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The Big Year
The Big Year(2011)

Not what you would expect. An excellent weekend movie.

Ride Along
Ride Along(2014)

Kevin Hart humor is enjoyable as always. Little substance.

The Dark Knight

Loved it.

Once thing: Bale's batman voice is his only flaw. I'll give it a 60%. Dub it over with Kevin Conroy and that'll be a solid 95%.

There's a reason dub used to be done in the past to create the perfect character. Most notably, Darth Vader. Unfortunately the casting crew missed the boat on this idea.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Decent acting. Drawn out but true to the recreation of the original story. Overall another great movie. The hobbit films have been true to the pace of the book thus far. Jackson has done an excellent job to withhold from eliminating fine details and over dramatizing events (which trap most fantasy film).

The Man From Earth

I can't understand how there aren't collaborative critic reviews on this. I found this movie's title from a review I was reading on an internet show.

Very interesting scifi movie. Words dominated the movie and it was extremely well played. It goes without saying you can't describe a descriptive story.

This piece was very delightful and inquisitive for an audience able to listen to a story. The emotion at the ending was great. Really did not expect that to happen and thought the protagonist would go on, unnoticed by any of his peers (excluding the lady who believed him).

Thor: The Dark World

Generic. Poor acting. Best leave this plot in the books and to the imagination.


An interesting movie. Better than I expected but still without any substance. The only interesting part was the battleship board-game warfare scenario. That's it.

HOWEVER I can't begin to point out the longshots that went right for Earth forces or the level of stupidity portrayed by the aliens...

1. Alien in halo armor lost his helmet with a whack of a metal suitcase?
2. Furthermore halo armor lost to prosthetic leg? Less mobility than the posthetic leg soldier?
3. 1 battleship takes out 4-5 alein ships with better aimed missiles than erratic spinning cannisters and hand to hand combat? Seriously? Technology went stone age after the initial pulse. What a joke.
4. Aliens didn't learn from the first 3 ships the Earth objective was to attack and suffered casualty to their main ship and ground units?
5. 1 missile from the US battleship destroyed the entire communication compound on the island? The aliens don't inter-communicate throughout the entire ordeal?

It is so implausible for everything to go wrong for the aliens and/or them having weaker defenses and primitive offensives given the technology they brought to Earth.

Story is laughable / inconceivable.

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

Does every movie need a "plot" or definitive end?
SO many biased critics. Deserves more than a 50% for sure.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

A truly touching movie. Movies from the 90s had their own touch. Actors held their own. Cant fully say how much every part of the movie shined. What a great ending. Just great.

Peaceful Warrior

As a former gymnast this movie disappoints in every aspect. In a unique perspective, there are so many things wrong with the portrayal of the sport made me cringe.

Save your trouble and go watch another inspiring sports movie.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

Pure delight. an acquired taste most memorable from the 90s when times were simpler.

And average of 54% is absolutely sickening.

Mirror Mirror

Amusing. Mundanely superficial story followed with a poorly written script. Ok 2hrs for the family thought, the kids would find it interesting.

It's a wonder how movies like these are a success (financially speaking)

Marvel's The Avengers

Decent. As good as a collaboration could get.
The only character I really want to address - The Hulk. Why? He has big shoes to fill and is the only character capable of transforming between movies in every single aspect while still putting on a great show. In this aspect every review of a hulk's iteration is unique to the critic.

The bad - Disappointed at the hulk's demeanor. Well portrayed, but the body language resembled "the hunchback" or the "creeper". Understandable Ruffalo's face was in the hulk, but the overall look was far less impressive and than one portrayed in "the incredible hulk". The rage looked like a Downs syndrome monster and didn't live up to the hulks potential. Key details missing: the defined green eyes, vascularity of any type, definition beyond well molded clay. Overall a considerable step back from the 2008 hulk.

The good - This hulk's overall performance. The power was seen and was enjoyable. The monster was truly unleashed and stood out on screen above the other characters. A newly defined hulk with more than a purpose to cream.

