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Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin(2014)

A gritty revenge flick that will make you feel bad for enjoying it so much.

The East
The East(2013)

"The East" is a dark look at what would happen if people stood up for the injustice that corporations cause with no repercussion. Not much glitz but but definitely a smart film.

Silver Linings Playbook

Finally a love story that truly crazy people can enjoy. A funny and entertaining film, filled with a group of well developed unstable characters. Top notch casting.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Not your typical romantic comedy. A bit of hilarity mixed with a slap of reality. A watchable effort.

John Dies at the End

A horror/comedy on acid. The book was great, the movie was good. It is so strange and that's why it may be the next cult classic. Get ready to say "What the hell did I just watch."

Safety Not Guaranteed

Smart and witty. Not laugh out loud funny but definitely a constant smile for most of the short 1 hr 26 min run time. Has you saying "This guy is a nut who can't possibly time travel, can he?" Well worth the watch.

The Raid: Redemption

Who needs much of a plot when you have an all action slaughter-fest like this. You won't see more people getting brutalized in one hallway anywhere else. This is a must see dude flick.


This is the slasher version of "Paranormal Activity." The movie is a bunch of different horror films captured on VHS tapes, discovered by a group of misfits. It has all of the creepy factor for people who enjoy this handheld shot (reality-ish) horror genre except with triple the gore of any of the other films like it. It also moves at a fairly rapid pace seeing as it is several films in one. A good effort on being creative with a genre that has started to wear out it's welcome.


Fightville is an MMA documentary that follows the semi-pro careers of a pair of fighters, a fight trainer(Tim Credeur) and a promoter for the organization in which they fight. Although amateurish in nature, the film is fairly entertaining with a slight but possibly underdeveloped human interest side. With a run time of only 85 minutes, this is a must see documentary for MMA lovers.

Meeting Evil
Meeting Evil(2012)

Samuel L. Jackson plays a creepy serial killer who drags Luke Wilson for a strange and not very necessary ride. Meeting Evil is a sensationalistic killing machine with little substance and a weak plot twist. I'm indifferent about having watched it.