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The Town

The Town(2010)

The Town -Directed by:Ben Affleck
Starring Ben Affleck,Rebecca Hall,Jon Hamm,Jeremy Renner.
This American Crime Film is starred,Co Written & Directed by Ben Affleck.First of all the whole credit of the movie should go to Affleck.He once again Proved himself as a Directer after Gone baby Gone.The movie was neatly Directed by him.The Story was Written perfectly and screenplay was Great.Background Score was really good it helps you in holding the grip of the plot.Next a lot of appreciation should go to the acting in this movie,lot of great acting was involved including Ben himself.The positive points in the movie are the way the story goes,the narration,the action sequences ,acting.As most of the movies are mostly action sequence dependent,this movie is more of character driven which was the best part.Though having the shadows of other old movies still this movie is quite an original.This movie is a well Executed one.Finally this movie is Clever,intense,refreshing,intelligent,gripping,Perfect casting and a Must watch.