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You can tell this story was written from a good place, but it would have been a GREAT movie if they had actually written a story around it instead of just basically a bunch of random events that leads to an ending.

The Warrior's Way

This is probably one of the most awesome movies I've ever seen.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Everyone was telling me how good it was but when I finished it i was like, well, it was better than the second one, but thats not hard. What I DID like about it was the storyline was STRIAGHT from the cartoon. They finally even mentioned energon. Starscream especially but EVERYONE acted more like their cartoon characters. They FINALLY did soundwave and he was pretty freakin cool, so was his bird, but they didnt do his cat thing again. So, all in all, i liked that they started actually trying to make it more like the cartoon, but it still cant come anywhere near touching the first one. Megan Fox was NOT missed. It did feel like a different movie to me too, but A LOT of that had to do with that they were basing it more off the cartoon and giving the transformers weird faces. Plus, too much taking the Transformers original cartoon character and changing it's side, changing it's name, changing it's vehicle type, etc. It just get's confusing.


This movie ultimately made me feel like double rainbow man. Oh, its beautiful... its so bright and vivid... what does it mean? The story was cool, the visuals awesome, but when the credits roll you wonder what even happened, because the movie didnt even BEGIN to answer half the questions it raised.

The Last Exorcism

Literally, like one of the top five worst movies Ive ever seen. Boring, nonsensical, not scary, bad acting, terrible script, couldnt tell what was going on half the time, both from the terrible camera and bad script, and the people connecte...d to the movie obviously only got tge word demon from the bible and ran with it, cause it has no grounding in anything. Oh yeah, and, nice ending. What the heck? Negitive stars if i could give them. It was AWSOME to make fun of though. BEST PART EVER, the demon taking the video camera with it, and then beating up a cat with the camera... yeah, it was that bad. WHY WOULD A DEMON WANT TO FILM IT? I mean, theres easier ways to kill something, the kitchen was RIGHT DOWN THE HALL.

Your Highness

To everyone and the critics who said Your Highness was like The Princess Bride... your dumb. They are NOTHING alike. That being said, Your Highness was pretty funny but I expected a bit more. It was way too crude for me a lot of the time. But, it was funny and, very original as well. The snake monster was freaking genius!


Wow. Terrible movie. The storyline was great and had so much potentienal. But that was ALL squashed by a couple things.
1st, Rose Byrne. Her acting in this movie is slightly better than that of an old tree stump.
2nd, an obvious clue to the puzzle from the begining on that is later "revealed" as though the audience is supposed to gasp but in reality you feel as though you just got an answer right on Seasame Street.
And 3rd, was the fact that the monster in this movie was actually really REALLY creepy... until they fully showed him... at which point, he looked like a cross between a narnia reject, a Freddy Cruger wanna be, and what Darth Maul would've looked like had he gone to a bad tattoo artist.
All in all, GREAT potentail, HORRIBLE movie.

The Other Woman

Critics are bashing the heck out of this movie, I don't see what's so bad about it. Sure, it's not the greatest movie ever, but it's a good story, with good acting and good story telling. I don't know, I thought I was gonna hate it and I was ok with it.


Not gonna lie, at moments this movie is hilarious and the aspects of the storyline are brilliantly written, however, at times it's not as fun to watch unfold and frankly, I expected more from a movie that involved Pegg, Frost, AND Rogen. Still not a bad watch though.

The Ice Harvest

This movie had a lot going for it. Even though it's odd to think of as a Ramis film, I think it worked well. The main problem, Was the lead. I love Jhn Cusack, but I think a different actor in this role may have made this movie MUCH better. I even liked Billy Bob in this movie, who I normally hate.

Battle: Los Angeles

This is basically like a SUPER realistic Independance Day. That's not to say it steals any ideas or is no good though. This movie is VERY original, intelligent, gritty, and well told.


...Wow. Twist-tastic. This is worth a watch for sure.

The Adjustment Bureau

I REALLY liked this movie. It was weird but a good story well written. Also, the chemestry between the two main characters was excellent, and it was written in such a way that those "moments" didnt feel forced, they just kinda happened. I dont know, maybe not for everyone but I loved it.

30 Minutes or Less

Yeah, I didn't really like this one. Everyone in it I thought would be good were just ok and everyone I didnt think would be were. I liked the story but the movie was just kinda flat. It was pretty darn funny at parts though.


