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V for Vendetta
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

V for Vendetta- 4/5

The Idea of someone like the Protagonist ''V'' itself is quite influencial, so it's not much of a surprise that '' V for Vendetta'' ends up being a very thought-provoking yet inspiring movie which is bound to be beloved by many due to its influencial nature. James McTeigue's ''V for Vendetta' is like a revolutionary act inside a film which attaches you to it with its entertaining and clever manner of display which is aided by some solid performances, an amazing and bold script which is thought-provoking yet inspiring and a solid presentation of this script by James McTeigue who with his own way of direction has made an inspiring tale of a rebellious character who will remain close to the heart's of many -a lovers of this amazing film.

The story which is based on a DC Comics created comic by David Lloyd named ''V''(Hugo Weaving), a rebellious mysterious man who saves Evey( Natalie Portman) from some ''fingermen' and then creates havocs around the political side of London by destroying a building symbolizing the rule of Chancellor(John Hurt) and then presenting himself to the public in live television and stating that if in exact 1 year they help him, he will put an end to this oppression. This makes the police and every federal officer look for his arrest and he now has to save Evey from them, by which he takes her to his home and takes care of her for a few days until she escapes back to London, and she goes through some gruelsome time in which she is no longer with any fear. Now as the day comes closer, Evey must make her decision on what to do with this mysterious ''V''. The Wachowski brothers have written the screenplay for this movie, and I must say that they have in turn created a really thought-provoking yet interesting script and some irresistible and clever dialogues which in turn resulted into this inspiring movie, so all credits goes to them for making it easier for the director to present this to its maximum.

The Protagonist of this movie ''V'' is presented by Hugo Weaving who had a tough job ahead of him because he has to maintain the same costume throughout the film, but with his charm he presented the mysterious yet stylish V superbly and delivered his dialogues perfectly which was one of the best things about the film. Natalie Portmans character Evey in this film for me was of two different halves, the first one being a scared yet inquisitive one and the latter one being a woman who has no fear whatsoever, and I liked the latter much better, and on an overall basis she really did a great job supporting Weaving in the film. The Chemistry between Weaving and Portman's characters in this film is really well shown by both and the way they build together really fits into well with the film. But the actor I loved the most in this film was the evil and oppression-hungry Chancellor portrayed by the ever-brilliant John Hurt who by only talking through a TV screen throughout the film sends out his impression to the audience in the most menacing and evil manners. Stephen Fry also contributed quitewell to this movie by bringing in the witty comedic relief to this movie and doing what he does best, which is making the audience laugh with his witty charm. The whole cast consisted mostly of British actors have done a really good job in portraying their roles in this.

Director James McTeigue took on a really unique yet promising script from the Wachowski brothers and in turn he utilized that script to its maximum by creating this piece of work which is bound to be beloved by all kinds of audience because of its inspiring nature of presentation. He puts the lime-light on V right from the first scene and almost absorbs the audience more into the world of V as the movie progresses and his rebellious acts and stylish assassinations only make it better. His presentation of Evey is really clever as well and the chemistry between Evey and V in this film is shown really well and how they develop together, and all this is done without any melo-drama into it. And then there is the thought-provoking manner which he added to the film in how the polticians develop and react to the ''Terrorist'' V and his presentation of how V changes the aspects of the people in the city and inspires them to become free is almost inspiration as well as quite thought-provoking. The Visual and technical aspects of the film were really superb as well especially the former one which was really cleverly detailed during the times where some of the past is shown as well as V's fights with innumerous officials throughout the film and by adding classical music in sequences where monumental buildings blow up in pieces was a touch of real genius. James McTeigue has really done a sublime job handling this film and in turn has made a really inspiring and entertaining movie which is bound to be beloved by many.

The Cinematography of this movie was really superb in probably every aspect of the film. Some of the sequences showed London in a breath-taking kind of manner and the sequences where V was fighting and showing his style of fighting was covered really well, and the ending sequence especially was really superbly done by Cinematographer Adrian Biddle who's exceptional work has really helped the visual effects part of the film. The Visual effects team also has done a really impressive job with the visual effects of the film, and some of the sequences are visually stunning which keep this movie entertaining and exciting to watch and helps with its thought-provoking and inspiring manner. The Costume design for ''V'' was really impressive as well and it has now become very popular amongst fans of the film and the costume design team did a really great job with that.

