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It (2017)
15 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

With this new adaptation of Stephen King's 'IT', Andy Muscheitti is able to capture to truly shocking and terrifying nature of the iconic novel with a hard 'R' American rating. Here, the filmmakers have done a terrific job of handling this film as an adaptation, truly bring the characters and setting of the book to life with such virtuosity it's hard to not be invested in how well done the film was really made. Although it only focuses on the 'kids' half of the novel, I never felt this film was out of focus with the story as I was truly impressed at how the Muscheitti was able to shift the tonal aspect of the plotting, editing, sound design & mixing and character development of the story. I also tip my hat to the great child performers who I bought as all seven of the major characters from the book, who all were well performed, assembled and bonded throughout the entire film. As does Bill Skarsgard as the villainous Pennywise, whilst the film played him very little at first he eventually became a terrifying presence, almost every sequence involving the demonic shape-shifting clown was such a thrill ride it amplified the horror to a new level. Skarsgard was even able to show the horrific and comedic aspects of the character. While more dramatic heft would've helped the film (like some the best King adaptations), after watching the film I knew this was only the beginning and despite truly admiring this film as a whole, I'm hoping the sequel which will focus on the 'adult' half of the novel will be just as good. Definitely one of the scariest horror films I've seen all year and recommended for all to experience and be terrified on the big screen.

Ali's Wedding
Ali's Wedding (2017)
22 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

'Ali's Wedding' is the most unique and heartfelt Australian film, I've seen all year. A domestic centered story about an Australian Muslim living such a comfortable urban lifestyle he himself is even thinking about revoking what his family or even his own customs may actually expect of him to a point the film's plotting takes so many drastic twists and turns you can't help but admire this film for what it really is, 'a personal life story'. This also touches upon how the Urban Australian Muslims should be presented, when their lives are no different to us local folk, but their traditions and cultural customs are fascinating. The real heart of the story however is Osamah Sami's main character whose such a relatable underdog he's created something great alongside director Jeffery Walker, an incredible Australian story, with enough wit and humour to combat it's cultural subject matter accustomed to the majority of the characters and premise. All in all, we have a charming heartfelt and hilarious film that's more than likely to be one of the most talked about local films of the year, highly recommended for all to see.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power
25 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Following on a decade from when former American Vice President, Al Gore alerted the world about the threats of Global Warming and their impacts on our planet and our lives, it seems all too real now that another one of these films didn't really need to be made. However, it's most certainly a film everyone and I mean 'Everyone" on this entire planet needs to see. Rather than alluring to the obvious shocking facts and events affecting our planet and way of life, audiences actually see Al Gore for what he's really doing in real life 'being the most influential person of his generation' inspiring others to take up arms in the fight for Climate and how the world's democracies are politically unwise when it comes to using the actual solutions. But what I actually take away from this film is that despite everything we're fighting for, the film gave me a renewed sense of hope that greater change will come and when it comes only then will we look back and see how all this was done. Even before you can say "F*ck Donald Trump", just know full well how far we've come, how much of a difference we're making and how much the world is changing for the better than the worst either to ourselves or the planet. In the end it made me think, 'Deniers will deny but they will not last long, at all.'

The Dark Tower
30 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've been waiting years for an adaptation based on Stephen King's magnum opus series to be made and while I'm glad this has finally and actually come, I'm disappointed it's not a groundbreaking critically loved or 'great adaptation' I would have been hoping for. However, believe it or not I actually enjoyed this film for what it is, a fantasy, horror, sci-fi, action, adventure epic that delivers on the goods of it's sense of scale, other worldly visual flair, thrilling action and acting for the most part. What's most frustrating, is that the film doesn't go into any of the depth that made the books so fascinating and surreal in a literal sense than just a visual sense. While it may be more rational to respond to such a flawed film in a negative sense, I can't hate this film and devoutly 'won't' as It fulfilled my expectations for the most part. I can clearly see the director wanted to make a film that carries the passion and devotion of a fan who not only wanted to honor the source material but make a film that'll be a good introduction to the characters and the world to newbies as well as a companion piece to the books. Tonally the film is jumbled, switching between intimate character motivations and surreal otherworldly weirdness in grand scale, mystically and sternly, even with some thrilling sequences of action and horror. Recommended to the curious who'll keep an open mind, if you're not interested than don't bother and don't say anything (that isn't nice).

Gemini (2017)
34 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

My very last MIFF screening was something I very much was curious about but never held in high regard especially compared to the various other films I saw. In a way, 'Gemini' is a film that's just 'fine', nothing too special, but well, made, written, acted, directed, edited, casted, etc, etc. Even whilst being a sort of drama set within Hollywood as a murder mystery meets a slight sprinkle of a crime thriller, it doesn't offer much else than what it's offering story-wise. Part of me wanted to like if not admire this film in the high standards it set out to do, but the overall execution which in itself is slow moving in the middle act and in the conclusion feels predictable, but I can't due to those certain flaws alone it paled in comparison to film's I saw it do better. While not overall disappointing, I think it's worth watching for it's passable quality alone. Not enough to attract a huge fan-base though recommendable to be worth it when nothing else it on or could be found on certain streaming services.