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Daniel's Review of The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)

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The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)

The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)(2001)

Rating: 2 stars
Arthouse Rating: 2.5 stars-

The Piano Teacher had one ginormous problem, it was the protagonist Erika Kohut. She's the most irritating character ever put on screen. Egotistic, naive, uptight, selfish, she just had awful qualities. Therefore even the final scene couldn't draw pity out of me. Was Haneke really trying to make the mother seem like the pest? Because if that was the intent he has it reversed. The cinematographer Christian Berger did a phenomenal job, no wonder Haneke had re-casted him for future projects. Also the film editing made this smooth in transition, not a single scene was over bearing for me. Technical wise this film was brilliant, but the characters and story couldn't meet these achievements. Therefore this film fell flat, and truly it wasn't that disturbing.