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Cargo (2018)
3 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Better late than never to deliver this review of an Australian sleeper hit, despite what viewers might expect from 'Zombie' films these days, it only takes a particular film to really push the genre's innovation and boundaries to be really unique. I can gladly say without a doubt 'Cargo' fits that mold, fully immersed in it's Australian outback setting and the unsophisticated nature of the plot surrounding that of Martin Freeman's terrific lead performance. If I lost my chance seeing some films released on the big screen internationally than I persuade viewers here in Australia to not miss their chance of seeing this film on the big screen since it's streaming on Netflix internationally. Nonetheless, it's the unique premise and compelling nature of the characters and setting that really make this film stand out as it does, actually bringing something new to an otherwise crowded and overused genre.

A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place (2018)
14 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Shhh!!! Don't Talk! and Don't You Dare Make a Sound! That is the effect this film has on it's audiences. On the surface it's part-apocalyptic, part-sci-fi and part family drama, but mostly it's full blown creature feature horror that really delivers the scares that get under your skin. Sometime in films like this I think it's the narrative's role to play around this premise rather than use it's threat/creatures as being vital to it's plot. But where would the horror be without the oncoming situation, unpredictable plotting and truly terrifying andinventive nature of the entire film not just in terms of scares, but the world and rules it's establishing, especially in the terms it plays with sound. I didn't know what to make of the positive press, but this film most certainly delivered on it, It may not be the most original horror film produced due to succumbing to the usual tropes of American horror films, but it's most certainly the most unique, inventive, thrilling and terrifying films of 2018. Highly recommended!!!

I Kill Giants
I Kill Giants (2018)
14 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Based off the acclaimed graphic novel, 'I Kill Giants' is foremost an urban adult fairy tale about a young girl who chooses to live in her own fantasies to avoid the real fear she refuses to acknowledge. Much like last year's 'A Monster Calls' it focuses on very similar themes of inevitable loss whilst using a young child's imagination/fantasy as a navigation to understand the greater meaning of what their life should be about especially in relation to what they'll have to accept. While the deeper themes are core to the story, it's the technical elements that especially play out well, creating a type of believable fantasy full of weird monsters and magic. Not to mention the robust direction given to a mundane setting with a whole colorful cast of characters that provide excellent talent to the performances they deliver on a powerhouse and deeply human level that'll hit the audiences where it's targeted. Largely recommended due to the fact not everyone will get this film until the finally see it, as it's really heartfelt as its wonderfully, directed, performed, scripted fantastical all rolled into one.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
30 days ago via Flixster

6 Months after the last Star Wars film was released it seems unheard of that another should follow it's place, this time another anthology spin-off film that from a distance doesn't sound like the type of film fans should have great expectations for, however the good new is that it's definitely a lot better than what many may perceive it as. The fun, fast paced character driven journey of the young Han Solo is handled with great persistence, keeping the world and characters in tact with some great dialogue and performances from a greatly talented cast that pull off all the goods this story has to off the franchise. Even on a larger scale, while the plotting may not be that interesting, evoking an intergalactic gangster type film, it's easy just to relax and let the action, banter and fun play out on screen. Overall, it is a satisfying entry to the franchise, not terrifically triumphant, but hugely admirable and entertaining for a director like Ron Howard. What can I say apart from the fact they managed to pull it off really well, despite the flaws it may carry from the outset.

Deadpool 2
Deadpool 2 (2018)
33 days ago via Flixster

On the surface 'Deadpool 2' has all the qualities a superhero/comic-book film sequel should posses, The only question begs, How well does it hold up? My answer: Oh it does... Big Time!!!
Ryan Reynolds once again pulls off a fantastic portrayal of the 'Merc with the Mouth' bringing in all the humorous goods the iconic fourth-wall-breaking charming anti-hero can bring especially when the plot challenges the character's ideology and morallity upping the stakes higher than ever before to bring us a sequel that most certainly delivers the scope, action and talent desperately needed to show the edgy nature of a genre too well exposed to the public eye. Even with the upgraded production budget and different director, the film is a little jaded when it comes to the many supporting players, though the good news is the charatcres that do stand out make the most of what they got with the main character chewing up every scene he appears in. Other times, obscure background characters and performers are there, just because they're there and that the franchise could be pushed just a little more with a potential 3rd film. Overall, definitely worth the watch and just as enjoyable as it's previous counterpart in both form and glory.