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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Alright, so Batman v Superman was fantastic. Story was intriguing, was visually stunning. And Gal Gadot stole the show and I cannot wait for the Wonder Woman solo movie. And Ben Affleck is the best Batman/Bruce Wayne. Zac Snyder did the fans a great service. If you are true fan of the comics you will love this movie. I am not sure why the critics panned this movie, but I loved it and I think this is a must see.

A Walk Among the Tombstones

A movie I feel that went under the radar. This is interesting crime movie, however... It's very predictable.
I really did enjoy this movie and it was a fun ride, and the acting is top notice! From the killers to the kid who helps our hero.


This film had the chance that could have been great, and an instant classic. But the story failed to hit the mark. Now the whole story Louis Zamperini is just amazing, a true testament on how much the body can go through. And for the most part Jolie did very well showing the physical pain. When the movie ended it had a statement about Louis coming back to Japan and forgave the people who has done wrong to him. In my opinion that would have been a much more interesting movie.

Zero Dark Thirty

A movie about the greatest man hunt in History, and they are on the hunt for Osama bin Laden. This is a fantastic movie, and a gripping movie which had to be hard. Its mostly about Maya, a CIA woman who starts out as a rookie in the after math of 9/11. This is the Jessica Chastain show! She is the star and we see her character develop. She starts out as a rookie like I said, from around 2002 until the Osama bin Laden raid, and by that time she has the job down. The first two hours is all behind the scenes look on how the get information, following people, and what types of terrorist acts are going on, a very chilling process I must say because it shows torture which is hard to watch but I must say it needed to be in the movie because thats what happened. Then comes the last 30 min of the movie which is the raid with SEAL team six, and it had me on the edge of my seat, again it was chilling because of the realism, it wasn't this grand shootout like you see in movies like "The Kingdom" it was slow paced. I know we'll probably never see the actual footage of the real bin Laden raid but I have a feeling Kathryn Bigelow's take on it, is about as realist as possible. This is probably one of the best movies of the year, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that because "Zero Dark Thirty" is know nominated for several Oscars, which it completely deserves. This is a must see movie.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

This is a rare action movie, Tom Cruise is not shy when it comes to playing characters with depth (See 'Collateral', 'The Last Samurai') or action, but in this case he brings both to the table. Jack Reacher is a former MP who travels to Pittsburg after a mass sniper shooting, and he's there to see if the man in custody is innocent or guilty. In the book by Lee Childs, Jack Reacher stands at 6'4 and at 230 of pure muscle, and we all know Tom Cruise is not that, but he make the character his own. I will tell you guys why Tom Cruise is the best guy to play Jack Reacher... he's a fantastic actor! Jack Reacher is pretty much much like Vincent from Collateral but the difference is Jack does not care about anything other then doing the right thing, no matter what he has to do. Vincent whats to get in and get out doesn't care who he hurts or kill. This is why Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is so menacing, he's not a good guy, nor a hero. He just see a wrong and he has to make it a right.
Do not be fooled by the trailer, this is not a pure action movie, this movie has a lot of story. there is maybe 3 action scenes and each one is fantastic. The best way to explain Jack Reacher The Movie is a mix between Alex Cross (not the Tyler Parry movie) and Collateral. So I definitely recommend this movie who whats a little brain with there action. 5 out of 5 Stars!

The Bourne Legacy

This Bourne movie stands out from all the rest for me. I like that they stuck with the Bourne name even though this movie is not about Jason Bourne directly. We all heard about the whole Matt Damon thing and why he did not want to come back as Bourne. So I guess the Writers want to avoid pulling a James Bond (new actor plays Bond every 4 or more films) and decided to go with a new character, another person that was part of Treadstone, because Bourne was not the only one, and I like that concept because it made it more realistic because the Government is not only going to train one guy! They are going to have several! Think of it this way... you know all those other assassins who were trying to kill Bourne through the movies, they were also part of Treadstone, so Aaron is the newest member of the group, but with a twist with other new agents. The Government decides to inject small amounts of viruses that is made for genetic manipulation, and I know what your thinking, and no he is not a super human. In fact I found Jeremy Renner's character Aaron Cross to be more human then Jason Bourne was.
What I like most about this movie, is that they did not cram action into it. There is a lot of dialogue and some action, but when the action happens its well shot and very brutal. Now the reason why I did not give this movie a higher rating was simply the ending. To me the ending was really random and just felt odd, but I guess it will pick up in the sequel which I hope they make. If you like Bourne you will like this movie, but to me I like this new character better then Bourne, so I say go check it out, it's well worth your time.