The Background Music of this movie was very influencial on the sequences, especially the sequences In which the London crowd and V rebelled against the dictatorial government, Music Director Dario Marianelli created an atmosphere of revolution with his hard-hitting music of drums, and his usage of other master-pieces such as western classical music during the destruction of monumental buildings was really impressive and ingenious stuff, so he does deserve a lot of credit for creating an atmosphere of influence in the film.

With this James McTeigue has made a film which can be very infleuncial for the audience of this generation and with its lime-light being on an unique yet stylish protagonist trying to achieve something which is quite rebellious and inspirational, V For Vendetta is bound to be beloved by many due to its influencial nature and a mysterious yet charmful protagonist who is almost realistic and trying to achieve a cause in which many a people can relate to.

Fast & Furious 6
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Fast & Furious 6- 3.5/5

Justin Lin's sixth installment of the ''Fast and the Furious'' franchise returns in an exhilarating, fast-paced and action packed presentation of Dom Toretto and his gang returning with there flashy cars and high technology equipments to take down some new bad guys on the street. Fast 6 boasts with a really good ensemble performance from the action starred cast who have done there roles very well, a really great and engaging script which is build up really well and it contains some parts of the previous parts in it which really helps with the unique and entertaining manner to it which is really nice apart from some ridiculous and over the top sequences in it, and some really great and fast-paced direction by Justin Lin who has made a really successful and action packed return to the fast and the furious franchise and in turn has made a film which is entertaining for fans of the franchise as well as people looking for 2 hours of entertainment.

The Story is written by Chris Morgan and it starts off right where it left off in the 5th part, where they all stole a lot of money and became millionaires and went into there own ways. It starts off with showing them with there families, until Dom Toretto( Vin Diesel) gets a visit one day from Cop Hobbs( Dwayne Johnson) where Hobbs explains that if Toretto and his crew helps him catch the dangerous criminal gang lead by Shaw( Luke Evans), then they get pardon for there crimes and are free forever. Now trying to catch this dangerous gang of members who are a level above Dom's gang, they discover that Letty( Michelle Rodriguez) who had supposedly died in the previous parts, is alive and is working with Shaw. Now they must make the difficult and dangerous decision of taking out Shaw and his members, while also saving Letty from getting arrested with them, which turns out to be a dangerous encounter.

The Acting Cast is quite the same from the previous encounters, as most of the previous movies revolves around these set of characters only, and the actors in this movie are mostly action-hero's of sorts, which is quite perfect for this kind of a movie and Lin made sure that the actors returned the same way they left off in the last part. Vin Diesel returns as the main protagonist Dom Toretto, and he returns in that same intense attitude seen in the previous parts with some really exciting action-sequences and nice dialogues. Dwayne Johnson for me was the star of the show in this one as the loud-mouth egostical cop Hobbs and while he was mostly all muscle, his dialogues and attitude was really nicely shown. Luke Evans also did a really nice job as the highly intelligent villain Shaw, who is the leader of a dangerous criminal group and he did his job quite well and made sure that he brought that 'villain factor' to himself. The Actors in this movie may not be the most technically gifted, but they fit in really well with the characters and hence present them perfectly.

Justin Lin returns with another installment to this entertaining ''Fast and the Furious'' series with Fast & Furious 6, and he picked up right from where he left off in the previous part, and continued this in a fast and entertaining manner which is extremely pleasing for fans of the franchise and really entertaining for movie lovers. He again managed his actors really well with there acting, dialogues and stunt sequences also which he showed in an exhilarating fashion and made sure that the stunts looked as convincing and real as possible. He utilized the script really well, showing glimpses of earlier parts as well and bringing in old and familiar characters and made the film in a fast-paced manner in which the audience cant get off the seat until the final minute and are guaranteed for entertainment and action-packed sequences throughout the film which is really what is expected of this, and even though some of the scenes are a bit over the top and preposterous and the film is a bit predictable, the technical and visual effects along with the action- sequences and building up of the film makes sure that audience will come more for latter parts and Fast & Furious 6 is a successful return for Lin which makes it one of the better movies of this summer.

