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Stephen's Review of Riddick

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Solid B... I have no problem giving this a Solid B because The Director's Cut's of both Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick were both superior to the theatrical releases, and I don't expect this to be any different; so it can only get better. People seemed split on whether they liked Pitch Black more or if they liked chronicles of Riddick more. Riddick did take a lot of money to make so they were able to do more things, but it wasn't Rated R (again the director's cut put some violence and F words back in so that's good.) Both Have cult Following as does the character himself. The first 25 mins of this new movie is great. Riddick left for dead you get some story as too why (they will even tell more about his rule as Lord Marshall in the Director's cut, and Vakko is going to play a bigger role in the sequel to this.) The Action scenes are good in this movie and for only 38 million it looks very impressive (but no globetrotting if you liked that about the 2nd one) Riddick is very bad ass and Vin Diesel just oozes confidence in the part he loves to play; so much so he did move after move with his career just to get the rights to the franchise back. I also appreciated that the movie didn't have any flashback scenes of scenes from the past 2 movies (LOOKING AT YOU AGAIN AVENGERS WITH WASTING 4 MINS SHOWING CAPTAIN AMERICA FLASHBACK ) You either Saw Pitch Black and knew who Johns was; you either saw chronicles and knew who the Necromongers were or you don't. Your loss movie was for fans. Movie does have some problem. About a 17 minute lull in the middle when Riddick basically disappears completely, with no superstar in those other scenes, Diesel is missed. WHen he is on screen he is awesome and some cool one liners. Also the ending is sudden, but they do make it different then Pitch Black, maybe showing Riddick again not everybody is bad. Riddick has a code and it's all he goes by. The other thing I didn't like was they didn't use enough of the music from the other 2 movies. I still enjoyed this movie and am just glad the character is going to come back at least one more time to send Riddick home. Will he have to go through Vakko or the Underverse? We will see but at least there will be another Chronicle and it is still playing out like a good sci fi book chronicling events (Small story, BIG STORY, small story.. and hopefully the next is a big story.) I enjoyed this and I am sure the director's cut will be even better.