The begining is funny, then it just becomes SUPER disturbing and SUPER disappointing. Especailly towards the end it seems like they were just trying to out-do and be a more extreme Kick-Ass... they failed.


Anyone who thinks this movie is great, has OBVIOUSLY never seen Requiem For A Dream, which this movie BLATENTLY rips off the entire time with one exception. Requiem actually had a story line that made you care. This movie is just a jumble of rip offs with no hint of any kind of story till the end. Use the time better and watch Requiem For A Dream. This movies just a cheap knock off, which is sad cause I love all these actors.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

...??? Honestly, thats all I can say. Pointless, senseless, what the heck was that, it made no sense at all on any level. (Would be one star, but 2nd star is for not being boring and actually keeping me interested)

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

Stuff like this is why I LOVE John C. Reilly. Most of his best preformances people miss cause their in odd or not "main stream" movies. But him aside, this whole cast is REALLY good. Great story. Solid watch.

Season of the Witch

Don't let anyone fool you. This movie is not "terrible". It is incredibly cheesey with the modern vocabulary and storyline, but it NEVER pretends to be anything else. And to be honest, slightly cheesey is what cage (and Pearlman) do best. It's a highly entertaining movie. Well put together. Great buddy story, good action, slightly cheesey CG but it's never THAT bad, good characters, fun and awesomely twisted storyline, and great cast. It's worth a watch. Final word... zombie monks... need I say more?

Red Riding Hood

"There must be a God, cause your the Devil." Yeah, thats about how bad, cliched, incoherent, horribly written, and badly directed this movie was. Sad thing is there's an even worse line after that but i dont want to give away one of the only good things the movie had going for it. Lol. So much talant, so wasted. And the ending... wow. I couldve written a better ending if i just closed my eyes and scribbled randomly on a paper. On the brightest note of the movie, the wolf looked SUPER cool. (But not really worth sitting through the crap, try to youtube it or something) The only reason it got 2 stars was cause it had A LOT of good people in it, i didnt figure the mystrey out (but that could be because i wasnt paying much attention), and the wolf looked REALLY cool.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Even going in to see this movie, i was thinking it was ridiculas that they made it, but I gotta say, it was worth making. Its a solid film.


DO NOT waste anything on this. Watch the original. All this "re-make" does, is TRY to copy, shot for shot, line for line, set for set, the original, and you can tell. It's all EXACTLY the same, but with worse acting. Oh, and they added stuff. Like sounds of people having sex in the other room to the first scene, and the sound of Bates pleasuring himself in another scene, you know, IMPORTANT STUFF that changes the ENTIRE DYNAMIC of the movie. Oh, and the reveal at the end, 100 times worse than the first. Now, don't get me wrong, I love pretty much EVERY actor in this film, but I guess it just goes to show that you actually have to have something worth shooting, even if you do have good actors. Oh, and all the good CLASSIC scenes they shot, not only did they not better them, they RUINED them by using bad takes and cutting away. Like the pulling down the shower curtain and the car sinking (which is so OBVIOUSLY on a rig it's ridiculas that it's in the film). And Vaughn, I love him, but he tried WAY too hard to make Bates seem odd instead of just letting him be that way. All in all, a HUGE waste, don't get sucked in. ANYTHING this movie does, the original does 10 times better. Screw color copies, watch the original.

Cowboys & Aliens

I LOVED it. Awesome awesome. Loved the Docs speeches. Anyways, the movie was original, loved the story, and loved the characters and actors. A solid watch.

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

This is one of only 3 movies I've ever been able to not finish watching. It was terrible on every level.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Great cast, excellent story, and entertaining, especially for a "courtroom drama" type movie.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Brilliantly written and masterfully weeves the three previous Avenger movies. (Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk) And for all the complaining I did about Chris Evans, I cant see ANYONE else playing Cap. However, some off those scenes in the begining looked GREAT, and some of them made me wince. Luckily, its the point of the story but they dont over dwell on it. Last thought... some, assembly, required... cant wait.

Gnomeo and Juliet

A good telling of a classic story with a great and unpredictable cast. Not sure its a classic but it sure is a lot of fun.


Loved it! Fun, good story, great charcters, super detaileded CG but still very stylized, and a AWESOME cast. Definantly worth watching.

The Big Lebowski

"SHUT THE F#*@ UP DONNIE!" Nuff said. Awesome.

