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Psychomania (1971)
3 years ago via Flixster

(Watched Sat 21 Jun 2008)

Tokyo Story (Tky monogatari)
4 years ago via Flixster

(Watched Sat 29 Dec 2012) Still one of my favourites, I can see its flaws clearer now, certainly - it's overlong; the coda is too drawn out with unnecessary exposition at odds with its earlier subtlety; and the characters veer into archetypes more than real people - but it's still a beautiful, powerful film.

The Sound of Music
4 years ago via Flixster

(Watched Sat 29 Dec 2012) Far, far too long - it's a two-hour movie at best - but otherwise it's better than expected, with some smart cinematography and a sinister edge that belies its reputation as 'Singa-Longa' trash. The diagesis certainly helps, too, sewing most the songs neatly into the fabric of the story; others, however, stand out weirdly like iron-on patches.

The Crazies
The Crazies (2010)
4 years ago via Flixster

(Watched Fri 17 Aug 2012)

The Dark Knight Rises
4 years ago via Flixster

(Watched Tue 4 Dec 2012) How did we end up here when Batman Begins was so good? A waste of celluloid with so many bad marks against it... I mean, it's supposed to be a Batman movie, but Batman's hardly ever in it! You know, I'd even go so far as to say that Joel Schumacher's Batman efforts paid greater respect to the source material (if you take that to be the 1960s TV show exclusively).