A Clockwork Orange

One of the best and most disturbing movie I?ve seen. But this is one of my favorite movies.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Loved this movie, everyone needs to see it

Ocean's Eleven

Great movie lots of fun


cool fighting

Dragonball Evolution

I love DB, DBZ but this movie was so far off I was very upset, but then again I like the actors I hope they make DBZ movie the right way

Fast & Furious

Same thing as the first one except that there is only ONE! race and that is it! Skip the movie!

Is Anybody There?

If Michael Caine does not win a Oscar this year then I will be upset thats how great he was!

The Happening

onw of the worst movies of 2008, the acting was bad. The plot was bad


it was different, i havent seen anything like it before.

The Soloist
The Soloist(2009)

Jamie Foxx is the best actor of our life time!


great movie it should have won best picture

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

summer started with a big bang

The Dark Knight

wow just a great movie. I think it should have gotten a best picture nomination

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

wow a bad comic movie from Frank Miller

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

love this movie it was just so great

Little Ashes
Little Ashes(2009)

this was a risk all around. the movie is about art, surrealism, love, and the biggest risk factor... homosexuality. The movie is based on the close friendship of Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca, during a time of revolution in Spain. Salvador arrives at a fine art school in Madrid where he meets poet Lorca, and future film director Luis Bunuel. Dali however is starting to come out of his shell and starting to experiment with his paintings, and trying to break out of his shyness. It seems after Dali and Lorca starting getting closer and experimenting with homosexuality (which did not go over very well), after the experimentation Dali changes into the Salvador Dali we all know and love. Dali drops out of school because he does not like the professors, moves to France and marries a russian woman named Gala. After that Dali, and Lorca go there separate ways. Robert Pattinson really gives a great performance here, he really seems to have the craziness that the real Dali had, and he had a pretty good Spanish accent. Javier Beltran who plays Lorca also gave a strong performance, and I hope he has a great future career. The cinematography is awesome, it really pulls you into the movie. Now to the bad of the movie! I am a really big fan of Salvador Dali I paint surrealism all because of the inspiration i have of Dali, but I can't help but point out that when people ask Dali about if he was ever gay, he would always say no, and for some reason the movie never mentions it. I also think the movie should have been about the three main men Dali, Lorca, and Bunel, but they just focus on Dali and Lorca. If you like art and art history you will love this movie. Little Ashes is not for everyone, but the movie was just good, not great but good.

Nowhere Boy
Nowhere Boy(2010)

Nowhere boy is one of those great movies from the UK that flies under the radar and is missed by most average Americans. Well luckily after a year after this movie was released in England it finally came out on video in the US. It stars Aaron Johnson you know the nerdy kid from "Kick-Ass" plays a teenage John Lennon before The Beatles, and it looked like he had a pretty wild youth. I really thought Aaron performance as John Lennon was great! He sounded a lot like him, and maybe how he acted (I really don't know a lot about his youth). When Lennon meets his biological mom he discovers how to play the banjo which that evolves with him playing the guitar and starting a band (also Aaron did a great job singing like Lennon if that was really him). One thing that I could not stop noticing every scene between Lennon and his mother seemed to be very sexual which made it uncomfortable, but other than that the movie was brilliant and I advise people to see it.


This is my favorite Tom Cruise movie, and Im a huge fan of Tom Cruise. This is even one of the best movies I have seen... its differently in the top 15 of my movie list. Go see this movie, its underrated, IMO it's Tom Cruise's best movie, and very well made! Go See It!

Assassin Next Door

Do not let the poster fool you! This is not an action movie, its a very good drama. Galia played by Olga Kurlenko, is a woman with a troubled past, and trying to run away from it. She is than forced to be an assassin in Tal Aviv, because she is trying to get home to her daughter. As she becomes better at what she does, she finds out her neighbor Elinor is also running way from an abusive husband. The two neighbors start to have a strong bond, when Galia's career catches up with her, it puts both of them in the crosshairs. This movie started out strong, it really showed the darkness of being an assassin, but most of the time the movie is very slow, but it picks back up at the end when it keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Do not let the poster fool you! This is not an action movie, its a very good drama. Galia played by Olga Kurlenko is a woman with a troubled past, and trying to run away from it. She is than forced to be an assassin in Tal Aviv, because she is trying to get home to her daughter. As she becomes better at what she does, she finds out her neighbor Elinor is also running way from an abusive husband. The two neighbors start to have a strong bond, when Galia's career catches up with her, it puts both of them in the crosshairs. This movie started out strong, it really showed the darkness of being an assassin, but most of the time the movie is very slow, but it picks back up at the end when it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Ghost Writer

This is one of those movies where you must pay attention to every little thing. it's a political thriller which means its a different type of thriller, no action...but still written and directed well enough to still keep you on the edge of your seat. This is Romans Polanski latest movie, and I know he has a shady past, but when it comes to movies you have to separate the artiest from the art. This movie was well written, directed, and acted. The Ghost Writer did fly under the radar, but it is well worth your time.