Hulk's appearance?? Very questionable. Understandably very hard to add to the story, but the studio tried its best. The entire plot form Loki stood on bring out the monster. Very badly portrayed. 1st transformation relapse = monster. 2nd Hulk transformation = domesticated team player. Not buying it at all.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Absolutely no point to this movie. I'll attempt to make the rider into some snarling cat.

Trash compilation of a good character. Script and movie was beneath a standard crappy Nick Cage movie and that is a huge statement. Rarely can a movie be worse than his acting.

Red Tails
Red Tails(2012)

Good story, but pretty lackluster movie. There was no excitement. Its a documentary with anecdotal scenes at best. Plot just didn't come together. Too many individual characters to focus on in such a short time.

Project X
Project X(2012)

Critics need to stop thinking traditionally. Did they honestly think this was going to be another traditional movie?


This movie has but one major message and that tethers on the issue of compassion.

Yes Dr, we really can stand by and watch those people die.
Humans try to defy the way of nature. You cannot save every weak link, but we strive to; its the nature of our species.
Nut those are just some opinions.

Back to the movie, well its ok at best. Just another action filler displaying artists' renditions of the end of the world with new techniques. Otherwise its a pretty poorly conceived plot and movie.

Green Lantern

67+ of 114 minutes was over-enthusiastic plot development. At least half the movie was about Hal's childhood and love life.

Initially when introduced to Sinestro, he said Hal's constructs were weak within 1 min of weak constructs. The power of the ring was never shown again after the sparing session.

Movie developed and ended as if the lantern core were docile weaklings. The guardians looked pitiful and didn't think amongst each other, only sparsely as individual entities. Furthermore they made a yellow ring.

This only covers some development details. Did any of the writers or director even attempt to read past the green lantern sparknotes and/or wikipedia page? Failures.

Can't stand to say anything else worse about this movie...

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

I cannot fully explain the 1982 as well as I'd like so I'll only say it was spectacular.

The 2002 version destroys MANY key elements that led to the originals success. Its foremost violation is showing ET in the introduction and redoing all the scenes in CGI. The angles were made for a reason.

Just faithfully reproduce it onto Blu-Ray like the Sound of Music or another timeless classic.
1st version the original.
2nd version a retouch of the exact same footage.

Its not that hard to understand.
I pray to god GL and SS don't butcher Indiana Jones.

Win Win
Win Win(2011)

I liked the movie, but it had too many holes. Not enough resolution of issues. The whole storyline with kyles mom was pretty randomly connected and so was the denouement in the end.

All-Star Superman

An interesting movie, but like most recent ones from WB, a bit too ambitions for the length of time of the movie.

It had great ideas, but became a stuffed potato by the end.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

1. Purpose - to make a 3d movie with explosions.

--> Sadly that failed with lackluster battle sequences.

2. Like many said before. No plot, so throw in a British accent chick and hope for the best.

3. The loose plot can be summed up as a long run-on sentence with very few punctuations that concludes with "..."
They/Michael Bay realized the movie was approaching 3 hrs so he had to end it anyhow and just reset/ignore any premise the movie attempted to follow and/or create.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Good movie. Some classic actors

I do have one criticism, once again Ryan Phillippe cries too much and attempts to act.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

David Yates did not live up to expectation. True to the works, it was slow in the first half, but transforming this information into a movie was just as dull for the majority of the film.

In all it was nothing over average. Hopefully he doesn't expect some battles to make up for a similar theme in part 2. I pray he doesn't tarnish what harry potter's finale. He could learn a thing or two from Alfonso Cuarón about dreary, inquisitive suspense.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This 3rd installment is the best one. Superb scenes. Very grim and captivating shots and acting. Numerous aspects very unique and solidifying the Harry Potter legacy. The other movies following it lost the luster. This movie stays true to presenting magic in a wizards world and not just another action movie.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma(2011)

Though I haven't seen the movie yet, its safe to say before and after seeing the trailer Vince Vaughn peaked and began his descent as an actor some time ago. Each of his characters are exactly the same. Any involvement of a relationship to extend a character simply puts an awkward mood in the picture. He has one face and brings one tone to his movies.

After seeing this movie, my suspicions were correct. Furthermore the movie was NOTHING like the entirely misleading trailer.


