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Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

Dirty Harry Directed By:Don Siegel
Starring :Clint Eastwood, Andrew Robinson
This Crime/Thriller movie Made it's Mark in history By Producing one of the greatest character's in movies.Harry Callahan Played by Clint Eastwood is one of the finest movie characters one can ever see.Written and Directed by Don Siegel,This movie made a huge impact in the audience .The Story takes place in San Francisco,a Serial killer named Scorpio cut's loose and kills random people with sniper.
Inspector Harry Callahan, who is called 'Dirty Harry' Solves the case in his own style.Major credit should go to the writers for creating an iconic Character and Clint Eastwood for doing the justice for that role.Background score was nice.Direction was good.The added advantage of this movie is the clever and thrilling story it got.Also this movie has many famous punch lines.Rest of the characters in the movie are pretty good.Finally this movie produced one of the most cherished,greatest,Iconic,Brilliant Characters of all time

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon Direction:Dean DeBlois,Chris Sanders
Starring:Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler ,Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.
This Animation Fantasy Film is Produced by Dream-works.I Said Dream-works Because i Mistook it for Pixar as Pixar Delivers the Greatest animation movies.But This Dream-works Movie made it to the Next Level.It Surpassed the Animations done by Pixar.The story of the movie is Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) is the son of the chief Viking, Stoick (voiced by Gerard Butler), on the island of Berk.They try to protect their livestock every day from Dragons.Hiccup accidentally hits the night fury.He meets it every day and rest of it is how they both save their village from a Serious Opposition. Mainly the Credit should go to the Dream-works Animation. They had done it Superbly.The Voice over's are given by the apt stars.Background score is very good.And the Sequences are well shot.Finally this movie is Refreshing ,Brilliant, Fun,Energetic,Heroic,Perfect Voice Overs and a Great achievement By Dream-works animation.Must Watch.


Unstoppable Directed:Tony Scott
Starring:Denzel Washington, Chris Pine ,Rosario Dawson.
This American Thriller movie was based on true events which happened way back in 2001,Ohio.The actual story Revolves around two men Frank(Denzel Washington) and Will(Chris Pine),their Desperation for stopping an unmanned train containing toxic material.Though the plot looks Heroic,still it lacks in the movie in terms of characters.Both the leads did a Decent job in the movie,though this movie didn't have that much scope for acting.Secondly the Direction did by Tony scott is very basic and few of his takings were cheap and routine .The positive points are the movie holds the intensity throughout and your heart thumps through the whole movie.sticking to the basics the directer did a decent and he was successful in maintaining the pace.Overall this movie is fun to watch ,thrilling and as said by many "A Perfect Pop Corn Movie"

Winter's Bone

Winter's Bone Directed by:Debra Granik
Starring:Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes.
This Drama Film show a clean and clear picture of how a character goes.Starting with Ree Dolly(Jennifer Lawrence) a 17 year old girl Desperately need to find his father in order to save her family from loosing their home.First of all the Credit should go to the Director Debra Granik.This movie is her best work till date,she seriously took the film to the next level.Her effort in dealing with the story is amazing.Secondly the major credit of the movie should go to the lead Jennifer Lawrence.Terrific and stunning performance by her.Even character in the movie was given full justice by the respective actors.This movie seriously portrays the lower lives of the people and their desperation for survival in life.The positive points for this movie are brilliant direction ,Superb Performances,Simple yet mysterious plot.Finally this movie is of slow pace,Great Performance and worth watching.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Tron Legacy starring:Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund
This American Science Fiction Film is a sequel to 1982 Tron Starring Jeff Bridges.The Story revolves around the same old concept,Son trying to find out the mysterious way how his father had disappeared.There wasn't much scope in terms of acting.still all the actors did a pretty neat job.the direction was plain,simple and basic.The main Drawbacks of the movie are there isn't a clarity in the story,the narration wasn't up to the mark,it had no scope for acting.The main Positives of the movie are it's spectacular and dazzling Visuals,which takes the movie to the next level.The next best thing that happened in this movie is the background score given by Daft Punk,Without which the movie would have been bad.Overall the with only two points one is the Visual Effects and the other is the background score.Finally this movie bit slow,Terrific Visuals,excellent background score and with a lot of effort you can watch it.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot(2000)

Billy Elliot Directed by Stephen Daldry.
Starring:Jamie Bell, Julie Walters
This British Drama Film is one of the best British movies ever made.Starting in an imaginary town,The Whole story revolves around the character Billy Elliot.His Dream of becoming a ballet dancer.The Story is really inspirational and thought provoking.The characters in the movie are real and can be easily related in one's lives.Stephen Daltry had done an amazing job as a directer.The Screenplay of the movie is well written.The main credit of the movie should go to Jamie Bell.His acting in the movie exceptional,one of the best child performances one can ever see.He acting kept the movie all alive.Julie Walters also did a splendid job.The biggest plus for the movie is it's soundtracks.The positives of the movie are direction,the story ,Jamie Bell's acting.Finally this movie is feelgood,sensitive,dramatic, hearttouching,emotional,inspirational,Hilarious,Funny,Musical and a true underdog story.