The Story and Screenplay written by Chris Morgan is really well shaped and the way he has written the script for the movie makes it easier for the Director to create the action-sequences in the manner he wants to, and the way Morgan has tried to put parts of all the previous parts in this movie is really well presented. The Screenplay is really good too with some really nice dialogues by the cast which is delivered superbly and the story and screenplay in this movie is actually quite good which prevents it from being a lackluster, all-action type of a film which relies on only action and no story.

The Cinematography in this movie is really dazzling and breath-taking at times, the action-sequences captured through the camera-work of cinematographer Stephen F.Windon is really amazing and the cinematography in this movie really helped the director to show-case the bombastic action sequences with such ease and in such an exhilarating way. The Visual and technical effects in this movie is really amazing as well, the action-sequences in the movie are really complimented well with these visual and technical effects and the technical team has done a really good job in making sure that the movie is entertaining and technical sound as well. The Action-sequences in this film were really the hero of this film and a crucial part which kept the film fast and entertaining throughout the course of the film, so the stunt-men should be appreciated for attempting and perfecting such dangerous action-sequences so that the audience can really enjoy the movie to the fullest.

The Background Music in this film mostly consists of modern rap/hip-hop songs which are quite suitable for the scenes and really bring a bit more to the sequences with those flashy cars. Even the intense and fast-paced music used throughout the action-sequences or the chase sequences are really well synchronized with the scenes and really creates the tone for the exhilarating atmosphere and music director Lucas Vidal has really given some entertaining music to compliment well with the fast-paced sequences.

Fast & Furious 6 is a successful return for the ''Fast And The Furious'' franchise with its fast-paced and entertaining manner which is guaranteed to be a delight for the fans of the franchise and a really entertaining movie filled with great action-sequences for movie lovers, and Justin Lin has made sure that people are still interested in this long franchise and continue to want for more films from the ''Fast and the Furious'' franchise.

The Departed
The Departed (2006)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Departed - 4.5/5

Martin Scorsese's Oscar Winning Masterpiece ''The Departed'' is an enthralling, engaging and unpredictable showing the lives of two undercover ''rats'' and how they grow into entirely different human beings by working with evil and good, and ''The Departed'' boasts of a really amazing ensemble cast who have presented their respective characters to the best regardless of how high/low importance it is to the film, a really hard-hitting and powerful story which has the influence of realism and unpredictability to it and it really keeps you gripped and tensed throughout the course of the film , and some really perfect direction by Martin Scorsese, who by perfecting his choosing of the cast and crew and quite perfectly presenting the story in an intense and gripping manner has made a film which is vintage Scorsese written all over it and is quite surely one of his best works as well as one of the bests of the decade.

The Story written by William Monahan is showing the modern- day Boston mean street's, and starts off with two young police-trainee's Billy( Leo DiCaprio) and Colin( Matt Damon) trying to get into the police department and how Colin who's almost a god-son of wanted Mafia boss Frank Costello( Jack Nicholson) gets into the department whereas Billy with a notorious background doesn't, but manages to get a job as an undercover agent for them. As The story unravels, Billy gets into the gang of Costello and spy's on him and sends undercover intelligence to his boss Captain Queenen( Martin Sheen), while Colin saves Costello from getting caught by helping him out of tough situations. Now after the death of Captain Queenen, Billy decides to finally find out who the undercover ''rat'' is, while Colin has other plans on his mind.

The Cast in ''The Departed'' is a really star-studded one filled with multi-talented stars, both consisting of inexperienced and highly experienced actors and the way Scorsese picked and managed this acting cast and pushed them to deliver their best is really amazing, which shows as the actors have perfected nearly each role in the movie. Leonardo Di Caprio as many know, is a favourite actor for Scorsese and is given many lead roles in his films, and he doesn't disappoint in ''The Departed'' either, as he portrays his mentally distraught and undercover cop Billy Costigan superbly and his style of acting in the film with some really nice dialogues makes this another successful film for him in terms of his acting. Matt Damon probably wasn't as good as his counter-part but did a successful job nonetheless as the ambitious and foxy undercover ''rat'' for Costello and although he is a bit repetitive and poker-faced at times, his personality and style of acting is quite perfect for the role. With no disrespect to these actors, but Jack Nicholson quite simply steals the show in the film as the dirty savage Frank Costello who is that kind of a mafia who thinks he can never get caught regardless of what he does and Nicholson is known well for his presentation of villains, and he maintained that sky high standard in the film by perfectly presenting the dirty Costello and he adapted so well, that you almost find the urge to kill him right there . Mark Wahlberg wasn't exactly in a lead or even supporting role of sorts, and had very little screen time, but his presentation of a foul mouthed ''bad cop'' looking to arrest Costello is almost perfect for his character, it's almost that he's made for this kind of a role and he duely delivered by giving a really vicious performance of a bad cop everybody loves. Everybody in the film did there respective roles quite perfectly and special mentions to Alec Baldwin, Vera Farmiga for supporting these leads brilliantly.

