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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


In the future time travel is discovered and outlawed. But organized crime has found a way to keep using it. In the future when they want to wack someone then send them back to the past where a hit-man (Looper) awaits his arrival. He is then killed and disposed of in the past so nobody can't locate him in the present time. It's a great concept and a new twist on a mafia like film. Instead of dumping bodies in the river or leaving them in a pool of blood on the sidewalk. Disposing of someone with no way to trace them keeps the mafia away from getting caught.

Joe (Joseph Gorden-Levitt) lives in the past and is hired by a crime boss from the future played by Jeff Daniels. His job is to be at a certain location at a certain time every day. He stands in the field with his shotgun and waits for someone to appear with a bag over his head. He shoots them immediately without asking questions, collects his payment that's strapped to the body, and goes on about his day. Sounds like a fantastic job for anyone looking to get a easy payday that only requires a few simple action items. Until the Loopers find out that they are being hired to kill their future self.

Unlike Back to The Future time travel isn't being used to save someone, win a lot of money, or change the future. It's only being used by the mob and it's only being used to wack people from the future. The time travel is only a one way street. You can only go to the past and not too the future. This film could be very easy to pick apart and find loopholes in the time travel concept. But when you follow only the rules put in front of you with this film it's a great story. It's a film that I was very surprised with and has a great combination of action, comedy, and just overall a really fun storyline. It's one of the biggest surprise films of the year.

I give Looper... 3 Stars!