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Message in a Bottle
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

The only good thing about this movie is Paul Newman. That's it.

Everything is so forced and hackneyed, it's pathetic. Terrible.

The Thirteenth Floor
7 years ago via Flixster

Good idea, terrible movie.

Hereafter (2010)
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

"Hereafter" is interesting. In part, it's about a group of people and their exploration of and seeking after the afterlife. But really, at it's base, I think it's a love-story. Or at least a lead into a love story.

Matt Damon is a "recovering" psychic who's moved out to San Francisco to become a dock worker and try to live a normal life, after his psychic powers have driven him away from any sort of normalcy in his life.

Cecile De France is the most popular celebrity news anchor in all of France, the epitome of the desirable French woman. When on vacation with her producer in some tropical island (Costa Rica...?), there's a tsunami in which she almost drowns. During her drowning, she has a near-death experience of the afterlife that changes her forever and she cannot go back to her celebrity lifestyle, eventually being replaced by someone else, making her a "has-been".

The part I really loved about this film was that everything that happens throughout the entire film is really to bring the Matt Damon character and the Cecile De France character together, which seems like an almost impossible task.

A French celebrity and a social outcast in San Francisco being brought together by a British kid who lost his brother seems like an impossible feat. But Eastwood does it really well.

Half-way through, you're stuck wondering where Eastwood is going with this. But he manages to pull it all together in the end. While a really long movie that takes quite a bit of concentration and focus to follow along, I definitely think it was a great movie.

Definitely think it's going to be considered a classic for a very long time.

The Lookout
The Lookout (2007)
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I saw this movie because it came on TV and was described as having a "film noir" vibe. It definitely had that and was a really great movie.

Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was a high school super star (like the captain of the football team type we all know so well) until the day when he crashes his car with his girlfriend and a couple friends inside. His life is forever changed as his brain just does not function properly. He has anterograde amnesia; he can't make new memories since the accident.

So the film starts off with him trying to cope with the simplicities of his daily life. Getting up out of bed, having breakfast, going to his special school classes and life with his best friend, an older blind "mentor" roommate, Lewis (played extremely well by Jeff Daniels). These tasks seem so simple for a person, but these are the daily challenges that Chris faces. He also works in a bank, late at night, as a janitor. A funny position for the #1 "going places" kid of the class.

He decides to go for Thanksgiving dinner to his family's house along with his roommate, Lewis. They're super wealthy and even more judgmental, although they are a loving family somewhere at the core. Things don't go so well for the two misfits, as Lewis recommends he stop going home anymore and move on with his life.

After going to a local bar a few times, Chris meets a friend who introduces him to a girl he eventually starts a relationship with (played by Isla Fisher). As things progress, Chris finds out that they're involved in robbing banks and want to incorporate him into their plans to rob the bank he works at, so he can be the "lookout".

This movie was just really great. Really well thought out. Really well acted. Great script, great pace, great timing. It really does capture the film noir feel, although subverting the typical "main character amnesia" aspect of the plots that are so familiar in film noir.

You're definitely riveted throughout the whole movie. It really reminded me of one of my favorite films, "La Moustache", in that regard. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Definitely a "must-see", in my book.