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Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation(2003)

I'm very mixed on this film, I love the lay back style. I mean you could've walked out for fifteen minutes and still got what's going on. Very relaxed and intimate with the viewer. It was also captivatingly beautiful, the city looked outstanding. I swear these are the people that make fast food look good in commercials. Especially the hospital scene, which was very plain, I was staring in awe.

I'll be in the minority and say I found both the characters annoying. I was focused more on how things look around them than the story. I usually like Murray and Johansson, but I feel they were giving irritating roles. Both passive aggressive, and too bitter at life. The dialogue was pretty real, but the only thing that really stuck out to me is how everything looked. It's not a phenomenal movie, but it is a reasonable one.