JamesonWorley's Rating of Gravity

Jameson's Review of Gravity

3 years ago via Flixster


GRAVITY was an experience beyond almost anything else I've ever seen on screen. Amazing effects, brilliant use of sound (and lack thereof), and a terrifying, catastrophic setting make for a really good film. The acting was top-notch as well with Sandra Bullock giving a terrific performance as a vulnerable astronaut fighting for survival in the harshest of scenarios. The screenplay and story elements weren't on the same level as its spectacle, but this unbelievably intense film cannot be missed.

Comment on 3D (which I hate, btw): The 3D for this film was probably the best I've seen; you really feel like you're there. However, I personally thought the picture quality was poor. Everything looked blurry to me in the 3D. It may have just been my theater, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing the film a second time in 2D or Blu ray because half of the shots were blurred.