DanielDolgin's Rating of Chinatown

Daniel's Review of Chinatown

4 years ago via Movies on iPhone


Last time I saw Polanskis brilliant Chinatown was about fourteen months ago. It was as brilliant and thrilling than as it was watching it last night. Nothing wore off, the few scenes I remembered vividly, were some how even better. Even though I knew the twist it was even more shocking. The Cinemetography and soundtranck were superb. The film direction and Townes screenplay are so hard to match. This is one of the six films I'd give the full five star rating to. Two other Polanski films have gotten beside this one, just shows the brilliance of his work. The most intense scene was when Jake (played by the always wonderful Nicholson) sat down and ate with Mr.Cross. It's near the most passive scene in the film, but the most nerve wrenching. A wonderful finale, and I felt like the film was just underway by that time. No movies perfect, but I'm not one who's able to see a flaw in this. The plot created a perfect film noir, one of the five finest films created