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Confessions of a Superhero
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Good example of a movie that movie critics and buffs sometimes love to death, far beyond what it deserves. It's okay as a documentary, but I really disagree that these are people deserving our sympathy. The honorary mayor is right - these guys really are panhandlers in a costume, and they manage to make some money. Which means they could do something less pathetic, but choose not to. They are terribly, terribly bad at playing the parts they've chosen. But they're surprisingly good at figuring out what traps a few tourists. The director clearly wants us to feel sympathetic, mixing the scenes with inspiring background music...but it all falls flat for me. I think what is particularly unnerving is that these folks unwittingly make a sad mockery of the characters they supposedly revere.

La Nana (The Maid)
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Great acting and excellent character development are the highlights of this little gem of a drama. While uncomfortable and bland at first, it quickly pays off in a surprising depth from a not-oft-visited point of view. Not quite social commentary and not quite character study, it follows a year or so in the life of a maid who has staked too much of herself and her identity on her bonds with her employer, almost completely neglecting her own health and humanity. She gets back on track, all the while involving the viewer in a wide range of emotions and disturbances. Definitely worth a viewing.

Cremaster 2
Cremaster 2 (1999)
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Boring, artsy-esque clap-trap overwrought symbolism and commentary that takes itself too seriously and takes far too much time. Its' symbolism is mildly grotesque and certainly compelling, but the slow tempo was excruciating. As in the first Cremaster, much of the intended meaning was probably unclear or ambiguous. Again, this would be a compliment if it seemed possible to interpret it. Instead, it merely felt like an exercise in self-stimulation.

Cremaster 1
Cremaster 1 (1996)
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Visually intriguing and abstract, but disappointingly obtuse, repetitive, and derivative for a real work of art. It is, however, mercifully short. It is not, however, short enough. I'd call it challenging, but that compliment is reserved for something whose meaning isn't mysteriously guarded and ambiguous.

The Mechanic
The Mechanic (2011)
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

This Bronson remake was a pretty typical Statham acion flic, in the same way that the original was a pretty typical Bronson flic. The minor plot differences had a large impact, though not necessarily for the worse. Transparently, part of the difference involves the possibility of a sequel. Despite this, Statham-style badassery is fun to watch, and the action sequences are rather spectacular.