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Wah-Wah (2006)
6 years ago via Flixster

One Word AMAZING MOVIE Wait Fuck Two Words Amazing Movie No More Caps Lock.This movie was great it was like one of those movies thats based in the a Different Time so your Like Um Maybe But let me say i said the exact same thing,I Was Wrong It Was amazing they in Throw Modern Sex,Fucks,And Crazy Bitches in this movie and at the end you still cry.I loved The Cast Again Still I Didn't Like Woolgar Never Heard Of Her But She Acted Amazing But I Dont Like Her.But Loved Nicholas or To Be Professional ill Say his Last Name I Loved Hoult and Watson. So It Was A Weird Movie I Didn't Know Exactly what it was About For A Bit And I Still Dont See a Big Moral or Point But Unlike Lost It Had A Small Point(No Affence Lost Fans I Watched All 6 Seasons Too),I Swear I Have OOO LOOK A BIRD Off Topic Sorry.I Loved This Movie Because It Had Everything For a Good Enjoyable Movie.So Dont Be a Hater And Watch This Movie
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A Single Man
A Single Man (2009)
6 years ago via Flixster

So Very Weird Movie i liked it but its a boring movie it was amazing and had a great point.Very confusing for me anyway it was a movie that its like its been like 2 hours why is it so long and than you find out its not even a 2 hour movie.But still I Loved They Cast Colin Firth Was Great But his character is weird i know that's the point of the movie but i thought they might pull a Steven King But No Its Not Like That and I NEVER Want To See Nicholas Hoult Do Any more movies like this i want him to play wild teenagers not Good Pot Smoking Collage Student.And i love that the guy is Gay it gives a movie like this a kind of kick.So In Conclusion Any and Every Movie Is Worth Watching So This one is Too So you Know Go Watch it.