Hobo With a Shotgun

I was expecting better cheese. They were focused so much on making it as cheesey and gorey and language riddin as possible that it just turned out bad. A lot of potental. But they tried way too hard to MAKE it cheesey instead of just allowing it to be cheesey, if that makes any sense.


An excellent name for this movie, because thats exactly what it was. It felt more like they just copied the Disney cartoon... But lamer. I'd MUCH rather watch the cartoon. Plus, they skipped quickly over all the major, IMPORTANT story points, to spend all it's time on the in-between story, that means NOTHING since they skipped over the important parts of the story so fast. A horribly written, horribly filmed, uninspired, cliched, bore fest.

The Frisco Kid

This movie was GREAT fun and begs for a re-make, but I don't know that it would have the same fun without Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford. As long as the re-make cast didn't try to "re-create" what those two actors did.

I Saw the Devil

Amazing and excellent storyline, i never knew what the story was going to morph into next. But very, VERY, VERY, gruesome. It was sorta like a Korean Silence Of The Lambs, meets Man On Fire, meets Smokin Aces. It took so many unexpected turns it kinda created its own genre. But VERY gruesome like i said. I even turned away and cringed several times and I usually don't do that. Be aware, i am still being generious with this. It was REALLY brutal. Like, probably the most brutal I've ever seen.

The Last Starfighter

Cheesey goodness. This one could really use a re-written re-make.


I thought this would be ridiculas and funny... it was just ridiculas and boring with SOME funny parts.

No Strings Attached

This movie had a good story base, and everyone, EVEN all the side characters seemed to do a good job... But Aston Kutcher was just flat the whole time. This kind of killed the movie since it all revolved around him and you really didn't care about his character because he came off as annoying, and his acting and comedic value were non-existant. So, this movie could have been a decent watch, but he pretty much single handedly killed anything the movie had going for it I think. There are some great moments though, even between side characters. But overall. Bah.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

This movie did not have as good of action or as cheesey of lines as I had hoped. Lots of stolen story ideas and even straight stolen scenes. Not really that great. However, the it's almost worth it just to see William Fichtner's role.

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

First HUGE Pixar disappointment.

Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

This movie kind've lags in the begining and then becomes pretty good. Tons of good actors doing great stuff too.

The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear

Doesn't miss a beat from the first one!

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Zucker at his best! Just like Airplane!, Kentucy Fried Movie, and Scary Movies 3 & 4.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Great story and acting. Kid actors are amazingly all good.


Wow. ALL the characters were way beyond good. The story, eh, not so much. Oh, side note, Pasquel and Max are the best!

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

Definently far from the greatest movie ever, but it's got a butt load of good actors and its highly entertaining. Great cinematography too.

The Social Network

So, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. A lot of good acting by Eisenberg, Tiberlake, and Garfield. After the first couple scenes it kept me interested. But the main bases i still dont understand is, what the heck was so revolutionary about facebook that the other social networking sites weren't doing? Kinda seems to me like Zuckerberg considers himself a genius and superpower when he was just kinda a right place right time guy. But the movie was entertaining anyways.

Vanishing On 7th Street

The ending was dumb, but the movie was very interesting. really cool creepy effects, and even Hyden Christainson was able to keep from whinning long enough to make a decent character.

Country Strong

This movie was much better than I thought it would be, but you gotta stick through it to the end. To me it's almost worth it just to hear Gwyneth Paltrow sing. LOVE her voice.

Kung Fu Panda 2

All around good, I loved it. These were my ONLY complaints. Animation was super detailed, which was good, but it came at the expense of most of the awesome stylization of the first. Po's story was awesome, but also came at the cost of cutting the other characters down to nothing. Especially since it kept feeling like they were goona go into Tigress' story, and then they just ran too lnog and cut it I guess. It also kinda felt like they held Jack Black back a little, plus, like I said, cutting other characters like the furious five members and Master Shifu to LITERALLY like ten lines or less, and that's being very generious. BUT, that all being said, it was a GREAT MOVIE. Go see it! SKA-DOOSH!

Black Death
Black Death(2011)

... Interesting. Good acting and characters and very interesting story.

The Green Hornet

I don't know why so many people hated on this movie. This is a FUN movie and it was never ment to be anymore than that. Very different from any of your hero movies. Good writting and acting. Awesome special effects. Excellent characters. Fun. Maybe just a popcorn movie but at least its a fun, original popcorn movie.

