. The Wolf Man falls into this category for me. I enjoyed the atmospherics, Lone Chaney's performance, but it fell flat as an effective genre movie. It seemed more like a time capsule than a living breathing beast.