Honestly its one of the worst indian movies of 2010. It tries to break barriers by including different ethnic actors and an inexplicably stupid plot. The scene and fake pretenses change so much its just hard to keep up with the single connection that tries to drive the entire movie after the background introduction.

The people who rated this very high are either not versed in the background of indian movies or bored of the normal movies they see and curious of a foreign flick.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

Predicted this right from the trailer. This movie tries to take a concept way out of proportion in a very odd way. In the end it becomes 2 pretty distinct plots that don't really work together.

All the editing int he world wont help when one of those story lines decides to fall off the boat as the other one lifts into mediocrity.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

It definitely has its ups, but it also has its downs.

First the good. The soundtrack is amazing. Absolutely helps the movie. The lights were amazing; the studio beautifully modernized the idea form its original creation. A movie like this was done complete justice appearing in IMAX. Entertainment is sometimes more thrilling than the deeper thought behind the movie. This movie delivers to the 2 most basic senses in superb fashion. For that it pulls a great deal of my vote.

It had many elements and only lacked a completed direction. The story was mostly lost after the first 45 minutes. It was very well written up to that point; seemed like a very upbeat revitalization from the progression of the first movie.

The journey learning about the grid was fascinating but it left too many holes as to why Clue's interpretation of perfection was different from Flynn's. This movie could have been much more epic, but sunk to being average with merely an amusing 2nd half that becomes more shallow and more ride.

Nevertheless, in all its a great family film and also a fun ride.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

No way this was better than RE3. 1 and 2 were by far the best. This one has a random story. Too many side tracks, especially the Los Angeles setting for the majority of the movie with Alice's amnesic friend.

It started out bad. All those clones and they were wearing shirts into a fight? They couldn't find any sort of protective gear at all? Pathetic plot to qui9ckly dispose of what could have been the center of the movie. If it wasn't a good idea, then the 4rd movie should have had a different ending. all the scripts were written consecutively to preserve a sense of flow. The 4th installment has no flow, only many events.

The movie is riddled with crazy pseudo creatures and even worse tv actors with 1 hit shows. I can't help but to only be condescending to this movie for how poorly it was conceived after the first 2 and a half movies.


Let me start of by saying I have no idea how the audience gave it a 60%. This thriller is a fine work. Pacino and Williams make it very exciting. Its the type of movie that can keep you on the edge and send chills beyond superficial ploys. I don't care to divulge the movie for two reasons. First its best to keep a movie like this unrevealed. Second, It contains numerous complexities and I'm no expert in translating them into the written language, so its best left unsaid and succinct as mind-blowing.

Its very well acted and lies in a category that has nearly completely been forgotten in movies today. There might be scripts and perhaps a handful of directs knowledgeable in translating the script but the vision is gone and so are many of the actors.

Sadly their work in movies stops not long after this movie. They had some good runs and spectacular additions to cinema.

Gulliver's Travels

This movie is for family fun. It isn't too bad, but it isn't the great either. There are many characters as well as many odd plots, but they work themselves out.

Blunt and Connolly revisit royal roles as princess and King of Liliput. The whole story is a bit bizarre but then again, how many people remember the original story from when it was told? I doubt many. Either way the movie decides to include many modern changes with Black's quirky methods and thing just happen.

The development reminds me of an episode of a sitcom. There are quarrels, tension and resolution of love, as well as unpredictable nuances. All together it makes a good episode. Similarly Gulliver's Travels is a nice little spotlight to just retreat for a while. Doesn't seem like its a screen worthy movie, but its enjoyable nonetheless.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

This movie is ok at best. Its plot is rather shaky, switching and combining many different aspects of multiple super heroes.
nemies are trivialized from their history to their powers. The only thing I can attest to being positive is the actual animation. The more comic look and direction is alright but does not make up for the haphazard film.
Given all a movie should have, this jam packed adventure that barely lasts 80 mins tries to squeeze in too many facets from the DC world while creating a rather "unique" story. This movie leaves much to be desired for viewers who want to see superman in an animation worthy of his time. Directors graced Batman with yet another success with his recent film, hopefully someone will allow the next portrayal of superman to be as good.


Well my preview entry nearly a couple thousand characters long failed to load, so I can't take time to rethink it all.