The Day of the Dolphin

This was nominated for an academy award? That, just shows you what the awards are worth. Most of the time this movie is just laughable. Especailly the "talking" dolphins.


This is why I love Blue Sky! Great movie. Oh, and I hate the 3d craze, I think its pointless and stupid, but I would suggest paying the couple bucks, and doing this one in 3d. I didn't, but I really wish I had. Enjoy!


Holy cow. Most of the people involved with this movie are now favorites of mine. Awesome. Chris Hemsworth was incredible.

Little Fockers

I was really dissappointed by this. People told me it was as good as the others but I beg to differ. I did not like this movie at all, got a few luaghs but on a whole, dissappointing third movie for me. I must warn though because I'm highly biased, because the only thing I hate more than Jessica Alba, is Jessica Alba trying to do comedy. She just bugs the crap out of me in comedies especailly, I just want to slap her for thinking she can be funny when she just spends all her time acting like a retard, literally, in this movie. And she pretty much is in this movie even more than his wife, so that could be the main reason I hated it. But just really did not like this one.


What the heck did I watch? Most of the effects were pretty cool, but cool effects don't make up for all it's flaws.
The storyline, nonsensical and could care less about main characters. The main characters, given the sheer sclae of events that are happening, make THEE dumbest decisions I have EVER seen in a movie. If this really happened, people like these main characters would be the first to die! The main characters survive not because of the things they do, but by sheer luck through the entire movie! (example 1: monster is almost to them, suddenly the military decides to start shooting at THAT monster at THAT moment. example 2: plane gets shot down, crashes right over their heads, which would probably kill them instantly even if they did avoid the wrekage, and right into the monster chasing them)
Other than that, nothing in the story is ever explained to any detail, which worked for Cloverfield, but not for this, because the sheer interaction and intire storyline revolved around what the aliens were doing, the audience really needed to know what the heck was going on. Cause then we're just left like I was, going "What? Huh? I don't get it. Wait, so whats happening is... oh no, I guess not. Wait, huh? I don't get it."
But even besides all that there is still two other issues with the movie. The first of which is small details, such as, they say the aliens have cut off the power, two min later they run to the roof were all the roof units are running, and now that I think about it, I think they turned their TV on after "the power was cut". But anyways, the bigger and last issue being, they blatenly, and striaght up stole from other movies such as Face/Off, Cloverfield, Independance Day, and tried to play it off as though it was new and original and they thought of it themselves.
Overall, pretty good effects, but unlike Avatar, that does not make the movie watchable as everything else in the movie is just horrid. Considering the terrible script though I guess the actors didn't do bad.

Paper Man
Paper Man(2010)

I don't want to say this movie was really good, most will probably just find it mildly entertaining. There was just something in it that I really connected to and liked I think. So, I really liked it, can't say why, but that doesn't nmean that everyone or anyone else will.

Anna and the King

Jodie Foster was amazing, but Chow Yun-Fat destroyed the role of the king. would be a great re-make if it were'nt for that one major casting mistake.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

It was funny, thats for sure. With a lot of great cameos too. However, the story lacks, badly. Not because it wasn't good, but because they never really closed it up. That and the fact that the entire story hinges on you feeling for Galifianakis charecter. Which there was one moment, but that quickly passed. So that lost connection just kind of servered the story. But I don't think they lost that connection because of the writting. They just needed a master and cast a funny man. John Candy, Chris Farley, Steve Carel, and John C. Reilly pull off the perfect blend of comedy and heart string tugging all the time, but I think it's safe to say that Galifianakis just didn't make the cut. Galifianakis was funny, everyone was, I think he just failed to pull off the heart of the movie.

One Night With the King

I wish there were negitive star ratings for movies like this.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I used to like this movie before I read the graphic novels. Since I have read the graphic novels, they have become my favorite graphic novels, and since this movie not only doesn't follow the graphic novels story but also twists and adds every character into something they completely were'nt, it just pisses me off now.

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

The only reason I have such a low opinion of this movie, is because this is THEE ONLY movie I have ever shut off before finishing it. I watched about an hour, and i've seen some terrible movies and finished them, but I just couldn't take it anymore and shut it off.

Love and Other Drugs

This movie is filled with sex (obviously) but it actually turns out with a better storyline than you would think.

