TayroA's Rating of Lifeform

Tayro's Review of Lifeform

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


A decent movie with a terrible ending. So save yourself from the end if you can. Mysteriously, a lost Viking probe comes back to Earth and lands in the desert. The space probe is immediately take to a nearby military complex where two scientist proceed to its study before the military arrives. It seems that the probe actually came back from Mars, but, who is sending it? The story starts acceptably good. The cast is small but fairly efficient and the characters, both the scientists and the soldiers, are fairly realistic and likable. The movie, despite some little flaws and mistakes, has an intelligent script and is moderately entertaining. Near the end, with a bunch of interesting questions open, the movie finishes. Just like that. Producers run out of budget and secondary character, a nobody in the movie, tries to explain what happened, while some found footage is played, awful.

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