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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Europa Report

Europa Report(2013)

This kind of the good version of Apollo 18. I kind of hate that this is being refered to as found footage film, its much better than that the way it's integrated from a storytelling way is more like a documentary, a "fauxmentary"? The interactions of the people in the Europa one is decent not great but i feel it sells the claustrophobia of the situation and the unknown fear on Europa. Really some impressive visuals for how litt;le the budget was and Europa looks amazing, by far the best Sci-fi film of the year. Loved how it has a lot of callbacks from great classic writers like Bradbury, C. Clarke and Assimov. Oh and the format they tell the story is great. I wish they had more money to hire stronger actors but both Nyquist and Copley are excellent in this all in all I suggest watching this, its only 90 minutes and think it's maybe the best thriller of the year as well, though they do throw a bunch of hard sci-fi ideas in this, so be warned of that. Overall really good in my book.