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A Wrinkle in Time
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Based on the much loved children's book of the same name, "A Wrinkle in Time" carries a great sense of wonder and awe bought towards it's narrative, even with a great sense of visual flare to go along with it's gifted performers the film is very watchable to all viewers or especially it's target audience (family/kids). However, despite the eye-catching gazes and genuine sense of otherworldly surrealism that perpetuates the hearts and minds of all audiences, it's neither a great film within itself, nor is it a great adaptation. This doesn't just account to how many liberties were taken in the adaptation process, but more within the overall story itself. It's perfectly elaborate scale and heart-warming messages kind of want to offer more than what was briefly glimpsed at or even explored in the overall narrative that would have benefited the overarching style of this film willing to be both faithful to it's source material counterpart and creative piece of family-friendly Disney-esque surreal cinema. Thus the overall film offers a decent viewing experience for it's moral/themes and sense of adventure, but doesn't fulfill the greater aspect of it's ambitions nor it's tremendous world-building mechanics to really be very measurable to it's source material counterpart. Recommended with caution nonetheless, especially to those within it's target audience.

Red Sparrow
Red Sparrow (2018)
11 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I wanted to like this film, I really did, though I didn't like it enough to really recommend it. For one, the lead character and cast are all in fine form as is the direction and cinematography especially for a spy espionage thriller that on the surface looks interesting, but when you peer into it as a means to deconstruct it's plot and narrative, it's a lot more harder than it looks. All in all, the film has all the watchable qualities that anyone can ask for in it's genre, but when it isn't told consistently enough to justify it's own ends it's clear the film isn't as good as it appears to be. Confusedly Convoluted and overstretched narrative arcs make the film a tough watch, especially it's trying to justify it's length too.

Ready Player One
22 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Who better to adapt Ernest Cline's best selling novel than the man who inspired it, that being the one and only; Steven Spielberg. Off the bat, it's easy to say this blockbuster of a video game inspired pop-culture extravaganza is a hell of a lot different to it's source material, mainly due to what might work in a book, doesn't in a film. This film however is what it is, a hugely fun nostalgic thrill ride from beginning to end, fast paced in all it's pop-culture filled referenced glory and great casting of such talented actors who play the most with what they get from their characters. While it can be jarring as to how 'geeky' this film may appear, it's still a solid blockbuster with the right amount of charm and excitement you would come to expect from a Spielberg film. It's technical handling on real world dystopia and video game surrealism is handling expertly, especially when jumping from setting to setting. Regardless of whether you're the target audience for this type of film or are unable to point out any of the references shown, you will enjoy this film for what Spielberg has made it out to be, highly recommended especially for witnessing on the biggest screen viewers can see it.

Darkest Hour
Darkest Hour (2017)
32 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In what's been a quiet couple of weeks since the Academy Awards, I decided to see how Gary Oldman won his piece of gold for playing one of not 'the' greatest political leaders that'd ever lived. Despite having a heavy focus on what Churchill was like as a leader, Oldman's performance is masterclass as if he's the one thing driving the very plot of the film more than any other character involved. Nonetheless, it's an incredibly fine film where Oldman has delivered a performance worthy of an Oscar as well as the sturdily fine robust direction and production with enough scripting material to cover anything that affect the very person Churchill was during the dark and turbulent time of Britain's "Darkest Hour". Check this one out at your own will, even if it's just for the unrecognizable and outstanding portrayal of Churchill Gary Oldman puts on, but more importantly to show what great leadership then could do for our generation now.

Phantom Thread
50 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest picture, which is also surprisingly not only his second collaboration with three time Oscar winner Danial Day-Lweis, but also the actor's last picture when confirmed about his retirement from acting. In all sense of honesty, it's certainly set up as if these two were to be at their most finest form, not in both visual style, but also the engrossing substantial nature of it's setting and story. Don't be alarmed by it's dragging pace, as this film's story is so fully investing from start to finish it's hard to not see it in any other way than what it appears to be; an Authentic period drama with a romantic touch and charm. While I'm so grateful P.T. Anderson's latest film lived up to it's reputation and quality which didn't disappoint, I'd easily say it's one for the ages that needs to be experienced on the big screen as Anderson has proven himself to be not only a masterful filmmaker, but also an incredible writer of diverse subject matters and engrossing executions. Also, how could a film with an almost uncanny deadpan charm and humour be so fascinating as it is incredibly entertaining. Highly Recommended especially if it's too Oscar baity, otherwise.