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Winter's Bone

Winter's Bone(2010)

Winter's Bone Directed by:Debra Granik
Starring:Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes.
This Drama Film show a clean and clear picture of how a character goes.Starting with Ree Dolly(Jennifer Lawrence) a 17 year old girl Desperately need to find his father in order to save her family from loosing their home.First of all the Credit should go to the Director Debra Granik.This movie is her best work till date,she seriously took the film to the next level.Her effort in dealing with the story is amazing.Secondly the major credit of the movie should go to the lead Jennifer Lawrence.Terrific and stunning performance by her.Even character in the movie was given full justice by the respective actors.This movie seriously portrays the lower lives of the people and their desperation for survival in life.The positive points for this movie are brilliant direction ,Superb Performances,Simple yet mysterious plot.Finally this movie is of slow pace,Great Performance and worth watching.