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Adaptation (2002)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

What a fun movie to watch. I popped in the dvd and was planning on doing some homework while the movie played, lets just say I didn't get any work finished. This is an engaging movie, you have to pay attention to keep up with it and follow the twists and turns of the story. I have always been a fan of Nic Cage's acting and I feel like he should get more credit. Sometimes he doesn't pick the best films, but he ALWAYS goes all out. He still has his skills, whether it's from Adaptation, Herzog's Bad Lieutenant or Kick-Ass, he still has it. But it isn't just Nic Cage's acting that makes this movie a good one, it's the whole ensemble. Spike Jonze and Kauffman's films always have great ensemble casts, just like in "Being John Malkovich." And Chris Cooper definitely earned his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. This is just a fun film to watch with an absolutely great script. If you watch this movie, you will most likely have fun and will be very intrigued. It's hard to find movies these days that DON'T treat the audience like a bunch of dumbasses, and this one is one of them.