SP's Rating of Battleship

S's Review of Battleship

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


An interesting movie. Better than I expected but still without any substance. The only interesting part was the battleship board-game warfare scenario. That's it.

HOWEVER I can't begin to point out the longshots that went right for Earth forces or the level of stupidity portrayed by the aliens...

1. Alien in halo armor lost his helmet with a whack of a metal suitcase?
2. Furthermore halo armor lost to prosthetic leg? Less mobility than the posthetic leg soldier?
3. 1 battleship takes out 4-5 alein ships with better aimed missiles than erratic spinning cannisters and hand to hand combat? Seriously? Technology went stone age after the initial pulse. What a joke.
4. Aliens didn't learn from the first 3 ships the Earth objective was to attack and suffered casualty to their main ship and ground units?
5. 1 missile from the US battleship destroyed the entire communication compound on the island? The aliens don't inter-communicate throughout the entire ordeal?

It is so implausible for everything to go wrong for the aliens and/or them having weaker defenses and primitive offensives given the technology they brought to Earth.

Story is laughable / inconceivable.