Before watching this one, I had recently fallen in love with Paul Thomas Anderson so much that I in a guilty manner was doubting why Scorsese was my favourite director, but my faith to him was restored by this masterpiece and everything I love about him was presented superbly in the movie. The way Scorsese managed his whole crew in the movie and presented the movie in such a vicious yet subtle way with a nature of unpredictability and realism to it are the exact things I love about Scorsese and his films. His choosing of the cast for such a movie with complex and different characters is really amazing, as because he chose experienced as well as a bit inexperienced actors and made them present their characters perfectly, and even the supporting characters in the movie really gain your attention and the job he's done with these actors is really remarkable. He made sure that the technical aspects of the movie were spot on as well( although for this kind of a movie, visual effects and such aren't really needed), and his brilliant choice and taste of music is shown yet again in the movie as he uses some classic songs as well as some modern one's and he keeps the audience glued to the screen throughout the film. He used the script really well to create an unpredictable and dark nature to it, and the way he unravels the script and grows the characters perfectly is really remarkable, he really used all his experience of making crime related movies to this and in turn made one of his bests. Although I thought he was criminally under-appreciated before ''The Departed's'' release, he finally got the Oscar he deserved and cemented his place as one of the best directors of all time.

The story written by William Monahan is a quite perfect yet realistic presentation of the lives of these two young trainee's and how they develop to something much more than that and ''The Departed'' has shown the mafia scene in such a realistic and vicious manner with the characters almost feeling like real-live characters. The Dialogues are quite great as well, as it mostly consists of the perfect way of how the Cop's and mafia men would've talked and the dialogues of especially Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg were the most appealing and entertaining for me and these characters are build very well through the dialogues in the movie as the dialogues almost present what the character is. Monahan deserves a lot of appreciation for writing both the story and dialogues and in return making one of the best crime/drama scripts which has been duely perfected by Scorsese.

The Cinematography in the movie is quite spot on as well and the city of Boston is really shown well, showing the mean streets as well as the clean office of the police, and the cinematography throughout the film and especially during the action of face/off scenes were really good and kept the audience thrilled and glued to the tv screen, so cinematographer Michael Ballhaus also deserves a lot of credit for his work in the film. The Technical aspects of the film such as Art Direction and Costume Design was spot on as well, and Scorsese made sure that these so called ''little things'' are perfect as well and chose the best for them as well. The Film editing is really top notch as well because the film never seems to get slow of sorts and the editing was brilliant by Thelma Schoonmaker, because regardless of the film being more than 2 hours, it still keeps the audience wanting for more.

The Background music in the film is sometimes quite loud and bombastic but they perfectly set in with the intense of the sequences and they are smoothing at the same time, and the different type of music and songs used in the film really keeps up the pacy momentum of the film and the songs really add to the brilliance of the sequences and every song which is played in the sequences has some symbolism with the whats going on in the sequences and Scorsese has picked a Music Director who resembles his taste for fine music and music director Howard Shore has delivered some sublime music as well as some really addictive songs in the movie which excels it even more.

Martin Scorsese has once again proved why he is so reknowned for his brilliant presentation of crime movies and in ''The Departed'' he has made an enthralling and powerful film about the dirty side of Boston with a nature of realism and uniqueness to it and he has made his cast and crew give it there all and in turn he has given us what is one of his personal bests and one of the bests of the last decade and he once again proves why he is one of the best directors of his generation and why he'll always remain so beloved by his fans.

The Master
The Master (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest work '' The Master'' is an interesting, subtle yet hard-hitting presentation of some really unpredictable and ever-changing characters which led to an ever-changing nature of emotions in the film and it's a simple but mind-boggling film perfected by some amazing performances(namely from Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman) from the cast, a brilliant screenplay and dialogues which have presented these complex characters to the fullest and some admirable work from writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, who after making a film 5 years after his master-piece ''There Will be Blood'' has made a powerful presentation of the evil and different complexities of the human mind which is another jewel to his throne of amazing and realistic movies.

