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In the Loop
In the Loop (2009)
45 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Brilliant. Wag the Dog with British timing. No documentary of U.S/U.K politics behind a march to war better captures its sleazy rewriting of facts and history better than this fast, dark and offensive comedy.

Snowden (2016)
49 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Loved it! This may be the most important movie so far this millennium. If only 5% of Americans openly took a stand like Snowden and did the right thing when faced with corruption they could do something about, the Bandwagon Effect would work positively, and this country would return to rule of law instead of being led by criminals.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad (2016)
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Suicide Squad sucks. That's probably not news. I waited until Tuesday to say it, for all who wanted to be surprised by its suckiness. Suicide Squad is a DC Comics movie, but if its competitor Marvel Comics did not exist, Suicide Squad would have never been made.
Marvel Comics makes good super hero movies. Investors in DC Comics see the massive money Marvel makes on its good movies. They get together all the same ingredient or better, all the same equipment or better, and all the same talent or better. Then, with an even bigger vault of 'intellectual property' from which to draw, they instruct the talent to make a movie producing a profit. And, that's where everything goes bad.
When you start with a highest priority of making a profit, the best way to achieve your goal is via sensationalism over substance. Marvel movies with Stan Lee as executive producer, on the other hand, make their highest priority a great and integrated, intelligent film. If profit were not also a factor, the movie would probably not be made. Sometimes both cannot be had, which is why many awesome Marvel stories are never adapted..
DC is like the best restaurant in town minus a master chef, someone who actually cares enough about the food to throw it away if it is bad before serving it to his patrons.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
8 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Worst superhero movie ever. The whole idea of making beings so powerful that they can do anything with impunity is to also make them so good that nobody WANTS to hold them accountable. Take away their absolute goodness, and they are villains, not just criminals, but truly evil beings. Lex Luthor should have been the hero of this story for trying to destroy them both, but apparently the film's marketers couldn't have that, so they tack on to the Lex character attention deficit so debilitating he can't even finish most sentences. Combined with his pension for random, self-defeating violence, Lex is dumbed down to another hypocritically dull 2D clown fighting for completely self-serving ends in a movie with nothing more... ...until the end, when the entire production becomes an advertisement for a future Justice League sequel that I pray never gets made.