But know this, Seabiscuit delivers an experience on numerous levels that can't be found in many other movies of an animal or racing genre. The understanding, compassion, and love between all the characters resonates with the audience - keeping the movie engaging and personable.

Gnomeo and Juliet

Right. Contrary to the "critics" who have this thought in mind, every movie doesn't have to have a profound meaning. The movie was well done enough to satisfy the the story it emulated. There were many new quirks thrown into play and its style was pretty nice. The switch to 3d for every animated feature works decently with this movie. It might not be one of the best, but that was never its purpose. It gives a good laugh and has a decent storyline.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Can be summed up in a word another critic said, 'Eyecandy'. Lucas tries to re-birth the epic saga and aims it to attract the lower age group of watchers this time.

I still found it visually stunning, but the story was average, nothing epic. The screenplay and lines were fairly average as well. The light sabers weren't portrayed their best in this but still showed the theme of action and potency the world once had before the Empire destroyed it and along with the Jedi arts.

Its not the best and not the worst but it is definitely a starting point to draw a whole new generation. From the eyes of kids, fast pace and flashes with great graphics are a complete success - most notably the race on Tatooine.

Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller's movies are just plain hilarious. Loved the cast. Everyone played their roles well. Lines were good. This is the best thing he's made since Zoolander and its just pure genius.

If you haven't seen this movie, do so. Its an essential comedy with some adult humor.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

Very well done. A bit more gore than the original but stuck true to its roots. I didn't think it would be this good, considering US remakes butcher originals.

Compared to the original I think this version had some more interactive elements int he music and general ambiance - perhaps that is a biased opinion since I prefer it that way compared to the less 'embellished' Swedish movies. They are powerful, but sometimes need that extra touch to make it 'less stoic'.

Moretz is growing to prove she can be a powerful actor. I enjoy her movies and thought she was cast spot on for the role. First time I saw McPhee in a movie, but he seems to be someone to look out for in the future. He did a great job as well.

Top Gun
Top Gun(1986)

As usual critics are off base. There is something about this movie that makes it timeless. Surely aviation technology has changed a lot but the attitude is still there. Top gun represents a generation, but more than that its ethics and characters presented can be timeless.

The movie does have its mundane and cheesy moments, but I highly doubt nay realistic movie trying to incorporate some of the Air Force's best could be done without such scenes.

The music is something movies have lost in the modern era. Top Gun has a unique ambiance with its high powered music and soft undertones that flows well with the action on screen.

Of course its preweitten - its a movie. The 'programmed' and 'fake' comments you see form critics and community can't be backed up with another fighter pilot movie of its genre. This movie stands out in multiple aspects of the film industry. It was not meant to be a documentary.

The Young Victoria

Well played. Couldn't have expected it to be more dramatic from the queen or those along her age. The plot was well written and the acting cast did a very good. Combined with the sets, the production translates royalty as one of the best in its class of movies.

The cinematography really added to this movie. Acting was fresh but always captured in a right way. Its a shame really some of the great movies about the crown from the 90s lacked the technology and vision to really bring the monarchy to life.

This movie beautifully captures the architecture and well portrays the status of royals. Though I wish it included more footage of the politics involved with the throne at the time, it tries to integrate it somewhat, but only slightly through a few characters.

Overall its a great watch and one of the top crown movies I have seen.

Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown(1997)

Interesting enough but a little dry. It tries to hold up well but never quite makes it but it is still a top among title about the crown.

The performances are great, but some of the movie never creates a mood among all the scenes. There is a definite connection between the key actors but that alone holds up most the movie.

The movie really could have been made better without the dry, olden aged camera view. This detracts from the brightness that could have been shows, rather than its 80s view. Still, the movie is a piece of work worth watching.

Mission: Impossible

A good B+ action film. Though some can disagree, it has a lot of elements characteristic of the older generation of action.

For starters its not bland. Has some fun with a good score to lighten moods at times - something modern movies forgot existed. The whole plot might not be as exquisite as James Bond, but it follows a conventional form of deniability by the western world which leaves many elements to interpretation.

