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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Visceral, disgusting, eery, thrilling as shit, while being very simple yet effective. There's none of that torture porn crap you might expect, (had to take a shot at these recent remakes) but the horror is achieved less cheaply through the camera work the characters and the atmosphere. Pay attention to the script in the earlier act of the film about bovine slaughter houses and sledge hammers. That pays of horribly well.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yeah, probably my favorite animated movie. This is a complete delight, Wes Anderson expands his mediums while retaining his stylistics. Anderson has never been a cookie cutter or assembly line director, he has kept his esoteric style and humor beginning with his first gem Bottle Rocket. He is aquatinted with co-writer Noah Baumbach who co-wrote The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and afterward directed The Squid and the Whale. And in Fantastic Mr. Fox Anderson's style is emulated and even made better by the stop-motion animation. The tale follows Mr. Fox, (Clooney) a professional chicken and squab -whatever that is- thief who continuously goes on runs with his wife Felicity (Streep). On one occasion they are both trapped in a fox trap and Felicity reveals she is pregnant, and demands that Mr. Fox promises her to give up his current profession if they escape so they can settle down. Mr. Fox does settle down with his family, but the urge to get back to his old ways progresses then eventually spills over, and thats when the 'cluster-cuss' begins.
The movie is less successful at being a children's movie, but is very successful at being a crowd pleaser. The humor could be too high brow for some kids, but they will be entertained by the vivid imagery and the ambient characters. Adults would most likely enjoy the wit and charm in the writing as well a the performances by the voice actors. A higher admiration can be held for the amazingly detailed and unique set pieces and stop-motion.
The usual Anderson suspects are here as well and they serve to season the Anderson flavor and put distinction into their characters. Jason Shwartzman voices Ash, Mr. Foxes son who is inept at sports and puts all his effort into becoming an athlete, while competing in the spotlight with his cousin Kristofferson (Eric Anderson) for his fathers attention. Shwartzman infuses the 'snarkyness' and quirky wit that made his character from Anderson's Rushmore so appealing. This movie is a interwoven gem through out and it's rare to see movies like these anymore as stop-motion is a rarely directed medium.
Yep, High fives all around Mr. Anderson and Mr. Baumbach.

American Hustle
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Call it style over substance. The acting is some of the best you'll see this year especially with Lawrence and Bale. Both displaying rich emotion and the good 'ol versatility. But, much of that carries the film, not the convoluted and worst of all forgettable narrative. The lack of drama made it hard for me to care, while Mr. Director got a little too enamored with the time period and stretched a 100 min plot into over two hours.
Pretty good. Not great.