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The Apartment

The Apartment(1960)

From the very start I knew I would enjoy this film. I didn't bother looking at the cast before ordering it, I already knew that the film's considered one of Billy Wilders' classics, but I wasn't aware that Jack Lemmon was in the film, an that came as a pleasant surprise. Personally there's something cozy to me about large office buildings, with rows of workers typing away. This opening scene on the 19th floor is something beautiful to me. I loved this kind of shot when I saw one in Orson Welles' The Trial, and I love how it looks on screen with The Apartment. The first hour, the best one, is where the film had me laughing. Adult style humor, and remains classy while being all about middle age (and older) swingers. Once, the protagonist, CC Baxter earns his promotion, the film starts getting more into a touching setiment. While at first this was balanced fine for me with the comedy, eventually it lost its magic. It became predictable and somewhat bland. Yet I still have a positive view of the film. The Aprtment is no doubt a comedic classic. It has all the aspects of what a classic should be, and I loved the first half enough to overlook my boredom at the end.