Cool World
Cool World(1992)

This peice of work features a very young Brad Pitt and is a blatant Who Framed Rodger Rabbit ripoff, but with a storyline thats as nonsensical or uninsired as it's cartoon to live action "blending", that might have been done better by a 3 year old. Lip matching is non existant on the "Doodles", as is any believable interaction. Oh yeah, and the sets cracked me up too. One of those movies that IF you finish, the only thing you can say is... "what the hell?"

All Good Things

Both Ryan Gosling AND Kirsten Dunst did good in this film, but that's about as far as the good goes. It seemed to me that the writers had an amazing story to tell but they just wouldn't let the audience in on it.

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

They should have thought of a better name and advertising campain for this movie. This movie is horribly HORRIBLY bad until AFTER that event happens, then it starts turning into a decent movie. It ends up predictible and cliched but ok. However, it feels like they streched the switching event out as long as they possibly could and, as I mentioned, the movie just really sucks until after that event. In all reality, that was not what the movie was about at all. Calling this movie that name and putting up the posters they did is like if they had named the first Star Wars "Two Droids Attacked On A Pieceful Ship" and all the posters only had pictures of R2 and C3PO walking through the ship. While every discription of the movie reads "two unsuspecting droids are suddenly attacked forcing them to make the difficult disicion, do they stay and fight, or take the last escape pod out!"

Morning Glory

Coulda been better, coulda been much worse too. I loved watching Ford and Goldblum but other than that nothing really special.

My Soul to Take

This monster was a cool idea, but the actual monster onscreen was pretty much just a mash-up of all Wes Craven's other monsters. Add to that a pretty sad and confusing script and, that makes this movie not so good. On the bright side, I didn't figure it out till they revealed it, but that might mostly also be because I was trying to just figure out what was going on in the first place.


A good story, but it kinda falls flat in movie form. However, GREAT preformances by Sam Rockwell, Julliette Lewis, Hilary Swank, and Minnie Driver. So if any of them are favorates of yours you'll probably wanna see this one. But like I said, great story, it just didn't utilaize the film format of storytelling to its full, or in my opinion, even half degree.

Lars and the Real Girl

Oh my God. Ryan Gosling has moved up high on my list after this preformance. Even if the movie sucked his preformance alone is worth watching. But provided that the movie was excellent with him on top of it makes this movie a MUST SEE.

Never Let Me Go

Lets put it this way, I watched every second of this movie, and I still have NO IDEA what I watched. This might have had a good story, but that is all completely destroyed by the fact that they don't explain ANYTHING to the watcher. Normally less is better, but in this case it just makes everything that happens make less sense.

Letters To God

Wow, what a great story... flushed thuroughly down the toilet by bad acting, a terrible script, and the worst editing and cutting I've ever seen.

Youth in Revolt

Wow. This movie was just, horribly written.

Christina's House

This movie was badly acted, horribly dialoged, sadly un-witty, predictibly plotted, with a stupid storyline, and absolutely NO scare factor. Did I leave anything out? Actually, I think not. Basically everything this movie tried so hard to do (and you can tell they were REALLY trying) just falls completely on it's face, that's not to say it's worthless though. If you are like me and enjoy every once in a while watching a horrible movie just to laugh at it and wonder how the heck it got made, you would be hard pressed to find a movie worse than "Christina's House". So enjoy the horror... bly done movie.

The Haunting in Connecticut

Well, for a horror movie, at least it had a good storyline that actually made sense. Other than that though, nothing really special.


Wow, this was so much different and so much more interesting than I expected. VERY real.


Maybe if he had marketed this movie as a political agenda movie it would've been different. But since pretty much every frame of this movie was Rodriguez voicing his political opinions, it kinda killed the, sit back and enjoy the cheese kind of vib until the ending scenes. A lot of the action was really original, but also a lot of it he copied from his other movies. Usually Rodriguez does that to great result, but this time it kinda fell flat, almost like he ran out of ideas or something. Not to say there wasn't plenty of original stuff. I guess the movie as a whole just kinda turned out to be only half what he marketed it as and the other half was all him pointing his political agenda in your face.


I gotta say, for a horror/thiller/figure it out movie, this wasn't bad.

Alpha and Omega

This movie wasn't like, REALLY good, but it was totally original and had a lot of good people in it. Ithink this company could do some good stuff, it just seemed like they don't really know what they're doing yet. But pretty decent if you can get past a couple dull moments and a couple completely odd story moments.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

It was Clash Of The Titans Teens. Seriously. The graphics and stuff were really cool, but pretty much EVERY event that happens in this movie, happened in Clash. Plus, plot holes and story points that didn't really make sense.

