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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Evil Dead

Evil Dead(2013)

Five friends drive to a cabin in the middle of the woods for a small retreat. When the book of the dead is found and unleashes something evil onto the group.

I went back and watched the 1981 original a few weeks before seeing this remake. And I'm really glad that this story was remade. I think it needed a refresh with updated technology and effects. The 1981 film will always be a cult classic. But a newer version is something that fans of the original (Like myself) will adapt and enjoy.

When I think of horror films I want to see blood and gore, I want to see hot chicks, I want to see people lose limbs, I want to see the cast members do something stupid like run into the woods. I love that stuff. And I want it to be so violent and gory that it get's a R rating. This remake is all of the above. It's the type of film that "Cabin in the Woods" mocked last year. Which is fine with me. These films will never get old. I don't find them scary. I find them entertaining and this remake satisfies.

I give Evil Dead 3 1/2 Stars!