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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Six Americans flee the US Embassy in Iran and hide out at the Canadian ambassador's home. CIA agent Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck)comes up with a plan to bring them back home by disguising them as a film crew.

The meaning of the word hero is different to everyone. There are many types of heroes in the world that inspire us like Teachers, Police Officers, Service men and women. But there are also heroes that we never hear about. Argo is a brilliant story about a group of heroes that saved a lot of lives. I understand why the story was untold for so long. But this film is a fantastic tribute to them. It not only provides a history lesson. But this proves that sometimes these government secrets are not always a bad thing.

This film is based on actual events and the outcome is already known heading into the film. But this film will keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration. There are several intense moments that my heart was pounding while the plan was being executed. Near the end of the film there is a silent moment where a handshake takes place. Words were not needed at that moment. It was an extremely moving moment that was pulled off with perfection.

Ben Affleck is amazing in the directors chair. He's on his way to get another Oscar Nomination.

I give Argo... 4 Stars!
One of the best films of 2012