Batman & Robin

this movie popped up randomly on my Rotten Tomato page, because I love batman! Yes I do own this movie (just because I love Batman and I own every Batman movie) but this movie is really sh*ty the dialogue is very predictable and and cheesy, and whats up with the bat-nipples? This movie has fail all over it!

The Social Network

What a fantastic movie! This is how Facebook was started, and lets say it did not start very well, first came anger after an ex-girlfriend, then stole the idea from two brothers, and later on backstabbed his best friend (the guy who gave him the money to start Facebook). Such a great move this is defiantly Oscar worthy. The Social Network is one of the best movies of the Fall (The Town is still number one).In my own opinion everyone should see this movie simply because just about all of us use Facebook.... so go see The Social Network.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street, I loved the first movie... Greed is good!Ya' know Gordon Gekko one of the greatest 80's villain ever and he is back...not a year later, not 5 years later... it starts A GENERATION after the last movie ended. Well I'm glad Oliver Stone is back in the director chair and this is a good sequel Jacob (Shia LaBouf) is the Charlie Sheen type character and he is a little weak, LaBouf is just not the lead type character but luckily Josh Brolin comes in and saves the day, the movie is good, the only thing I really don't like is that Gordon Gekko disappears for a long period, of time other than that its a sold sequel and one of most interesting sequels of all times, go see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

You Again
You Again(2010)

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and i have see a lot of bad movies, Red Zone Cuba is the worst movie of all time (in my opinion). This movie is not as bad as Red Zone Cuba, but this movie is up there. I am guessing the director wanted this movie to be a type of "slapstick" comedy, but to be honest this movie is insulting to slapstick comedy. Most of the rivalry that happens in this movie can be solved by a simple adult conversation. This movie is a f**kin' fail! Probably the most epic fail of the year! Please for the love of God skip this movie!

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

I really liked the first Iron Man... it wasn't perfect but it was pretty good, but Iron Man 2 was kind of a let down, Downy Jr. is great as always but I felt the story was a little rushed, he had 2 rivals an agency telling him what to do and the military wanting his suit, it was one thing after another and it wasn't exciting action, the climax of the movie was a huge let down it was two quick and pointless I felt.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

remake after remake...and after remake! Robin Hood has beed remade countless times some very good, some in the middle, and some just god awful. This adaptation of Robin Hood is just another god awful movie! I liked Ridley Scott but man he has been falling off the deep end lately same with his brother Tony, but back to the movie! This movie was more like Gladiator with a New Zealand accent and a bow, but the movie does look great and I feel the darkness of the set but nothing is really different about this movie I say skip this movie!

The Town
The Town(2010)

Wow just wow it great to see Ben Affleck directing and acting again I really loved the under rated "Gone Baby Gone" and this movie out does it! Fall movies are the cream of the crop because of the Oscars and "The Town" is nothing but Oscar gold! What a great movie the action was heart pounding and the acting is just top notch really kept me at the edge of my seat, but it's funny I could never predict the ending which was a good thing... Go see "The Town"!

The American
The American(2010)

Great looking movie it really is, but the story is just not there! Corbijn is a photographer and decided to do this movie so that's why it looks good, but the action and the story is not there which is sad because I love movies about assassins, I say skip this movie and see Collateral a great movie about a hitman that has a great script.

Jack Goes Boating

A very good and a real movie, Hoffman was brilliant like always, he meets a girl and decides he wants to take a risk and make his life better... he wants to learn to swim so he can take her boating and cooking so he can cook for her, so yes this movie is very good but it's really realistic to the point you may want to leave. But I say go see this movie.


you know, this movie was just a fun action movie (as long you know what you paid to see)... with somewhat of good acting, and awesome action! The only downside is it kinda ripped off the Italian job and T.I.'s acting needs a little work, but I say go see this movie (just for the fun of entertainment)


Best movie of the summer! hands down...maybe the best movie of the year? idk haven't seen all the movies yet, but see inception Joseph Gordon Levitt steals the show!


I love Robert Rodriguez, and this movie is nothing more than awesome! over the top, gun fighting and blood, just like Desperado! Danny Trejo is awesome like always, Robert De Niro is a TX Governor who wants to kill immigrants and Lindsey Lohan plays April a spoiled rich drug addict (wow what a stretch). But you walk in this movie and you know its going to be bloody and over the top so go see it!