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Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon(1999)

Man on the Moon is a stunning biopic on the adult life of Andy Kaufmann. I've heard of Kaufmann before, but not being alive during his era I never knew who he was as a performer. What this film does tremendously is it keeps you guessing on what's a goof and what's not until the end. Much like Andy Kaufmann did. The film has plenty of golden moments, and I can't say I'd remove or even cut down any scenes if I was in Milo's Formans position. Jim Carrey, was an obvious choice, (despite this not being a break out role for him) he did an excellent job portraying Andy Kaufmann. Danny DeVito also plays a common role for himself, but he did his job. Woody Allen must have thought so since he casted DeVito as a comedians agent four years later. Despite not everything being factual, what was an actual occurrence was shown in a highly realistic and accurate sense. If you look up some of Kaufmann's stunts they're identical as to how they are portrayed in the film. This is a marvelous comedy with plenty of memorable moments.