The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right Directed By:Lisa Cholodenko.
Starring:Julianne Moore,Annette Bening ,Mark Ruffalo
This Drama film is Actually a Well Written Script and one of the Big surprise's this year.The Story is quite refreshing and Well Executed one.The story Revolves around the sensitive issues like Relationship's and Bonding.First the appreciation should go to all the actors in the movie for their terrific,stunning and Extraordinary Performances.Both The Two Female Leads Julianne Moore & Annette Bening Acting Should be Appreciated.They are the front runners for the Best actress/Best actress supporting role categories for Oscars.Their Acting was original and Brilliant.Mark Ruffalo also had his share of terrific acting.The Screenplay for this movie was neatly done.Music was good in the movie and and shot extremely well in limited locations.Finally This movie is Entertaining,intelligent,Funny,Female-Female Relationship and a Strong contender for Oscars this year and a Must Watch Movie.

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Written by:John Hughes
Starring:John Candy,Dan Aykroyd,John Candy,Annette Bening.
This American Comedy Film Written By John Hughes Disappoints.
There is no serious plot in the movie,The movie is basically shot Depending on the scenes.The Two Leads John Candy and Dan Aykroyd Chemistry was ok but not Great.The movie was funny In Few parts.The Characterization of the characters wasn't clear and mostly pointless.Annette Bening First motion picture.Direction was ok.Bear and Raccoons Comedy Sequence wasn't Funny Except for the Scene where the Bear Get's his ass blown.All The Scenes are routine and lacks the spark needed.Finally the movie is not funny,Lacks a Story line,Funny in Few Parts and Watch the movie if you are a John candy or a John Hughes Fans or else this movie is a total Disappointment.

The Town
The Town(2010)

The Town -Directed by:Ben Affleck
Starring Ben Affleck,Rebecca Hall,Jon Hamm,Jeremy Renner.
This American Crime Film is starred,Co Written & Directed by Ben Affleck.First of all the whole credit of the movie should go to Affleck.He once again Proved himself as a Directer after Gone baby Gone.The movie was neatly Directed by him.The Story was Written perfectly and screenplay was Great.Background Score was really good it helps you in holding the grip of the plot.Next a lot of appreciation should go to the acting in this movie,lot of great acting was involved including Ben himself.The positive points in the movie are the way the story goes,the narration,the action sequences ,acting.As most of the movies are mostly action sequence dependent,this movie is more of character driven which was the best part.Though having the shadows of other old movies still this movie is quite an original.This movie is a well Executed one.Finally this movie is Clever,intense,refreshing,intelligent,gripping,Perfect casting and a Must watch.


Parenthood Directed by:Ron Howard Starring:Steve Martin
This Comedy-Drama Film was not well executed by Ron Howard as expected still it has the feel,charm,innocence it needed.Starting with the story,It deals with the Parent and Child Relationship through different ages and can be easily related to one's life.Secondly the characters involved in the movie are pretty good ,Specially the credit should go to Steve martin and Dianne Wiest.Much Appreciation should be given to Dianne Wiest for her acting.Keanu Reeves played a small role in this movie.The other characters were good.Screenplay was pretty neat and the direction was good.The Movie had well combination of Humor and Drama.Finally this movie is Funny,Dramatic,Heart touching,Thoughtful,Had Flaws but still Watchable.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Easy A - Starring:Emma Stone.
This Teen romantic comedy is the Best Teen movie of this year or may be the Decade[In It's Genre].The story was well written and neatly,Perfectly Directed by Will Gluck.The Screenplay is Very Smart and Effective.In spite of all these the main and the major credit should go to Emma Stone,Her Terrific performance made the Big difference.She has the potential of being the next Molly Ringwald.Her acting in this movie is so genuine and without her this movie might not be the movie it was expected to be.Entire credit should go to her .Overall The movie is hilarious,sarcastic,Funny,Witty,terrific performances,so far one of the well executed movie of this year And a Must Watch !!!

Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe directed by Adam Brooks starring Ryan Reynolds,Isla Fisher,Rachel Weisz,Elizabeth Banks.
This Romantic comedy movie is definitely worth the watch. Adam Brooks Direction is pretty decent,He Wrote the script with ease and almost to perfection.The soundtracks and the background score are the additional points for the movie.Ryan Reynolds did a splendid job as the lead.Perfect casting for the movie.The good points in this movie are the cast,Music,Simple direction and the screenplay.The additional plus for this movie was,the feels the movie creates through the whole course.Story telling in the plot was actually good and new.Finally this movie is interesting,sweet,Perfect casting,heart touching and a best Example for romantic comedies.


Bow Finger-Directed by Frank Oz. Starring Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Heather Graham.
This Comedy Film is well written and acted by Steve Martin.This cheesy movie is quite actually funny.The story was refreshing.Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin Chemistry Was Really Good.The Direction is simple.The Plot of the story is very interesting as the Wanna-be Director,producer want's to make a film in which the lead doesn't know that he is acting.Finally the movie was hilarious,funny,sarcastic and watchable.

Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness -Direction Martin Campbell Starring:Mel Gibson.
This Crime/Thriller Movie is a Come Back For Mel Gibson To The Big Screen After a Long Gap.The Whole story Revolves Around the Detective's Revenge over her Daughters Death.This Movie Reminds you of the Nineties Thriller's.The Character's in the Movie are Pretty good.Mel Gibson Did a splendid Job as Thomas Craven.Ray Winstone ,Danny Huston Justified their Roles.The Intensity and the pace of the Movie is so Gripping and makes the movie more interesting.Martin Campbell Direction was Simple and he did a good job.The Screenplay was pretty Fine.The Negative Part of the movie the was the Conspiracy inside the movie was not show that clearly and effectively.Finally This Movie was Gripping,Intense,90's Thriller And a Great Comeback By Mel Gibson.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

Downfall (Der Untergang)-Directed By Oliver Hirschbiegel.
This History/War Movie is one of the finest portraits of Adolf Hitler.The Whole Story revolves around the last few days of Nazi's Dictators inside the Berlin Bunker During WWII.The characters portrait Was Brilliant & Stunning performances by the actors.Their acting Was So Realistic And Believable.Though the Movie isn't in English,This Movie Proves that language isn't a barrier for World Class Cinema.Finally this Movie is Must Watch and it is Brilliant,Realistic,Spectacular And a Master Piece !!!

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

The Switch -Starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman.
This Romantic/comedy Movie is Actually pretty Nice in it's way.The casting was good,Jason and Jennifer Were Good For their roles and Thomas Robinson as Sebastian was very sweet .Though the plot and the story is old but the entire movie hold the feel it required.The Negative of the movie is that the story is old and predictable ,Still the movie was sweet,funny and pleasant .Fighting the odds The Switch Movie is Definitely Watchable one but not Great.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

Robin Hood -Directed By Ridley Scott Starring Russell Crowe.
This Adventure Movie Based on Robin Hood character Falls Down Flat to the core.Though it had biggies like Ridley Scott,Russell Crowe,Cate Blanchett ,Max von Sydow Nothing will Save a movie unless and until it Defines Logic.Story Was Bad and the directer intent for a sequel ,Scott should have taken more care on the Story.Though It Was Directed Well Nothing will Help unless The Story Goes Well.Even The Music Wasn't Effective.Nothing Goes Correct for this Movie.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Due Date -Starring Robert Downey Jr ,Zach Galifianakis
This Comedy Movie Leaves you on the Edge of your seat,It's a Laugh Riot !!!.There was Good Chemistry Between Downey Jr & Zack.Leaving you the Shadows of The Hangover , Planes,Trains & Automobiles this movie is actually Quite funny And Hilarious.As Audience you tend to like it but when compared to John Hughes Planes,Trains & Automobiles it Wont.You Find Most Of the Scenes From Previous Movie's Which was a Bit dis appointing,The director should have Done More Work on the script.But Still Probably this might be one the Best Comedy movies for this year.

The American
The American(2010)

The American -Starring George Clooney.
This Spy/Thriller Movie is Beautifully Shot in Location's.
The emotion's of the character's are captured effectively but it lacks the spark.The movie is slow,intense.The cinematography of the movie is Brilliant.Background Score for the movie was Vague.Finally the movie is slow ,Short on Dialogue's ,Beautifully Shot And a Bit Boring.