Pauly Shore Is Dead

A more acurate name for this movie would be 'Pauly Shore Is A Retard'.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Even fast forwarding through the boring pointless parts or the two hours of ships flying at 2 mph didn't make this movie any less boring or make any more sense. Chalk up one more pile of crap for Kubrick. ( I'm still trying to figure out why we needed to see two hours of monkey men in the begining)

Battlefield Earth

For anyone who enjoys bad movies, this is a MUST SEE. So much talent, so little story that makes no sense. There is not one thing about this movie that makes sense once it gets rolling. Kept me laughing anyway.


Visually this movie is amazing, It will keep you on the edge of your seat with it's chilling slow, horrific style. It does however, lack staying power. There are images from the film that stick in my head, but it's like, I'll NEVER need to see it again, and I would have been fine not seeing it the first time. If your looking for something that's just filmed amazingly, this is the movie. But the lack of anything else and the waste, I think, of Willem Dafoe's talent makes the movie not worth the watch at all.

Mega Piranha
Mega Piranha(2010)

Oh my God. It honestly doesn't get any worse than this. The horrible dialoge alone made this movie worth the watch.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

In one fell swoop, it destroyed EVERTHING that was good about the first Saw.


Ok, this started out as a monster movie. It turned into this pshycological right and wrong thing, then back to monster movie. Then it got interesting while still monster. Then it turned really disturbing, not in a monster movie way but in a, what the Hell are the main characters doing kinda way, Then it went back to the right and wrong thing. Then to the end for a really crudy monster movie. Then, as it ended, you say to yourself, Thats a messed up ending, and what the Hell was I just watching. I think the creators got a little confused about what exactly they wanted this movie to be. It's almost like three different people directed a bunch of little pieces of it each.

Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick's "final masterpiece" is just like all his other movies... Boring scenes that last too long, with some hint that he was trying to say something but probably lost it in the midst of filming the pointless nude and sex scenes, but with some intresting unforgettable iconic images. Why do people hail him as one of the best directors ever? I'll never know. Other than SOME of the camera work, Spartacus, and The Shinning, Kubrick is the most over-rated "professional" in any field I know. Bar none.

Disneynature Oceans

First of all, Pierce Brosnan Single handedly ruin this movie with his narrations. They were very annoying, and distratcing when I was paying attention to what was going on onscreen. Which brings me to my next point. Never thought I'd say this... ever, but whoever wrote the script for this documentry did a terrible job. I'm sitting here, watching the movie, waiting for Brosnan to explain what's going on on the screen, and he's freaking talking about Christopher Columbus' voyage to America and satellites. Having said all that, the visuals were AMAZING and I'm sure they were ten times more epic on the big screen, but that brings me to my next problem. It's amazing that they can get that close to the animals, however, they NEVER took a step back,. Therefore, it was hard to tell what you were even looking at half the time. All in all I think it was great stuff, just put together very, VERY poorly. The amazing shots they have somewhat make up for the incomprehensable close ups and the annoying vocie of Brosnan spewing worthless jumbles of nonsense, but over all, those things just pretty much kill it and make it not enjoyable.

Deep Blue Sea

Horrible. It's not even so bad that it becomes funny, it's just bad. It takes itself epicly through the whole movie when in all reality, you really don't care, you just want to see sharks attack. But then, these sharks that they show you take up like half the ocean are suddenly able to manuver through the corridors of the underwater lab.Then, these sharks, that have become SO SMART that they have engineered the entire escipade to escape, after being 2 seconds from freedom, are lured away by a little blood to their ultimate demise. I could understand if the movie was trying to be funny, but it didn't allow itself to be funny and just became non sensical. The only fun part was after Sam Jackson's big speech. And LL Cool J as the comic relief, he was just trying WAY too hard to be funny, which again, just made it boring instead of funny. I really wanted to enjoy the obcenity of the movie, but in the end it was all too forced to make it funny in any way, instead just making it more and more ridiculas and boring.

Me and Orson Welles

This movie shocked me with how good it was. Not only was Zac Efron REALLY good in this movie, Christian McKay did a flawless job as Orson Welles and the story was great. Very well done all around.

The Deer Hunter

The story and actors were REALLY good, However, the way they filmed it made it both hard to watch and almost impossible to follow. Dissappionting that they couldn't do this story better, especially with such great actors.