The key to watching an action movie like this is to understand the type of tone it aims for. Not the serious technical ops Bourne Identity type thriller but an open serious and light-hearted action endeavor. In this fashion every scene doesn't have to make sense for the action it delivers.

Definitely a good watch.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

Simply put, its a great movie.

And to clarify to everyone saying Bale "stole" the movie should revisit the man called Mark W. He is one of the most humble actors in the business. He didn't design his character to have the top role b.c there was a larger co-star who could provide a good support to the protagonist.

For an inspirational, realistic story of the block and gritty life, this is it.


That wasn't bad at all.
I liked the suspense. The whole story is intertwined to keep you interested but confused. It can seem typical but I had no idea about the target or tagetees until the end.

It was a good horror film thats for sure. All other horror movies save 5-10 this decade have been solely based on mediocre acting and lots of gore. This Movie differed going back to the basics, things not seen since the 90s.

Its def. worth a watch for the suspenseful horror movie.


This is a real superhero movie for teens. The true action without machines or fancy cgi.
You have to appreciate the awesome music and fight scenes this movie puts together. It isn't just another video about superheros, rather one with a unique storyline presented as a movie rather well.
This live action joins the sparse few in successful cross overs.

The acting was great. The movie seems timeless b.c the hero made himself as few others have, notably batman. The protagonist sports a commoners life that isn't outrageous, so he can appeal to many more people without having to imagine an vastly rich or secluded lifestyle. It provides a fresh kick with its camera angles and style of action. If you like comics, this is definitely one to watch.

Morning Glory

There was 1 message this movie tried to get across, the difficulty in running a tv show with the myriad of competition in morning television.

It was well presented form the executive standpoint as a story, but the movie lacked any interest. Literally random events thrown in with Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford. McAdams filled her character splendidly but there was no back up. It was only her. A 1 person movie. Everyone else's performance was lackluster and merely supportive.

There were numerous changing scenes but the movie itself wasn't changing much. The story crawled at an abysmal rate with barely any connectivity to draw the audience's attention. So many subplots thrown together to keep the boring primary story still coherent. The only star that kept anyone's attention was the impending feeling McAdam's job would implode and she would be left broken. At least the writers got that part right in connecting an iota across the screen.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

It was ok. Movie held my attention for the first 1/3. It was as interesting as a remake of the original could have been to that point. The rest was garbage and effects.

The one thing I highly respect about this movie is the struggle between diplomacy and fear. Human instinct is based on fear, hence why the world is easily manipulated and governed by threat. I daresay if any alien life were to visit Earth, the first meeting would be disastrous. It probably would not be as directly aggressive as shown in this movie, but nevertheless would be by people with great arrogance in an attempt to barrage questions founded in fear.

The first encounter perspective shown is adapted well for the change in times. Humans are still as paranoid as one could expect and think nothing else that their self benefit and existence before reason. Its easily explains why the world is in the current state of mutual turmoil. Every country and strata of society fends for itself.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

I don't know about many other people but I thought the films graphical sense was amazing. It brought on some of the same feel of fighting while driving to a decent plot.

Perhaps it tried to be too different by incorporating an "anime world". Sure that was a gamble and might have turned away a vast audience it could have attracted. In the end the racing sequences were superb. Loved every bit of it. For movies like this the adults can't be the ones to trust. This generally includes 90% of critics and adult film reviewers.

The style of the film and the feel does gain a lot of credibility if the critical reviewers actually knew how hard it would be to recreate an unconventional racing cartoon into a live action movie. The Wachowskis took it to the next level by making the setting futuristic.

I don't see a gaping hole in what this movie had to offer. Without the anime world and simply a futuristic one, it would have been less appealing to the young audience to drive a family experience instead of adolescent and older age group. They made a choice, and so I must mark down for the ambiguity of "mixed worlds".

The characters were really well scripted and cast in the movie. I didn't feel anyone forced their roles. The dynamic between old and young speed and their father was great. Both Hirsch's mindset and Elia's captivation for speed racer's world of racing was flawless. I was actually surprised how well the young speed took on his role.

