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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Airline pilot Whip Whitaker(Denzel Washington) saves the lives of over 95 people after a plane takes a nose dive. While being hailed as a hero the pilots union and legal team try to hide some facts that could put Whip in prison.

Director Robert Zemeckis has made a film that will keep you strapped to your seat from beginning til end. The very tense moments on the plane had me reaching for the cup holders and the arm rests. And the story that follows is nothing short of a tragedy waiting to happen.

The film isn't about the plane crash. The film is about a man named Whip Whitaker. He's an alcoholic and a drug user for reasons we can only assume. When around other people he is very likeable, witty, and respected. But when he enters a dark room by himself we see a different side of him. This side of him can't even be understood by a recovering heroin addict played by Melissa Leo. We can't understand him as the audience. But we feel sympathy and heartbreak for this man. This character is written perfectly and Denzel Washington gives another Oscar worthy performance.

Early in this film there is a scene that I still find myself thinking about. The scene takes place in the hospital staircase. Ellen (Melissa Leo) and Whip meet for the first time. Another male joins them that is dying from Cancer. His words are spoken with a comical attitude. He talks about cancer giving him a new outlook on life. He mentions that he wants to bottle up his last few moments in life. It's one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've seen all year. We know his time is almost up. But the future of our two main characters remain on a path that we can only hope will be positive.

The trailers for this film hide the real meanings and life lessons. It's perfectly executed and at the same time perfectly flawed.

This is going to be one of those films I'll be thinking about for the next few days.

I give Flight... 4 Stars!
One of the years best films!