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Let Me In
Let Me In (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

They say only humans can feel the power of true love, but how about the love of a 12 year old boy and a 12 year old vampire???...

The movie was about a young boy named Owen(Kodi Smit-McPhee)that is forever getting bullied by classmates, Well, a sweet little girl named Abby(Chloe Moretz) moved in the next door down in his apartment complex, Since the arrival of his new neighbor strange disappearences and brutal attack's on the innocent people of Los Alamos, New Mexico had begun happening. Owen and Abby become very close friends, and eventually seem to have fallen in love with one another.

This movie as it was shown in the preview trailer's and on the internet seemed to have people thinking it was 100 percent a horror film but Ultimately this is a story about love and friendship between a low-self esteemed young boy and a girl forever trapped in her youth.

Watch the movie and see exactly what happens when you attempt to cross the path of a young vampire and her true love.

***Everything Below this line is my opinion on the movie***

Matt Reeves once again showed me why I call him the ultimate genius. "Cloverfield" and now this!! "Let Me In" is for surely going to go down as one of the greatest vampire, romance and horror movies of all time. Please quote me on this "Twilight" was hands down, destroyed by "Let Me In" Team Edward?? who's that again?? Team Abby all the way"

"Chloe Moretz was a "bloody" genius, I thought Chloe couldn't have been any better of an actress as she was in "Kick-Ass".. But I was absolutely wrong!"

"This film most definitely stands alone, BEST movie of the year... Of the Decade... Of the Century... Of All-Time!!"

"I think that this film is way better than the original "Let The Right One In" I have already seen this movie everyday since opening day, It has everything in a movie that I look for: Drama, Horror, Thrill, and yes Romance! The best slogan I can come up with for this movie is "Adorable goes Bloody"
Go see this movie I promise it won't let you down!!

Just in case you have yet to see the deleted scene from "Let Me In" then here it is!!! Copy and paste the link that I have given and scroll down to watch! (It is very out there, seems to be some kind of rape scene or some plot in to which it plays into Abby's transformation, I assume that Abby(Chloe Moretz) is being raped by another vampire though)

Kick-Ass (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Kick-ass will be a hit for years to come! This movie was about:
A unnoticed high school student from New York name Dave Lizewski(Aaron Johnson aka Kick-ass), with his easy and nowhere near overwhelming life that he can't stand that he has, will soon be changed forever. So, one day Dave and a few of his friends named Marty and Todd, who are obsessed with Comic books and superhero's begin talking about why no one has ever tried to becoming a superhero, Well, Dave later that day, behind his friends and the worlds back, makes a dangerous decision to become powerless and a untrained masked super-hero.
Along his "Superhero" like journey, he comes a cross a path of a dangerous and an extremely powerful gangster named Frank D'Amico, Frank soon believes that Kick-ass is the reason why is team is quickly being taken out, But Frank doesn't know that Kick-ass also has help...
But, before Kick-ass ran across the mob of thieving gangster, he met up with an 11-year old Superhero named Hit-girl (Chloe Moretz) and her father Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), that insisted that Kick-ass joined there side and help them attempt to take out Frank D'Amigo and the rest of his dangerous Goon's.

****Everything Under this line is my opinion****
Wow, I really enjoyed this movie when it came out earlier this year (2010). I was worried about how this would go knowing only what the preview trailer's were letting us see, they were letting us see a 11 year old super-hero killing a bunch of older and more powerful males. I sat there the first time i seen the preview and said "are they really doing this, are they really going to make a 11 year old superhero"??? They did and it was amazing, action packed and the thing I really like about it was the fact it wasn't in a comic book form.

In about a year and a half, way in 2012 a sequel will make its debut in theatre's everywhere... named "Kick-ass 2 Balls to the wall"

Resident Evil: Afterlife
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In a world completely taken over by a virus infection, making its victims into flesh eating zombies, Alice's (Milla Jovovich) bloody clash with world's most powerful corporation, The Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, On her long journey to find living people, and to take down the Umbrella Corporation, Alice runs across some unexpected help from a friend that she once thought was in safety. Her friend (Ali Larter) was suppose to be at a place that promises a safe environment from the flesh eating zombies takes them to Los Angeles City, but when they arrive, They soon realized that the promise land that they once imagined was being ran by thousands of the Undead! Now, Alice and her newly found friends are sitting in the worlds "bloodiest" deadly trap..

This movie had a great story line way back when it was just "Resident Evil", when all this made sense, since the Original the movie went way of track and that takes us to "Resident Evil 3D"!
My thought on this film could go all day if I wanted to but I really do not feel like writing 1000 pages on why this movie should have never been released, so I am just going to write a little:

First thing: The action was way way way to slow! It took for ever for the story line to make any sense at all. If I remember correctly at the end of the 3rd Resident evil it didn't end the way this film started... I literally sat there the same way I sat when I watched the show "lost".

Second thing: You know what I am not going to waste my time anymore... To make a long long long story short, The zombie's by now would have starved to death from lack of blood and flesh!! So do me a favor Paul W.S. Anderson (director) please!! STOP!!! with these movies, it doesn't make sense! The zombies should be dead! and same with Alice!