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The Heat

The Heat(2013)

A buddy cop movie with many of the standard buddy cop cliches. Sandra Bullock is a tightly wound and smarmy FBI agent who is disliked by most of her co-workers, not really because she's a woman, but because she is socially inept and mainly interested in advanced her career. That being said, she's good at her job and cares about what she does. Melissa McCarthy is Shannon Mullins, a Boston cop with incredible street smarts, a potty mouth, and is also not liked by her peers. It's a funny movie that could have been better and funnier, but it was decent enough. My wife and I had fun didn't want the almost two hours back after it was over. One more thing, Melissa McCarthy is dangerous of playing a type in every single movie. She is funny in this role, which if you've seen Bridesmaids or possibly Identity Theft, you will know the type. I think she is good at this. She is good at playing this type, but I hope she doesn't get locked into it because I think she has more depth than that.