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First off. I'm not a big Jolie fan. Don't care about action packed gun movies. But, I found this surprisingly different. James McAvoy character is hi-jacked very early in the movie by Jolie and taken to a huge castle to learn that he is too join the "Fraternity" and be trained to be an assassin by the command of Morgan Freeman . You see the movie tru James's character. He goes thru grueling training almost tough to watch and is wondering why hes picked for this as you wonder too. The Fraternity picks out important figures to take out lead by Morgan . As James is in training under Jolie he is told by Morgan that hie estranged father was part of the Fraternity and pieces come together why he is picked. The plots makes nice surprisingly turns and the action is really good!! Morgans character is typical mega leader ego .I think they payed the money for Morgan , so he'd add some dignity to the character which works fine. Not a lot of scenes with Morgan , but always nice to see Morgan Freeman. Decent characters who help James learn his craft. Real fast 2 hours. No dead spots and a nice ending.

Urban Cowboy
Urban Cowboy(1980)

Always a favorite of mine. Its a trip to Texas where you would work on the pipe line during the day(lots of hiring in that time of history ) and drink at Gilleys at nite. Bud rolls into town to live with Uncle Bob and Aunt Corene to work on the pipe line. The handsome cowboy meets Sissy and they fall in love fast. Their chemistry on this simple film is heart warming . All characters flow smoothly in this story of Texas in that time. Scott Glenn probley first film plays an amazing bad guy that you will hate him for along time. You'd never believe it's Scott Glenn. His character is the ex-con who runs the mechanical bull at Gilleys at nite sleeping in a trailor in the back parking lot. His name id Tatoo and comes into the picture while Bud and Sissy start to come unhinged. You;ll love Bud, Sissy and Uncle Bill and Aunt Corene who are so loving to their Bud like a real son. Wanna take a trip to Texas in 1980?! Go watch it. Soundtrack is great too!!!

The Mothman Prophecies

It may be the creepiest movie I ever watched.

The Boy
The Boy(2016)

Filmed like an old ghost movie in England. Looks real good in a foggy setting for the ol' mansion. Simple story of a nanny showing up to take care of a boy while the elderly parents
go away. But the boy is a somewhat life size doll with a list of chores to do with him. Throw in a thunderstorm and a hidden attic and it's a making of a classic. 90 minutes makes no dead spots. But the end is a forgettable mess.

10 Cloverfield Lane

John Goodman is great with a strong supporting cast. The movie moves along at a great pace with only 3 actors and an underground bunker. High suspense as Winstead uncovers the truth about Goodman when he's not looking.

Snow on tha Bluff

A Docu-Drama, which I don't usually care, this one is worth a watch. Nothing fancy at all. Real shot footage following Mr. Curtis Snow thru his daily live in one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. The very few fictional aspects of the film are over weighed by real the characters. The choppy editing makes you was next. He is not a legend but a strong piece of something totally broken.


Sounds very one-sided.

The Spanish Prisoner

Very good story with no dead spots. Very clever movie. Steve Martin is well casted for this role. And Cambell Scott does a great job as well as does
Rebecca Pidgeon

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Great casting. Movie does some times feel a litle long. Amy Adams sparkles as Lois Lane. and Henry Cavill fill out the red cape with vinesse.The begining of where he comes from doesn't move me much..or what else can you do with Superman, but the back story of his growing up with his parentes-who found him when he was small-is very touching.Action is plentifull and when Superman takes off..you'll watch.

KISS: Second Coming

This was a special time for rock fans and even more special for the KISS Army. Shortley after Ace and Peter made a special appearance on the KISS Unplugged (8/9/95),it was no way of turning back. The roar of the small crowd in the Unplugged studio was deafing. So , another great chapter in KISStory was born. The four gods got back together and they sure look and sound great. You can really tell they were having fun with this new tour. It didn't take long after this tour for Ace and Peter having bad feelings again. But enjoy Second Coming. It really is a great time for KISS and the fans as well.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Hang on. Cruise is back in this "take no prisoners"film. Its not only action but an IMAX adventure egual to any roller coaster that took your breath away! The story is solid enough for the action to launch you out the nearest window. Mission Impossible is the new James Bond in my book.


Really. Haven't we been here before....like, 4 or 5 times already? I would rather have the flu then sit through this again.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Not a big fight-movie type of guy. But the way this was directed(if not my favorite directed film) and the way the film flows with a shadow of depressed state on a strange ,engaging story. This film is a gem that stands alone. Totally ageless.


Very simple movie with a solid story that has no dead spots. Ryan is a quite stunt man who gets over his head in a robbery to help a nieghbor who he falls for. The driving is great in it. And Alert Brooks is GREAT as a mob boss.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

A real summer treat! Great cast and a good story. Its not just about an alien. Its about the town it hides in.Its a real Spielberg treasure. 2nd to E.T.!

Water for Elephants

The movie takes place during the depression area. A moving circus picks up a veterinary student who just quits school from the learning of his parents sudden death. He finds friends and love as the circus keeps moving along. The film does its best to touch on the amazing book its based on. The movie looks great on the wide screen and being not to log, it has no dead spots. You will hate August(the circus ring leader and wife of Jacobs love interest), and you'll fall in love with elephant.

Inside Moves
Inside Moves(1982)

This is one of me and my dad's favorite movies

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

Amazing movie in all. Not just a boxing movie. Not just a movie about Lowell. This movie moves along right from the first frame and doesn't let go of you. Bale's performance is outstanding and stays with you many days after . Now go see it!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

I found this the most boring Potter film yet. Dark and gloomy and great effects with alot of dead time, yet the movie wants to move faster.I'm sure it sticks close to the book. But its far too serious for a "Harry Potter" film. But Harry and his two musketeers are still lovable to watch.

Lottery Ticket

Ice Cube saves what little movie there is.


Great big screen journey .