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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Host

The Host(2013)

Earth has been overtaken by Aliens and they use our Human bodies as hosts for them to roam. But our Human brains are still functioning and we're able to talk to the Aliens but our voices are never heard out loud. Based on the book by Stephenie Meyer. Myer also wrote the Twilight books.

I thought The Host was a very interesting concept. But the film focuses too much on the forbidden love between an Alien and a Human that hasn't been captured to be a host just yet. I would have loved to have seen this concept focus more on the "takeover" of Earth. And I also love to see how it effects adults and not teenagers. The Human race is in hiding and the Aliens are hunting humans to use as hosts throughout the film. But we never find out their real purpose. Instead this film is just another Teenage Love story with a human talking to a Alien trying to convince a Alien to do the right thing and leave her brother and boyfriend alone.

It's not a entertaining film. It's a boring film that could have used this exact concept to give us a real story. But instead we're wasting 2 hours of our lives on garbage.

I give The Host... 1 Star.