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The Snowtown Murders

The Snowtown Murders(2012)

I've seen a good deal of Aussie flicks, and I'm beginning to think they don't think too highly of themselves as a country or culture. While this is a well-told story about some of the worst serial killings in Australian, it also paints a particularly bleak picture of Australia, or at least this area of Australia. Unlike most serial killer movies, though, this really delves into the psyche of a young boy, Jamie, who falls under the influence and leading of said serial killer, John Bunting. It explores what happens to some children in the absence of a father figure who also happen to live around drug abuse and without many opportunities. It's a deeply unsettling story that doesn't really pull any punches. I left the movie saddened by Jamie's predicament and how things might have been different for him in his life.