The Story of the movie which is written by Paul Thomas Anderson himself, starts off by showing a mentally disturbed ex soldier Freddie Quell trying to find a suitable job for himself, but in the path to it he rages out of a job as a photographer, then after some running and days without any home or money, he lands up in a ship owned by Lancaster Dodd(Philip Seymour Hoffman) who offers to keep him and offers him to make some kind of special alcohol for Dodd. But After discovering this mean-streak and the mental condition of Quell, he decides to use his infamous ''processing'' on Quell, an attempt to make him a sane man. During this time he tries a lot of different things of Quell, also getting help from his wife Peggy( Amy Adams) and also his son-in law Clark( Rami Malek) at some points. But after long periods of treatment, that rage streak in Quell is shown a lot of times and Quell even goes away for a while to return to his long-lost love Doris.

The Acting Cast chosen for ''The Master'' is quite a clever one, as it boasts of some brilliant and experienced actors, as well as giving chances to inexperience actors to fill in for the cameo's. Joaquin Phoenix mostly gets the supporting roles in the movie's I've seen of him, and although he sometimes excels at his roles more than the leading actors, he isn't appreciated for his lack of Lead roles. His character in ''The Master'' is definitely the lead of the film, and he truly excels in this bold and difficult role, presenting the character to perfection. His unpredictable behavior in this movie is brilliantly presented and Phoenix again shows his ability to portray sick and mentally disturbed characters to perfection. I think Phoenix deserved some awards for his role in the movie, as it is a bold and difficult one to portray and he has done it with such ease and viciousness. Philip Seymour Hoffman made it difficult for the viewer on whom to appreciate more in his presentation of Master or Lancaster Dodd who is a know-it all and makes Quell his latest experiment at greatness, while also treating him very well, and his glamour of a rich, intelligent man with times of rage is shown amazingly, and Hoffman yet again mesmerizes with his amazing ability to act. The Chemistry of Hoffman and Phoenix as well as the sequences of them facing off with each other are really brilliantly shown, both Hoffman and Phoenix made an amazing chemistry which made the film so realistic. Amy Adams is the female support in this film, and she presents an ambitious and power hungry wife of Lancaster as good as it could have been and really gave good support and competition to the lead actors. The Rest of the cast have also done there supporting roles and cameo's brilliantly and Anderson has made sure that his cast once again shines in his films.

There Will Be Blood for me still remains as one of the best movies of the last decade, and every time I watch it I am mesmerized by how good it is in all parts. So I was anticipating a good return for Anderson through ''The Master'' and I wasn't disappointed, as The Master amazed me with its simple yet hard-hitting nature, and the unpredictability of both the movie and the characters is really a high point of this movie. The way Anderson presents his characters so admirably that you find it difficult to call him a protagonist or an antagonist, his characters usually aren't what one would say a ''hero'' nor are they a complete ''villain'', for me they are presentation of the common man and his addition of realism to his movies are the reason why they are so good for movie-lovers. The way he shapes his characters and builds them is really admirable, and he keeps his audience glued to the screen with the unpredictability and ever-changing atmosphere in ''The Master'' and his handling of his actors also resulted in brilliant performances from them. Paul Thomas Anderson has yet again added a jewel to his crown of amazing movies and his presentation of the Drama ''The Master'' is simple yet hard-hitting and boasts of some amazing performences and a brilliant and realistic screenplay and another success for Paul Thomas Anderson.

The Speciality and innumerous talent of Paul Thomas Anderson is yet again shown here, as he also wrote the script and screenplay for ''The Master'' which hugely helped him in making the movie perfectly and presenting it in the perfect way. The Screenplay is brilliant, as it boasts of some really witty dialogues, especially from Hoffman and the way he wrote the dialogues depending on the and emotion of the characters is brilliant and the characters are build up and presented in a perfect way as well, as you can almost relate it to someone real and the way he has written the script and dialogues makes the movie quite realistic as well. The Unpredictability of the characters is also really well written in the script and that was a high point for the movie.

