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Daniel's Review of Collapse

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I watched the documentary Collapse today, and I'm still not sure what to make of this little beast. Michael Ruppert, is the only man of the documentary, which was pretty much just a self driven multi-media interview. Ruppert claims to not be a conspirator, because he uses fact. But it feels like he's so obsessed and paranoid, that he convinces himself of these facts. He talked about the Bush administration and Dick Cheney with such fear, that it's convincing. He states in one point of the film that "he's not messiah", but he sure acted like a prophet at times. Smoking a cigarette while talking about organics and the chemicals in soil, feels a bit contradictory to me. The words flowed out with such confidence and with an egotistic tone, it became hard to believe a word he said.

His ideas did match mine in some areas. When he was talking as a Malthusian, on oil and other natural resources, it was hard connect for me. It was to pessimistic when he would flat out state "it just will never work" on many of the solutions. I agree with the fundamentals, but to say buy seeds, invest in gold, get first aid books, sounds like a mix of Harold Camping and Glenn Beck to me. I did agree with him though on the sham that paper money is. Maybe some of what he says was true, but to think like he does, that every last thing he said was true, then we have a cult. The 100th monkey never came to create one though, and it's for the best.

Even with my displeasure these were fascinating ideas. I always intrigued, and even if you're nowhere a Cassandra, it'll make you think. The Titanic philosophy did touch me on a personal point, mainly because I'd be the one saying "it won't sink". It was always watchable and always strong. No one's gonna meet with the guys ideas on everything, most won't like him, but most will listen. It might've been random rambling, it might've been true studies and statistics. There's a cover up, there always has been, but we're still here. In a hundred years the atrocity of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years will be released. Just like it was for Ulysses S. Grant and Harding. Corruption is there, oil is a problem, revolts may take place, but is it how Ruppert says it is? No.