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La La Land
La La Land (2016)
5 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Drops on DVD and Downloads this week. I say buy and buy in Blu-Ray. It's a classic. The BEST Movie of 2015!
Let me warn you up front: "LA LA LAND" is a musical. But don't be scared away, the music sets the mood and fits the movie. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have perfect chemistry, both trying to make it in Hollywood. John Legend's music and acting hit the mark.It's set in modern day L.A., look close you might see me on the freeway. "LA LA LAND" gets my vote for the BEST PICTURE of the year .You walk out happy with a smile in your stomach...not from the buttered popcorn. There's no blood, guts and gore. There's no car chases, bombs or aliens. Maybe one or two F-Bombs. Other than that, it's just an old-fashion love story with a happy ending. How refreshing! I love "LA LA LAND!"