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As Good as It Gets

As Good as It Gets(1997)

As Good as it Gets revolves around three individuals in Manhattan. Melvin (played by Jack Nicholson) a writer who suffers from OCD and puts on an ugly attitude in the morning. Carol (played by Helen Hunt) a Manhattan waitress who has an ill son and has her mother living with her. And Simon (played by Kinnear, who you might know from television) who is a gay painter who has recently been robbed and beaten. Evidently enough they all come together, in none other than a road trip. This is the main problem of this film, it's all so obvious. Just from the opening fifteen minutes and the poster I knew where this was heading. Nicholson and Hunt won Oscars for there performance, and as expected they do there jobs well. The screenplay has plenty of good quotes that are shot at you one after another. I still had many questions about Melvin after this was done though. Was he always like this, is Carol his first love, why does he have a need to act mean? None of these are answered, and while I understand why many find this touching, I didn't get enough out of it. I'm sure romance fans are on there knees when they watch this, but it felt predictable for me.