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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Unstoppable Directed:Tony Scott
Starring:Denzel Washington, Chris Pine ,Rosario Dawson.
This American Thriller movie was based on true events which happened way back in 2001,Ohio.The actual story Revolves around two men Frank(Denzel Washington) and Will(Chris Pine),their Desperation for stopping an unmanned train containing toxic material.Though the plot looks Heroic,still it lacks in the movie in terms of characters.Both the leads did a Decent job in the movie,though this movie didn't have that much scope for acting.Secondly the Direction did by Tony scott is very basic and few of his takings were cheap and routine .The positive points are the movie holds the intensity throughout and your heart thumps through the whole movie.sticking to the basics the directer did a decent and he was successful in maintaining the pace.Overall this movie is fun to watch ,thrilling and as said by many "A Perfect Pop Corn Movie"