The Technical aspects of the film is quite perfect for the era shown, which is the 1950's. The Cinematography in the movie is of top class, and especially the lighting maintained throughout the movie was really impressive, and the sequences are really well covered and perfectly captured as well and he showed the post-war America perfectly, so cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr did a brilliant job with the camera-work of ''The Master'' and all credits goes to him for his contribution in ''The Master''. The Art Direction of the movie is also as good as It can get, as the post-war America, namely New York and Philadelphia are shown superbly and the art direction team has done a really good job as well. The Costume Design is also perfect for the year shown and the technical aspects of ''The Master'' is definitely as good as it can get and Paul Thomas Anderson ensured that even the little aspects of his films remained admirable.

The Background Music of ''The Master'' is yet another mesmerizing part of the movie, as the background music maintained throughout the course of the music really sets the tone for the intense sequences, as well as for the entertaining one's. The different kinds of music used in the movie is really admirable and really pleasing for the ear's, and especially that music in the starting of the film was really amazing for me, and music director Johnny Greenwood does yet another amazing job for giving music for an Anderson film and he shows why Anderson put his faith in him.

Paul Thomas Anderson's '' The Master'' may have been a bit confusing at times, and it may not be suitable for people, and many may not even like it, but for an Anderson fan like me, it was yet another brilliant, simple and realistic Paul Thomas Anderson movie with yet another set of brilliant characters hard to deem as hero or a villain, and in ''The Master'' Paul Thomas Anderson makes one of the best movies of 2012 and returns with yet another jewel to his crown of brilliant movies.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest- 10/10

Now I've seen some really dangerous on-screen battles in movies, but the one in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest between Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher is absolutely amazing, iconic, lethal and you keep on wondering what is going to happen to happen next, and both of them do their acting in such a subtle but affective way that the audience is everwanting to know whats gonna happen next. Cuckoo's nest is thought-provoking, absorbing, disturbing and heart-breaking at the same and consists of scenes which are so good and wonderful that you are kept awed throughout the movie, regardless of it being mostly inside 1 prison. Cuckoo's Nest boasts of some amazing performences from a formidable cast(specially Nicholson and Fletcher) of which each and every one has done a memorable job, a really unique and realistic script which is basically of a good vs evil nature of how rebellion can either go right or wrong and some perfect presentation by Milos Forman who has handled his cast and staff perfectly and implemented a difficult story perfectly to make what may be one of the all time great dramatic movies which has a hint of black comedy at times, and which keeps you awed throughout the movie because of its overall brilliance.

The Story which is based upon the novel written by Ken Kesey is about an eccentric, careless rebellion R.P McMurphy( Jack Nicholson) who is admitted in a mental institution run by a dictatorial Nurse Ratchet(Louise Fletcher) due to some mental sickness reported by his office. Upon admitttance to it, he finds out the real state of the insitution where everyone in it is extremely eccentric in their own different ways and tries to make them stand up to their feet and not withstand the dictatorial rule of Ratchet. In Doing so he makes a lot of friends namely in an eccentric guy named Martini( Danny DeVito) who still acts likes a kid, Cheswick( Sydney Lassick) who has a habit of getting hyperexcited in many situations, Billy( Brad Dourif) who is stuttering young man with a mental sickness and Chief( Will Sampson) who is a deaf and dumb red-indian who later turns out to be his partner in crime. After doing his best in trying to make themselves stand up for each other, he tries to break out of jail one day with Chief and things go from good to bad in no time. The Ending of the movie is extremely anti-climax( one of the rarest anti-climax's i've ever seen) and really hits you like a pipebomb.