To the vast majority of critics who rate this movie around 20%, its clear you've never been immersed into animation. This isn't just another cartoon. This film was made from the perspective of its original animation - key elements were the unthinkable action sequences and its crazy pace during racing and escape scene. Imagination to visually translate the elements of the original speed racer with modern technology makes it such a visual success. Its efforts can be fully appreciated by viewing it from the growth of its original animation to a live action, not simply by itself.

Many live action cartoon based movies simple can't cut its transition from animation or comics to the big screen. Movies tend to trash and twist to make the action believable. Speed Racer did not fall for false acting or extraneous scenes to make a movie more exciting or dull than it was meant to be.

In summary the movie combined different effects to the best of its effort. They kept the story simple without being too bland. If you want a drama for racing, then you're being critical towards a movie that doesn't not exist and would loose the light hearted elements this movie achieves. Its a great watch and a great ride.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

They planned it out. They included characters.

After watching just half the movie, I had a simple thought. This is just another medieval war with characters whose names the audience knows.

There is a complete disconnect between anything robin hood and numerous other characters are associated with. I daresay King John partly lives up to his known figure.

Another failed attempt to commercialize and turn epic a story that should be full of emotions and events around the magical land its supposed to be in. Instead the movie tried to present an epic journey with many little events that move so quickly, giving the appearance the film makers wanted months of stories and travels jammed into a couple hours.

Though I really do like Russell Crowe, his team and him don't seem to realize a bad script when they stumble upon it. It really isn't his fault that lately he's been cast in the terrible movies and put into situations he's not meant for.

Ip Man
Ip Man(2010)


I don't think there could be a better martial art movie than this one. As a movie, it wasn't as classic of a warrior story but stayed true to the confines of its history.

Donnie Yen did an extraordinary job portraying a Wing Chun and the movie itself didn't exaggerate levels of martial art skill, like most movies do. It was authentic, believable, and very well executed.

This is the first martial arts movie where There weren't crazy camera tricks to make scenes seem more than they could offer but didn't. The audience was able to see martial arts without deception and tricks.

Even though it was a movie, I am compelled to feel as if it were an extended documentary - simply altered to make it appealing on a screen. Movies have some a long way when one rises above the rest to captivate viewers into a story that includes enough parts to keep it from being the long bore it could have been.

For any martial arts enthusiast, this is a must see movie. I was pretty astounded to first stumble up it as a search result with a hulu link as an option. Needless to say, merely a part of it deemed it worthy for a dvd rental and eventual buy.


It embodies what late 20th century movies had to offer in terms of engaging excitement, overall cinematography, and believable fighting with more than just 1 skilled superstar owning many others. It has most the elements of a great fighting movie. Some of the fighters are lacking in presentation but those guys are always there in a tournament.

Why does this movie have such a low rating? The critics are afraid. They wince at blood and at what a good fighting movie this is for the audience. Compare it to any other fighting movie. Go ahead. You won't find a better full contact fight movie by JCVD or anyone else in all out fighting.

**One a final note, you cannot compare this to some of the Asian martial arts movies of the 21 century. The pure skill level and understanding by MULTIPLE cast members is of a different caliber in those movies; Way ahead of this movie's time.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A Great movie by Burton. Adaptations.

Definitely not the verbally playful 1970s version but then again, that's never been Burton's main focus. He used technology to twist out a modern approach to the wacky side of Wonka as well the grandeur of the Wonka Factory.

Some of the playful words of Roald Dahl are lost in this version, BUT the emphasis was not only the chocolateer in this movie. Each kid got more attention post ticket win than int he first movie, cutting out some of the verbosity of Wonka-only riddling talk from the original movie.

Some of the adaptations to the characters seems presumptuous and a bit damaging to the original work. But for the most part, changes were a great new work. The depiction of the town was greater than the common city in the 70s version, but sadly this one didn't display the initial candy shoppe joy.
The nut room display was Pure Genius. Hats off.

Overall, a decent script, great graphics, visionary Oompa loompa storyline finally brought to life, and an indescribable factory whose magic finally revealed!


An interesting story but the essence was only in Penny Chenery's story. The movies completely misses on any involvement with the horse. By the time the abcess "incident" is thrown in at late night, a miraculous recovery and race abruptly finishes the movie.

Decent movie, but not better than Seabiscuit.