Four Lions
Four Lions(2010)

Four Lions -Directed by:Christopher Morris. 80%.
This Dark Comedy Movie is A good Effort Made by Chris Morris.The Movie is Funny And it has Great Deal of Sarcasm on jihad.The Positive Point's in the whole movie are The Plot And the story line.This controversial subject is Well Crafted to perfection by the directer.The other major aspects of the movie are the characters,the way it was shot mostly by handy cams.The Cast Make's this movie ever more better.Over all The movie is Low-budget,Hilarious,sarcastic, Funny,Thoughtful.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Directed by Edgar Wright.
An Original Movie with Great Visual Extravaganza.Though the movie is not for everyone.You Need A Certain Pace to View This Kind of a movie.The Whole Credit should go to Edgar Wright,Directed it well.Though the characters were quite murky ,The Pace Holds still in the entire movie.Whether to Like it Or Not it's up to oneself.

The Full Monty

The Full Monty - Starring Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson.
A British Dark Comedy Movie With A Fitting Characters.Their Characters are the strength of the whole movie.The Direction is Plain and simple.The Movie is Extremely shot in Remote Locations.The Background Score makes the movie even more interesting.The Intensity in the movie is so high that you tend not See the Flaws in it. The movie was constantly Funny and Real .This Movie is Definitely one the greatest British Comedies ever made.

The Social Network

The Social Network -Directed By David Fincher.
This Movie About Social Networking Site Facebook is Remarkable,Definitely one of the finest storytelling's on screen.David Fincher's Direction makes it even more perfect with a Bonus of Flawless Acting by the Actor's.Thumps up for this years biggest Achievement.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

Garden State - Acted ,Written & Directed By Zach Braff.
Movie With a Heart.Intense & Epic.Great soundtracks And Wonderful Performances.

Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without A Cause .Directed By Nicholas Ray Starring James Dean,Natalie Wood,Sal Mineo.
First Point,The Movie is a Classic.The Character's are Powerful,Great Direction,Great Screenplay,Great Back Ground Score.Probably the First "Teenage Culture" Movie.James Dean Acting is Flawless,It Has the substance and Versatile acting.Followed by a powerful performance by Sal Mineo .Even Natalie Wood's character had the same charisma.The movie hold's the emotion very firmly with the support from it's actor's.Extraordinary ,Remarkable,Classic.

Trading Places

Trading Places,Starring Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd.This movie has many finest moments like Music,Character's,Simple Plot,Comedy.The Strong Point's in the movie are Murphy and Aykroyd Chemistry,Classic comedy,Background score,John Landis Sensitive Direction.All these point's Crave us For this Classic Comedy.


Bruce Willis RED.A Group of Retired CIA Officers Trying to Save their lives.Though it has a weak plot,Few action sequences were shot extremely well .Still the Movie lacks the humor and satire it needed.Bruce willis,John Malkovich Could only Fulfilled it. Rest of the cast was more of mere appearances.Movie was Exciting But Definitely Not a Block Buster.

Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures -Starring Harrison Ford & Brendan Fraser .Movie Failed Terribly It Didn't Know Where it was going ,Though it was based on true Events and had Heart.Still It was Boring and Helpless.

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder Directed by Ben Stiller is a Satire War/Action Movie. This Movie survives because of the Great Cast it Has,The Satire on the Hollywood Action and War Movies,It's Hilarious.Ben Stiller Directly the Movie Almost Perfectly.The Main asset of the Movie is Ethan Cohen Screen Play.Two Thumps Up For The Movie !!!


Chevy Chase's Fletch,movie never misses the pace in the whole movie.The movie was perfectly balanced.Chevy Chase made the difference.Wonderful piece of comic thriller.Only Chevy Chase can pull this off.

The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited ,Directed by Wes Anderson .Well movie was good but it lacks the caliber of Wes.The movie was shot well and characters were well prepared.But Still it lacks the magic of Anderson.The movie is warm,has mild comedy and a nice one to watch with no Expectation's Attached.

Dinner for Schmucks

The Movie had good cast,But most of the time the movie is misfired,Lacks laughs and wasn't that hilarious.Had it's moments of rib tickling comedy but it constantly failed the whole time,so did Jay roach.

The Royal Tenenbaums

One of the most refreshing screenplay's ever done.The movie is Original,Entertaining,Funny,Sensible and Great Cast.Wes Anderson does a splendid job.

Bottle Rocket

Fun Film With a pretty decent cast,giving a hint of Quentin Tarantino's style, movie is small immature and Watchable !!!

The Conversation

The Conversation is a top thriller directed and written by Francis Ford Coppola,With a stunning and intense acting by Gene Hackman.Direction,Writing,Editing,Screenplay all done in perfection with Fragile Music.It's a Classic.

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

Unique style of comedy ,Satire ,characters.Over all one finest movies Ever made. Classic.


Great characters,This was the beginning for Eastwood's Finest Direction.

The Bridges of Madison County

A Film By Clint Eastwood !!!
That say's it All.