Cuckoo's nest probably has one of the best ensemble cast i've ever seen in movies, and although the lead actor may be Nicholson and the actress may be Fletcher, the others have done their side-roles to a superb extent as well and this each and every lunatic in this movie will be memorable for their performence in Cuckoo's nest. Well, Nicholson again shows us why he is considered as one of the best actors of all time by giving what may be his best performence ever and one of the greatest portrayels of a fictional character in the history of movies. He Portrays R.P McMurphy who is careless, eccentric and rebellious and right from entering the institution he makes a mark,he's there in every scene and has done every scene perfectly, starting from Self-Radio to The final scene, in every one his dialogues are delivered perfectly and his laugh and face expression are one of the most eccentric and unique ever. He Definitely deserves his Oscar for this one, he's portrayed a difficult character flawlessly and he became the character to make him look easy to portray. Louise Fisher is the only female in this movie with a subsequent ''lead role'' in Nurse Mildred Ratchet, who is the head nurse of the mental institution and is almost like a dictator towards the mental patients. She plays the villain here and through some single expressions and a soft evil voice she does it so brilliantly that you want her to die or get killed by McMurphy. Her and Nicholson's on-screen battle is one of the most iconic battles between good and evil and with these two facing off with each other and the supporting cast doing their absolute best, you almost wonder whom to follow. The rest of the supporting cast which mainly consist of mental patients have done their jobs perfectly, although i thought Danny DeVito portraying the eccentric,kid-like Martini did a great job and the role suited him, and same goes with Sydney Lassick for portraying the hyper-excited and mentally unstable Cheswick did their jobs especially well to make a name for themselves in the movie business. All in all, each and everyone in the cast did their roles to the maximum and you cant choose out a bad one, in the scene's its confusing on whom to concentrate on.

Now One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest may be entertaining and even funny at times, but in no way is the story either entertaining nor funny, it is one of the most difficult, harshly realstic, thought-provoking story to succesfully portray in a movie, and considering the scene's, one has to remain in awe of how hard Milos Forman had to work in order to make a movie such of the brilliance of One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest. He has taken an extremely difficult story and presented it with such ease that you just wonder how he did it. He chose his cast which was extremely vital to the movie absolutely perfectly, and made each and everyone of them act according to what his expectations were. Some of the Scene's are so loud and disturbing at times, but at the same time keeps you awestruck because of its overall brilliance and involves so many actors giving it their all at one go, Forman had to manage each and everyone to do their own jobs perfectly in order for the sequences to be absolutely perfect. And his presentation of the subtle yet dangerous on-screen battle of McMurphy and Ratchet is one of the best on-screen battles presented in a movie and on top of that an unexpected anti-climax which rattles the audience and this battle is the key for this movie becoming so amazing is done perfectly. On Top of the brilliant acting and great dialogues, the background music and cinematography is spot on as well and Forman made sure he chose the absolute best for all the deparments for this movie which was the stepping stone of his glorious career. Forman has made one of the most disturbing, absorbing, harshly realistic dramatic movies of all time in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest and he himself also deserved his Oscar for making one of the real gems of all time which keeps you awestruck at every moment.

The Screenplay which is written by Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman is very well derived from the story and some of the dialogues are splendid and all these brilliant dialogues which are delivered together perfectly by the actors keep you awestruck throughout the movie, and its especially good because the dialogues are harshly realistic and keeps you wondering about them even after you've finished watching the movie, about how realistic the story really was, the screenplay really backed up the super story brilliantly and the screenwriters also have adapted the story superbly from the novel, and Cuckoo's nest probably deserves the first 5 mainstream Oscar's it won.

The Cinematography is superb mainly because most of the scene's are inside 1 institution only and the scene's which are outside are so beautiful that you cant resist the beauty of the nature area's which are shown in the movie. The Sequences which are shown inside the institution are also capture superbly through some great camera-work and lighting and cinematographer Haskell Wexler also deserves the appreciation of the audience due to his great contribution in making this movie perfect. Even The Art Direction is quite great, because the institution shown is quite unique from other institutions or prisons shown in other movies and the art direction team also deserves their share of appreciation.

The Background Music is almost like magical at parts in this movie and some of the red-indian music which are in the movie are so beautifully synchronised with the sequences that you are bound to get awed by the amazing presentation of the movie and the background music specially in the last parts is particularly emotional and the music along with the ending scene's are bound to make you emotional. The Classical music which was played in the movie was quite beautiful too although it annoyed the characters in the movie. The Music director deserves his credit as well for giving such beautiful music throughout this tense movie.

One Flew Over The Cukoo's nest remains as the best thought-provoking, iconic and harshly realistic drama movie i've seen and Cuckoo's nest is in a league of its own, because a movie like it wont ever be made again. Cuckoo's nest also boasts of an on-screen battle which is extremely subtle and lethal at the same time and due to the flawless acting by Nicholson and super villlain role of Fletcher, Cuckoo's nest proves that it deserves all the accolades it got and director Milos Forman has made one of the real gems of all times which is bound to stay in the history books forever in the world of movies.