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Doom (2005)
6 days ago via Flixster

Better than what I originally had watched. A weak premise and somewhat weak pacing, it made up in great effects on the infected and also the dark textures in the film. Not the Rock or Urban's finest roles, but it does give off some good cheese and bad assery.

Justice League Dark
7 days ago via Flixster

Batman seemed to be thrown in mainly because its Batman. He's the recruiter, but really JL Dark is fine without him. It was nice to see the darker heroes of DC shine in this one. Constantine and Deadman steal the show. I'm getting tired though of the same anime looking animation for DC animated films though. Switch it up.

Deepwater Horizon
7 days ago via Flixster

A true story of a natural disaster caused by greedy fat cats. Was fairly consistent all around, nothing amazing though. Greatest performance clearly by John Malkovich.