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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot(2000)

Billy Elliot Directed by Stephen Daldry.
Starring:Jamie Bell, Julie Walters
This British Drama Film is one of the best British movies ever made.Starting in an imaginary town,The Whole story revolves around the character Billy Elliot.His Dream of becoming a ballet dancer.The Story is really inspirational and thought provoking.The characters in the movie are real and can be easily related in one's lives.Stephen Daltry had done an amazing job as a directer.The Screenplay of the movie is well written.The main credit of the movie should go to Jamie Bell.His acting in the movie exceptional,one of the best child performances one can ever see.He acting kept the movie all alive.Julie Walters also did a splendid job.The biggest plus for the movie is it's soundtracks.The positives of the movie are direction,the story ,Jamie Bell's acting.Finally this movie is feelgood,sensitive,dramatic, hearttouching,emotional,inspirational,Hilarious,Funny,Musical and a true underdog story.